Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Your baby is the size of a squash and your body is the size of squash patch = AWESOME

Every week, I look forward to the weird emails that tell me how far along I am and what is happening with the baby. Recently I discovered a similar timeline with similarly weird information provided all the while comparing the baby to a fruit or vegetable.  The better news is they have a tracker for your body! Look what I found out, not only is the baby going to be the size of a spaghetti squash but I'm going to be shrinking. I was so excited I wrote the editors of the publication & website. 

Dear Editor, 

I am so excited to see this update. I'll be 23 weeks in a few days and my body will look like this?!   I just hope the instruction manual is easier to read than a baby bouncy seat's how to manual. 

I had no idea all I had to do was get knocked up to get that body. This is gonna be awesome. 


*Please note, I am aware it's not this fine website's fault I look like I'm 42 weeks pregger. This is a joke meant in fun. If you are into real life writing, reviews, information, etc - Babble is the place to be I just disagree that this is "my body" this week. I wish. 


  1. These look a bit more realistic!

    Good luck with the baby. And the move!


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