Thursday, September 13, 2007

Stir Things Up

Every Thursday I go into the office thinking- what will happen today? What will Debbie say? Will the doc give me good news? Something absolutely crazy DID happen this week.

Debbie Downer was actually FUNNY today. What was it? Who knows. I'm not exactly sure- but I remember it was funny. What over shined whatever she did say was Chris' commentary. Deb asked what the doctor said last week- I said, "Not even a little bit close." Chris had to keep pushing it...

"She said it wasn't even a finger tip- but she has small hands. At least, that's what she said."

And it seemed to sound that it was my opinion, not what the doctor informed us of. I couldn't stop laughing. The doctor told us she had small hands, it wasn't what I could gage from the oh so personal internal exams.

Then the doctor comes in- what I have been waiting for all week- other than the arrival of the babe. She looks at my trunks with pain and sorrow, I scoot down and get ready to hear what I've been dreaming of...

but like some dreams that don't always come true.

Nope. Nothing. The baby is not ready. Apparently I've made quite a comfortable little place for this child of mine.

Last week I said that when the doctor came at me slapping on gloves saying "I have small hands" it's just what every girl wants to hear... that was until this week when she said... "Let's see if we can stir things up."  What does one say to that?

Well, I can only speak for me. I said... "Yeah- stir it up. Knock yourself out."

The plan is that if I don't see her this weekend to remove this child, then on Monday we will schedule the induction. Next week, Thursday, will be my last appointment, she promises. I thought we would schedule the induction today, but I was wrong. Instead she prescribed some booty... yup. She advised us to do the dirty. "Intercourse" to be exact. Chris threw his hands in the air in celebration... I rolled my eyes and thanked the doctor a lot. That's how we got in this mess. Let's hope this stirring exercises works... otherwise I guess desperate times call for desperate measures.

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  1. Oh, My....hahahah...I'm sorry, I'm not really laughing (no, that's a lie, I am). I remember this sort of event all too well, having "been there, done that" not once, but twice. I keep expecting to come in to work every day, to find out your father got on a plane in the middle of the night to be by your bedside, lol. Imagine that??

    He is very excited...

    I wish you a speedy and painless labor and delivery.
    Lot's of love,


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