Sunday, July 27, 2008

What's in a name?

Where'd you get her name? It's a common question with a long answer but a twist ending. I always favored Lilly as a nickname - Lillian a pretty name, a family name but an old name. We came to the full real deal name by adding one loved ones name + another (Julia) and the middle yet another loved one's name with a twist. Alfred being my grandfather's name and we came to find out Avery was a derivative of Alfred. We waited until we met her - because who knew what she would look like. Her first name could have been any combination which you'll learn more about in a moment or Avery. She totally looked like what we named her.

And sometime on the way of throwing around names and nicknames Lly was born. Originally I thought it would be fun & different to go with Lly (Ellie)... as I type it out and as I wrote it out I am acutely aware how stupid it looks. If you get away from the way it looks and just go with the sounds of Elle or Ellie I have been gravitating toward them since I found out I was knocked up. I started talking to her - right around the time she was the size of a kumquat - calling her 'Lly in my belly.' Specifically when the car stalled out in the D&D parking lot I vividly remember saying out loud, "What are we going to do now, Lly."

Anywho - the entire pregnancy my mission was to get the ball & chain on board the Lly train, but as agreeable as he can be - he wanted no part of that ride. I should have insisted on it during the several opportunities that I had during the week long labor run or the 10 month incubation period - next time I know to hold the name hostage.

I tried to embrace Lily which turned into LiIli after texting with friends during our month long extended stay in the hospital. During our many night together that first month I talked it out with her - and she told me she liked Ellie better - but never when the ball & chain was around. When we came home and her personality has bloomed I'm not going to lie she is SO much more an Elle than a LiIlian/LiIli/LiIly/LiIlie/LiIy however you want to spell it. And C on board or not Ellie it is - I carried her. I birthed her. Sure C had a little something to do with her - but don't I get the final vote?

When we came home I was going to leave it to you - the public - so I put together a quiz. Much like the quiz to see if you thought baby G was going to be a mama's boy or daddy's girl. 72% daddy's girl won! I never did post it. Just recently, I found the poll account and apparently the website has randoms answering the quiz - so the poll is out there with out me even realizing.

At time of post the results are:
  1. Lilly (45%)
  2. Ellie (19%)
  3. Lil (19%)
  4. Ana (13%)
  5. LiIli (3%)
LiIli was LAST - and at 3% not even close to the other entries. With 31 responses - only ONE person voted for it. HA! What IS in a name? You call her what you want - she's L to me and that's what matters.

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