Friday, February 26, 2010

Customer Service Grudge

Once upon a time in a horribly difficult place to find an apartment with a dog, I had a horrible experience with a Real Estate agency. I remember it not fondly and keep the email. Not so much for the first email, but because after my experience I emailed a short email to the manager of the company and have never heard back.

Having worked in customer service, it kind of made me throw up in my mouth. Anyway, here's the story - which ... though annoyed me at the time is also slightly hilarious that there are people out there that have the balls.

Set the stage: an apartment we signed for fell through because our last agent f'd up (another idiot Real Estate Agency - that I can't remember right now) didn't process the paperwork until the afternoon so we missed out on it.

I googled companies all over Boston and each website asked for basic information. Name, rent maximum, amenities requested, dog/cat, parking etc. Instead of spending a lot of time I made templates and mass emailed and/or cut and paste to the websites the information. I offered 1st, last, security paid immediately - as time was clicking and we needed a place to live, stat! Now to be fair - the email itself was quirky and infused some of my 'humor' - but I thought it would make the person laugh and pick up the phone. I was wrong.

If you are moving to Boston, I wouldn't use Metropolitan : Boston Real Estate. They are kind of a group of aHoles. That's not on their "About Us" page unfortunately. It should be.

I was moving from NY and had no where to put my stuff. A response to my email simply read....

From: rentals []
Subject: RE: Apartment in Boston

I do not have anything for you but I do know of a good psychiatrist you may want to talk things over with.

That's it. And yeah, I totally am holding on to this... I guess I should talk to someone about that.


  1. I am wayyyy behind on your blog. what in the world did your email say to get a response like this?

  2. I was going to post the original email - but basically it has only personal info - like where we lived, want to live, how much we wanted to pay, looking for parking, have a dog- like the usual people ask during the apartment hunt process.


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