Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Decisions, decisions, decisions

Mother chucker. What is up with decision making? I used to be good at it, but I swear the birth of my child has changed my life in so many ways, including making decisions. It's crippling. I went to visit day cares yesterday and it's not going to be an easy decision like I thought. I like them all for different reasons. FML.

I'm taking a family vote.

Place 1 : Nursery University

Pros: They are structured, like a real school - have a curriculum, theme weeks, and lots of communication home to parents. Calendars, newsletters & bulletin boards, oh MY! It is more of a community. There is a parent "association". "Mixers" if you will - where we (the parents) are more actively involved in the day to day. We can sign up to read stories, come do a show and tell (oh of what I am not sure, but to give an example). The Director developed/started the program 25 years ago and staff turn over is low low low (according to her, but I may or may not have found a difference of opinion posted on the Internet - however it was posted in 06). It seems though that the peeps that work there have been there since the beginning of time. Bigger classes (2-8 ration teacher to kid) and more of a program they have open houses, with kids and without - and while I have not a clue what they will talk about, it's more of a school. It is close enough to the new place- where if it was a nice day I could walk to pick her up, etc. Less than a mile, 13 min walk according to my phone. I call this place Nursery University because it reminds me a recent documentary made about pre-schools in NYC> Hott stuff. Serious stuff. Seriously feeling like my life. Like we are needing to start thinking college, now.

Cons: Outside play area is not great, at all. It's actually crap. They do NOT do time outs- do "redirection" - so if L is throwing sand at a kid. They will talk to her about how to play with sand. If she doesn't stop- then she will sit with a teacher to 'discuss it' and if she doesn't stop have her start playing with something else. Now again, she is 2 so I'm not sure what the F they are going to discuss.

Place 2 : Bombshells

Pros: They are an at home day care. 2 women, around our age (slamming, by the way - like hott hott hott. Like I'd do 'em). No more than 8 kids - same ratio. Age of the kids : 10 mo, almost 1, 1 , 2 1/2, 3 1/2 right now. SUPER cute home, lots o toys, structured day. Three words: THEY POTTY TRAIN. Close enough- where if it was a nice day I could walk to pick her up, etc. About 17 minutes, according to my phone less than a mile. I call this place bombshell, because well... it's run by bombshells. Maybe I will walk more in an effort to improve my self esteem due to the sheer beauty of these folks, that's a pro.

Cons: I looked up the main contact's email on facebook. I'm a freak. And the person it picked up was someone who had a totally different name. Only 4 friends. Are they phsyco mommies who borrowed a few friend's kids to make it seem legit but really will baby snatch my baby? (I watch too much SVU/Law & Order)

Place 3 : Prime Real Estate

Pro: A daycare that has themed weeks, but not quite as structured as the 1st place. (Sidebar: When I went to visit the 1st place the woman said she would recommend 2 other sites, and not the one I was visiting. NOW: when I asked "why" she said "you'll see." And I didn't see. I have NO CLUE what the F she was talking about. She wouldn't give me details and was fairly professional in speaking of them - but would prefer I look into other places. Of course the other places she gave me, I had already called and they didn't have space, maybe she knew that? I don't know). Class is 1:4 so same ratio, but different size. WAY better playground. The back yard is fenced in and has every play house and climber we have been pricing out, it was like a real estate lot of plastic homes. Glorious. They do do time out, which I am a fan of. Personally. Chris is a HUGE fan. He practically has a I heart Time Out t-shirt. Super close, L could walk to daycare herself. I call this place Prime Real Estate due to it's proximity and back yard neighborhood of plastic play houses.

Con: Not as school - like. Not as structured and they don't go off of a CT state pre-school curriculum like the first place. But L is going to 2 years old, we're not talking college prep here. I like the structured parent involvement. Prime Real Estate says we can come in whenever, I say I will - but I won't. I don't like there isn't "forced family fun" where we have to come in, participate, etc because while we are welcome to it I know I"ll never do it unless I have to. Truth time.

Now it's your turn, rock the vote - see to the left.


  1. Hey Cole,

    It's totally OK for you to ask the daycare for parent references. I worked at a daycare and they encouraged potentials to ask current parents about their experience. That might help you make a decision. Another thing to consider is up to what age do these daycares go? To keep L is the same place for a while offers a chance to create great relationships and stability. (I am a product of daycare and understand this and also saw it where I worked with the kids.) But that's just my humble advice. I think as long as the people love your kid, you'll be good.


  2. Word. I asked for references, still waiting on option 3's references. Should I be worried it's been 2 days? Maybe I went to her junk mail? Also, don't you think they'll only give me great references? That's what I would do.

    Option 1 & 3 go through to preschool. OF COURSE they are going to love her, right? We go back NEXT week. I wasn't planning on bringing the whole crew through but I need everyone's thoughts. While I was hoping for L to say Mama at some point - I'll settle with "I want to go here, please."

    Dude. I want an invitation. Stat.

  3. okay first one sounded good....I liked the 'talking to the kids'...have you seen the training school discipline dvd??? lol... only problem is the 'school structure'. they are children for only so long, why do we have to rush them to school?? BUT children do love structure. I also like the last one but stay away from the bimbos..oops, bombshells.
    Did you check these out with L?? If so, how did they react to her?? Did they gush over her or pretend she is not in the room?? With this don't think so much just go with your gut. It's like picking an aupair. ;-)


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