Sunday, May 9, 2010

Away We Go

For years C & I have talked being Euro bound. I think he just wants to have the opportunity to say "Hey look kids, there's Big Ben, and there's Parliament."  Whatever the reason - we have been talking about London & Amsterdam forever.  For.Eva. Every time we think we have time to go - we don't. Each time we think we should go, we can't - every Christmas we say we should have, could have but never do. Flights are best in the summer but I have never approached time off in the summer, over the last 7 years.  I mean most people do, but me. I don't have kids with the summer break, and it just never seems to be a priority.  Usually, truth be told, I don't take all of my vacation time. I actually have pretty fantastic vacation time with the company I work with.  Due to the time I've been with the company it seems like I have so much vacation it'd be impossible to take it all - not that I even try.  The only time I did use up all of my vacation time was when L came along, thank you paid maternity leave. God bless you.   It's horrid and a habit that I believe is hereditary (thanks, Dad).  I hope that it doesn't get passed down to my offspring.  Among other things... like my "temper", misunderstood sense of humor (which is often perceived as a temper), (lack of) athletic abilities or (lack of) patience. I digress ... this year we are trying something different. We are doing it. Finally and away we go.

C's birthday is close to mine - he comes first and I had some big plans - not huge but big.  Around that time Abelle was in the hospital and we had Disney coming up.   C was pretty specific, he asked that I not go crazy - and let's keep it responsible.  I didn't go forward with the second part of my gift and on his birthday I led in with 3 t-shirts and an arm band for his iPod.  Responsible. There it is. What do I get for my efforts?

A combo birthday baby mama gift came my way.  Amsterdam. Holl.ER.  Seriously? Really? How's that iPod arm band looking now. I might as well have come bearing a card that said "Smile, this is your gift."  Of course I feel horrible, but that was short lived with extreme excitement!  F it. It's not like C isn't going to be coming - he'll have fun so how bad should I feel?

We looked into confirming flights, we figured we'd take a few days on either side of a weekend - 4 / 5 days away. The more we looked into it the more it made sense to stay a week.  I got approval for the time off and BOOM we booked it DanO. As we skipping around the house in celebration of our European adventure we thought about it - 7 days in The Netherlands sounds glorious but we were just going to Amsterdam - sure there are gardens, museums, canals, clubs (you know me and clubbin... get your glow sticks out it's trance time - this here is my sense of humor, FYI.), the Red Light District, bars & coffee shops... oh and then there are "coffee" shops - but 7 days? Might be much.  What's a girl to do? Look into making dreams come true.  BooYah - London here we come! "Hey look kids, there's Big Ben, and there's Parliament." P.S. it doesn't hurt that flights are bloody cheap.

We booked it and now it's all about planning. We won't go in blind like we did for Disney, we'll be planning every day to make sure we get the most of our time - because this is it.  Probably our final adults only vacation for quite some time.  Post summer we'll have to start thinking about procreation again... I can't keep avoiding it's about that time.


  1. Hi! Stopping by from MBC. Great blog.

    Have a nice day!

  2. where are u staying in London? Do u have your list of "must see" call me if u need any help :) You are going to have a blast!!!

  3. You are lucky I am half way around the world. Otherwise, I would give you sh*t about not stopping in Switzerland. Or Paris. Why not Paris? At least then I could take a train over to say hi. Crickie. That's right. Two days in Oz and I say "crickie".

  4. OK. To be fair and honest I have a LOT of guilt about this. What's a girl to do? Maybe Paris is possible? Would you meet me or stage a protest based off of principle?

  5. Hold the phone. You never mentioned London. Good thing I read your blog! You know how I feel about London. Or do you? I'm London's biggest fan. We should chat. Have you been there? OMG I'm so excited. I love when people go to London almost as much as I love going there myself.


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