Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Travel Advisory

I want to know when it will be that I can travel with out incident. See ‘may day may day’ for details to my work related last trip to NY. This time- the flight on the way to NY took off early- I was traveling with a colleague – and the skies were blue and the day was perfect. The reporter did show up this time, and while my shoes at one point almost exploded due to the swelling, everything went off with out a hitch.

I planned my evening perfectly. I didn’t eat my dinner completely on purpose, the plan was to go to the airport a bit early- get a larger than life ice cream cone sit in the Jet Blue terminal and wait for my flight. They have wireless Internet there- so why not.

My phone rang with an 808 number… I let it go to voicemail I didn’t recognize the number or area code. Now keep in mind, it is not unlike me to not check my voicemail for a day or two. So it is possible that the voicemail would have gone unheard. I had about 1 hour until the car was scheduled to pick me up to go the airport, to get me to my flight and my planned ice cream.

I decided while I wait I’ll check my email and grab the phone number of a potential au pair candidate I am emailing- I will try to get connected to her on my way to the airport. Did that happen? No, of course not. When I logged into my email account there it was, not one but two emails from Jet Blue. Foolish me I thought they were just wishing me well for my upcoming flight. No, no well wishes awaited me instead cancellation notifications. “Due to increment weather up and down the North East… “

Increment weather? By the size of my tree trunks I can tell you for certain that the weather was warm and humid. Not a cloud in the sky, however apparently Jet Blue felt differently. I immediately sprung into action trying to figure out anyway possible to get off the dang island. Another flight? NOPE. Perhaps a train? No dice. It was inevitable- short of renting a car; I was going to be stuck on Long Island. Again.

In calling Jet Blue and promptly being told it would “just another minute while the next representative would be happy to speak to me” I waiting just another 18 minutes until Sally Sunshine came on the line- of course she would like to help me- sure I can get a flight home tomorrow- not a problem. 7 am or 5 pm. These are my choices- and a flight leaving at 7 am means that I get picked up at 5 AM- oh the joy. Up before 5 am two days in a row. Sure, why not. I laugh like a crazy person and I’m sure if Sally Sunshine wasn’t so hopped up on annoying positive pills she would have been scared.

In the end, I didn't sleep an hour straight afraid I would sleep through my alarm, miss my ride and miss my flight. While in the end I did get my ice cream it wasn't nearly as large as I had hoped and once again my travel plans did not go smooth.

Good news here... it's soon going to be the time where I shouldn't be traveling so I'll get to avoid the inevitable.

-"Valued" but irritated frequent flyer, Mrs. G

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  1. You should have cried. Works everytime. And a pregnant woman crying? Crickie, you would have been flying in your own private jet.


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