Thursday, September 30, 2010

Special Delivery

I could say it's the end of story and clear as day. When you get something in the mail it should put a smile on your face. Mail, in general, is a rarity as it is and while I will go ahead and admit not the 'greenest' thing that is apart of our everyday - I will continue to send mail. I'll drink out of reusable bottles, I will recycle, I will car pool, whatever I can do to make the world a better place for my kid(s) and their kid(s).  Stop sending cards? I will not. 

Our wedding invitations were FABULOUS... and thank you cards matched but not fun. It WAS an experience to put them together and I hope an experience to get them. Then I started to get obsessed. 

Picture it: it was the first year we were married and had never previously done "joint" holiday cards, or any cards in general. I have a habit of buying cards... but the sending them part is where I miss. I have Mother's Day cards, holiday cards, THANK YOU CARDS filled out and addressed from my wedding shower... that remain in tact. And in my card box ... unsent.  Whoops. It is the thought that counts? Right? Tack.E. I know. I have weakness,  I am not perfect. 

What is perfect? When we get it right. Like our first holiday card. We went to a Halloween party that year - and NAILED IT. We were the Olsen Twins. Including Starbuck's cups that housed our fuel for the evening. Keg beer through a sippy cup top? It's awesome. One day, right before Christmas (I'm talking days) I thought, while looking at filling out the completely NON personal Holiday Cards that were not only not personal they were kind of boring (still have them... see also: issues with hording)... what if we sent out photo cards from Halloween? Love the Olsen's? Don't even put our names on it - just on the address labels? And a few minutes later and a couple bunch of bones spent on speedy delivery and our masterpiece was born: 

Be honest, it's hott. Killer. Da'Bomb. Hilarious. Fantastic. 

Truth: People (going on 4 years later at date of this post) STILL break this out with their holiday decorations, yearly. Seriously. Christmas lights come out, as do the Olsen's. Menorah gets lit and the Olsen's get hung. 

Truth: Following that up was hard. SO bottom line, we knew we needed a kid in there to spice it up.   2007 L's first Christmas

I think it's right about now that I realized that having a baby had many benefits including improving the quality of mail! Like Thank you cards - would no longer be boring. They would include such hits as: 

Thank You Cards for "Just Because" - new babies get a lot o stuff from generous friends & family. They deserve a BUNCH of thanks! 

Oh first birthday celebrations had to be spectacular. Thanks be to all things wonderful, I have a friend at work, Steph who is a genius and generous with her talents. She designed the following invitation. Seriously have you seen a better party invite for a first birthday? Sure, Steph rocked it - but I contributed the ADORABLE child and a website for the event - including at the time voting for a cake.  It was crazy. We had two parties to make everyone happy. It was chaotic. What can we say? L is lucky to have so many people that love her.  And I was lucky to have a talented graphic designer supply me with another piece of mail that is an experience.  

Fabulous parties mean the need for more fabulous thank you cards. 

Life got hectic and balancing work, life, life, and life got harder. 2008 we didn't have Holiday Cards. Awful. I know. We were busy living, having fun and L was attending her first wedding ever her Great Grandmothers! Another reason was we had a while after that trip with out a working camera, so that led to no holiday card. There were plans of a Happy Valentine's Day card or MLK Jr Day card but nothing really panned out.   I knew though 2009 had to be a good one.  First came Valentine's Day and then her 2nd birthday - and to be honest, I cheaped out on the invites, though I thought the wording was clever (enough) to pass. 
Another adorable Halloween costume because word fodder for Thank You Cards. Listen. If it isn't broke, don't fix it. 

And finally this past year's holiday card. One of our finer works. Sure it took a few HUNDRED pictures but we finally came to (one) of my favorite cards ever.

Yup. That's me & my ball & chain with the exact same outfits miles and miles away from each other - but most likely the same year to the right and our own little beauty flying high - she's doing "superman" while I am lifting her with my legs. She is looking down at me and I am taking as many pictures as possible. BOOM. It worked. What didn't? Apparently since we skipped a year everyone forgot our dog's name - poor Abelle. so upon wishing everyone a great holiday season ... they thought we were also announcing a new addition. Little did they realize she's been around longer than we've been married! 

Little things about me? I love making mail an experience. Also - for serious Halloween, birthdays & yes... the HOLIDAYS are just around the corner. What great ideas are out there that I can plagiarize?

*Today has been brought to you by the number 15 of the "100 Things" List about little old me. 
15. I believe receiving mail should be an experience.


  1. I can't wait to see what you come up with next.

  2. Um. For the record, this year is going to REAL good!

  3. I CANNOT wait...and I mean it!


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