Thursday, December 23, 2010

Addiction to Merry & Cheer

I've been MIA and I can only attribute it to my addiction of holiday cards, for real people. It's a true alibi.   Truth time: I totally use labels and I don't write out greetings for all - which I know isn't very personal but I am only one woman. I STILL haven't finished sending all of our cards out yet. It's complicated, there is cross checking, always running out of stamps, just remembering they are in the back of my car to be dropped in the mailbox. Anyway, that's where I have been... working with Santa on the whole presents thing and addressing holiday cards.  To be fair, it's not just holiday cards it's mail of all kinds.   This year's Thank You cards did not disappoint (in my not so humble opinion). Seriously? Can you stand it? 
The pressure was on for the holiday cards this year. EARLY on with the magic of picnik, I thought this would be our holiday card:

Can we take a time out and give big ups to the ball and chain? He humors my need for a laughable and fun holiday card so much that homeboy is in living rooms across the world in tights. To be fair, it's knee highs - but still. Knee highs or full on tights - he deserves a standing ovation for his cooperation and commitment to THE holiday card mission. 

Long story longer, the card I thought we'd be able to do wasn't possible when I uploaded the edited image. I'm sure there was a more expensive way to make my dreams come true, but it wasn't in the cards this year (pun intended). 

Then an opportunity from Shutterfly came about. Write the truth and 50 free cards are yours. So I whipped 
this up - and whored it up for the love of holiday spirit.  Truth be told, the quality of the holiday cards did NOT disappoint. The free cards were awesome, but 50 doesn't really cut it for our holiday list (if I have your address, basically you get a holiday card, I can't help it - I want to share the joy). We ended up going with additional variations of the following OR going with photos that didn't include the ball & chain in tights. You know, mix it up and all. Plus, he's only so understanding.  I don't really want to prove how crazy about this I am, take my word for it.  I won't show all the variations we had.  For the most part we used the same images (except for the one variation minus the tights). 

I don't know, I might be biased, but another year, another success in providing our family & friends with some holiday cheer! So folks that are lurking about,  to you we wish you the happiest of holidays! We truly wish you a magical holiday season & the very best in the new year.  Love, Peter Pan, Wendy & Tinkerbell... if you couldn't tell. 

Check it out, I'm not the only one who has a love for the holiday cards. Phew. Having some company in the madness sure is nice! Check it out. 

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  1. Loved the Christmas card - your hard work paid off!!!


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