Monday, November 5, 2012

Sound bites

I keep meaning to get these all down, but before I forget, I'll give you a few to chew on (see what I did there?).


The kid has started to attend a sign language class at the local libary. I love her enthusiasm, but let's be honest. It seems a bit aggressive? Don't you think?

The other day, I picked the kid up early from school. I took a half day, and we were off to Daddy's work for a little Fall Festival. We were parked, while she changed into her Halloween costume. I got a work call and despite having taken the day off - I still didn't want the kid yapping in the back so I waved at her to be quiet, doing the "SHH" angry face with the finger in front of my mouth, continuing to wave her back - to be quiet.

I got off the phone. Before we went on our way, this happened:

Me: "L, what do you think I mean when I wave around like a looney toon and silently tell you to SHH?"
L: "To stop talking, but Mama - that's great. I didn't know you knew sign language. When'd ya learn that?"


I worked late the other night, so when I joined the kid & the ball&chain on the couch, she had taken - my spot. You know the one. The one, which is yours.

I asked her, nicely, to move over.

Me, "L, move over - kid. This is my spot. Scoot."
Her, "No, come on! I was here first."
Me, "Here first? I was working! When you get a job & pay your way you can use that argument."
Her, "I DO have a job. I was line leader today."


We went Trick-or-Treating a few days late, and it turns out our time frame was only 6-7:30pm.  They have a cut off in our town. We went out for a strong hour.  After that hour she said, and I quote:

"I think I have enough candy now, let's go home so I can give candy to people!"

What 5 year old thinks a small bag of candy is enough? This kid. This kid is hilarious AND she wants to give candy more than she wants to get candy. Damn, I love this kid. Now, if only of the candy she got this year there were more of my favorites in there.

Where she gets her generosity? I honestly don't have a clue.

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