Saturday, August 29, 2009

Country Living

Life in the country comes with many benefits - but with all good things come challenges.

The good news:
  • More space - while our last place was two floors and this place is one - it feels bigger, yet more manageable to clean. 3 bedrooms (all smaller), 1 bathroom (way smaller), kitchen (smaller), dining room and living room (guess what, smaller). All together, feels larger. Go figure, sometimes math isn't easy.
  • No stairs. (Boston apartment had 68 steps from street to bedroom) No damn stairs. Hallelujah, no stairs!
  • First floor. One floor. Heaven.
  • Outdoor space, including a cement area which has been come (our) L's canvas
  • Ability to work from home loving that... let me count the ways:
  1. You can power through with little distractions to get the job done.
  2. You can control the temperature quickly.
  3. You get your own garbage can.
  4. The commute rocks.
  5. You can have more than 1 personal item on your desk and can decorate your office any which way you want.
  • There is always parking, in our driveway & garage. Glorious perk. Nothing is easy though - as we share the driveway with our wordless anti-social and hating neighbors. Oh well. Silver lining is that there is always a spot, even if our neighbors hate us and our cars.
  • Country living means country walks and sights to see like crazy signs and robot trucks. I expect to see a Unicorn and leprechaun at some point soon. What I won't see? Are crackhos or crazies, like back in our ol'digs.

(The elusive "Change" our not so friendly neighborhood (tongueless) crack head.)

The bad news:
  • Sundays look like this:

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  1. Additional reasons to love the home office:
    The coffee is plentiful and free
    There are no lines for the bathroom
    No sharing of secret snack stash
    You can use post its
    Windows actually open
    No on the way to work/on the way home shopping temptations

    Additional cons:
    Sometimes when you talk to the photos on your desk - you think they are talking back
    No unexpected birthday celebrations
    Coffee breaks are barely pauses
    Sometimes you never actually leave your house (tho a pro would be you can stay in your pjs all day)


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