Tuesday, October 4, 2011

What is in a name?

I realize there are questions both from friends & family and those reading what in the what does JJ stand for and how'd we get there. Like I did for L, I'll explain. 

Truth: we accidentally made life a wee bit harder on our girls - right out of the gate.
Good news: It will (hopefully) build character.

My girls will likely never be able to be out and about and buy a souvenir with their name on it.  Whoops. Sorry. But really, who needs a key chain with their name on it? More good news? There is always etsy.com; they can get their personalization on in other ways.

L's name is common, but spelled in a different way. Is it on purpose that it is spelled in an uncommon way? No. It just sort of happened. I feel for her, really I do - but it is what it is. And to be fair, her name was a name in my head before it was cool again. I'm ahead of the trend, who knew? She will forever have to spell her name out, first AND last. And the last? It's a doozy. JJ is no different. Sorry, kid. But we couldn't leave it just for your sister.

True story: we had 2-3 names for a boy or a girl that we were talking about for months. NONE of which were what we ended up naming JJ. For the first two weeks JJ joined the family, I had to say her name out-loud, a lot, because I wasn't used to it yet.

The girls names we talked about, we still love.  I feel pretty strongly that one of the names, in particular, is coming; she just isn't here yet. {Spoiler alert: we hope to have three - and while I would love a little boy - I feel like we'll have another little girl} We spent months talking about these names but there was something that told us we hadn't said "THE" name just yet.  The Wednesday before JJ was born (who was born on a Monday) we threw all the names out and decided to consider other names.

The ball & chain threw out the name Jocelyn ...which gave way to J0ss as a nickname.

  1. J0ss really spoke to me,  I LOVED it. 
  2. Jocelyn, not so much.  I actually have pretty strong feelings against Jocelyn (not as a general rule on the name - just for our kid).
  3. The nickname I had intended for L didn't go the way I thought it would last time so I'm hesitant.
  4. I have pretty strong thoughts about names.
I couldn't get "J0ss" out of my head though, so I did some reconnaissance on the name. Knowing my obsessions thoughts with names I wanted it to be right. Turns out? We found the name.

Pretty sure this is the moment we decided
and agreed on her name - in the delivery room.
J0ss is a variant of Joseph, which is my father-in-law's middle name. I am obsessed with having some kind of tie to family in a name.  I feel strongly our children's names should be either directly inspired or connected to family names or through some crazy ass 6 degrees of separation - connection; otherwise known as a humor me Hail Mary stretch.  Since I can't just have a nickname as the full name - we went with J0sslyn. It's a pretty name, it's slightly different, it's totally nicknameable - and I thought with her sister's name it went perfectly. L's full name is two names in one as well and they go nicely together.  We went with Jane as her middle name as Jane is the female version of John, my father-in-law's first name and not only do I dig JJ as another nickname possibility but her initials are my father in law's initials and L's initials are my moms. It's perfection.  As much as we loved some of the other names we were thinking of when we met JJ we knew she fit with J0ss.  J0ss was thrown in the game - and then when we met her? We just knew.

Now that you know her name - let's talk about confusion with the issues that come with the name (besides the inevitable spelling issues).

Issue 1: No, I did not name my child after...
  • J0ss Stone - that said, whenever we do the inevitable "Joshlyn? Joceyln? Josh?" dance - I go with, "J0sslyn. J0ss - like J0ss Stone." 
  • J0ss & Main - don't know what it is? It's a flash sale site. To be fair it is the ONLY email sign up like this site (think groupon, livinsocial that sort of thing) that I allow come to my inbox straight, verses having it go to a folder in my email that I can check out when I have time or in the mood vs. being hit with daily sale emails. It took a few weeks to realize the connection. Dumb - I know, but the truth. 
    • Funny side note: one of the middle names we were thinking of before J0ss came into the picture? Macy. Not after Macy Gray OR Macy's but either way both would have been assumed as well.
  • J0sslyn Jacks from General Hospital.  Side note: all the "actors" on the soap call her Jocelyn. They add the E or the A, so frankly I didn't even know her name was J0sslyn until after I got a few questions on the GH connection. Her middle name is John.  Which I love and we considered John as a (girl) middle name for one of our other name choice and then again for J0ss.  Thanks B we didn't because again until I did some research I didn't know that was her name - and no one would ever believe me if I said it wasn't after GH if we had John as a middle name. 
Issue 2: Her actual name. 
It is J0sslyn. I'll give you some leeway with just hearing her name - FINE. Perhaps you'll hear Jocelyn some have even heard Joshlyn.  When it's spelled out and you read it  - use the letters.  Letters in the word make up the sounds you say. That's how words work.  When you spell & read it - J0sslyn. J0SS.LYNNE. It is NOT JocAlynne. There is no A. No E. Not three syllables. Two: J0ss-lyn. You probably read this whole post reading "JocAlynne." Good news though... J0ss, super easy to say & spell - just go with that.  

Issue 3:
Parental guilt. 

See issues 1 & 2 - home girl is going to be dealing with this for the rest.of.her.life. Sorry girl.  We love you... and not to place blame... but... you'll notice it was your dad's idea. I'm just saying. 


  1. For my entire life my father was determined that I would never be a "Sue," and sure enough, his diligent correction of all my friends made it so. No one ever called my house and asked for "Sue," knowing that if they got my father, his response would be "There's no Sue here." (Had I ever morphed into a Sue though, I would have been spelling it Sioux, for no other reason other than I could.)

    Your response in about 15 years can be "Jocelyn. Jocelyn who? There's no Jocelyn with an A or an E here!"

    You are too funny...love your little girls names....

  2. I always wanted to (secretly) be Jenny (I think) - though it could be because my mom was SO incredibly against it. Which is why nicknames are so important to me - they need to have choices / options. I will absolutely be saying "JocElyn WHO?" For sure! I might need to start now though with friends & family.


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