Friday, December 27, 2013

We triple-dog-dare you to have a merry Christmas

Perhaps my lack of posting can be forgiven with holiday wishes.

Holiday cards in 2013? Nailed.It.*

*Except for those folks who haven't seen "A Christmas Story." For those people: they were confused as to why we would dress the kid up as the Easter Bunny, they missed out. Mostly in life, because it's a classic and they should see it. But also? The card. 


Thursday, December 12, 2013

Toddler priorities

JJ: "Where'd mommy go?"
Ball&chain: "She's upstairs."
JJ: "Awwwe."
(the next second) JJ: "Where'd mommy go?"
Ball&chain: "She's upstairs."
JJ: "Awwwe. I wanna hug."
Ball&chain: "Do you want to go give her a hug? Go upstairs."
{me, upstairs melting. She DOES LOVE ME!}
L: "Hey J, wanna watch Doc McStuffins?"
JJ: "UH OK!" {feet running... not upstairs}

{passed up for a kid who talks to her toys}
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