Tuesday, June 12, 2012

10 Months. WHAT?

Dearest JBird,

Girly, the fact that you are 10 months old BLOWS.MY.MIND (EXPLODE). Your big sister loves to have the countdown - where she is always reminding us on how old you are. It's the most adorable thing and the most anxious-ridden thing - at the same time - in the world. In just 2 weeks you be 11 months old. WHAT THE WHAT?

About 2 weeks ago, you stopped nursing. Cold turkey. You just stopped. There were a couple days I tried to keep on, keeping on - and it just felt weird. I wasn't tied to the whole thing with your sister. Strangely, I'm sad about it with you. You're my baby. It seemed to work well. I'm a "if it's not broken, don't fix it" type of gal - but obviously something was broken for you. So fine, away went nursing. Now this past weekend, you've decided you don't like baby mush food either. Here's the thing, kid - you two teeth. Two teeth, a baby who can chew things, does not make. As your big sister says, pretty much as frequently as your age? You. Are. Trouble. 

So now, I scour the kitchen for things to bake or steam to soften in - because again, like I said - you have two teeth, girl.  As if dinner time wasn't a pain in the ass, let's add to it - find things you want and can to eat.

And to add insult to injury, as I scour the kitchen I can't blink my eyes. If I blink my eyes, you have foreign objects in your mouth, you are scaling the walls or one leg scooting across the floor toward the stairs. Seriously, girl. What.THE.Hell.

With all of the gasps, heart stopping moments, and aggravation? We love you completely. Fully. And it's like you are every bit of the piece of the puzzle we need.  Girly, you are our everything. "You're a sweet little cherry. I just want to eat you up." Guess who that is? Your sister, she is good for the lines. And just when I think no one loves you more than me or your dad? There she is.

Love you much. Love you always, 
Mama & Daddy (and L, too!)

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