Sunday, February 22, 2009

My 21st Birthday

My real 21st birthday was a bit of debauchery, the long story short of it is I rallied as I was destined to do. My big day took place in concert with an annual Spring Fling, some might say in competition with my big day, but ultimately it helped to celebrate my long awaited 21st. Last night I went out with out the intention of any kind of debauchery however I write from my couch which I'm not sure I have had the strength to leave all day. C asked what made me go out like it was my 21st? Do you not know that you are almost 30?

Apparently not and apparently almost 30 qualifies me for death's door. You think there is nothing worst than having a hang over, until you realize the real hell that awaits you. Ah the days where my biggest chore of the day would be to go to the cafeteria and get a jug of coke for which I felt was a sure fire hangover cure. No, nothing is worst than having a hang over and a one year old. Especially a one year old who doesn't understand English. I attempted to teach her the meaning of shut up for the better part of the day, however to no avail. She honestly didn't stop talking and screaming for the better part of the day. Apparently she is angry at me otherwise there is no reason she would have put me through the pain she bestowed on me. As usual C was a dream and took care of me in my moments of darkness, now only if he could master teaching the child when to quit it.

Saturday, February 21, 2009

coffee T & me

Every time I try to utilize the T I somehow run into characters. And what I have to do is keep it to myself... Glorious technology, fantastic husband.... I can spend my ride sharing it. (link to iPhone blog entry somewhere in here).

I am not sure who cleans these things and why they umdistilled bottle of urine but there has to be better cleaning supplies available. And papers - can't everyone take them with them? When you don't it gets stuck to the 'cleaning' liquid and all we are left with is a damp stank reminder of the day among us.

2 more stops and I didn't even get to drunk fools looking over my shoulder. Well maybe another story for anoter day.

Mall Rats

Winter weather is for the pot. In the summer there is never nothing to do, especially with the rug rat being as mobile as she is. Playground, check. Walk in the park, check. Just a walk, check. We can do anything because we don't see our breath outside and little girl's fingers don't freeze off. She doesn't like her hands under her sleeping bag that attaches to her stroller, so she keeps them out and risks hypothermia and looses a digit.

Last weekend being a long weekend meant more time with the family, more time to have fun, more time to fill with fun things to do so my child keeps her 10 fingers and 10 toes. Friday we filled time by going to the Children's Museum. Luckily it was pretty uneventful, unlike last time. Saturday we spent the day maxin and relaxin after a long week, but come Sunday cabin fever was at an all time high. With another day ahead of us it was t&g with no clearing in our sights.

The options are slim to none and I heard through the mommy grapevine that there is a mall outside of Boston has a children's play area. We packed up with no other option (that was affordable) out there so we went to the mall. Our afternoon activity was the mall. Like an elderly couple we were becoming mall walkers. When we got there we walked circles trying to find the promise land of the play area. We walked and walked and walked.... nothing. And then there she was, the glorious promised land. A slide, two rocking horses and approximately 50 children packed in. We kept on walking. We filled our time with other activities, like the Rainforest Cafe. Not to eat but to walk through - we spent time at a fake rain forest feigning fake excitement for fake animals. Then off to a Lego Store (note to self - she's too small to go there) and just doing laps in the hallway. One of vendors was a bank who handed out balloons on a stick. Note to self balloons on a stick: not child nor mom friendly also very difficult to pry from a little one's hands. The la piece de resistance? Pottery Barn Kids. Yup. Spent a good 40 minutes in there while we pretended to consider a $700 kitchen set for a toddler. All the toys, books and room set ups proved too tempting. We continued to do laps until it was time for a nap, for all of us.

Spring, please get here soon - if you don't next thing you know we'll have to partake in Bingo night at the local VFW.

Monday, February 16, 2009

addiction: check

Be careful what you wish for. I recently got C hooked into Facebook. Good news: he finally can see the fun. Bad news: I haven't seen my computer for days.

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Secret Level

In coming home on Friday night C & I commented on how glorious the weekend would be. We had some serious television cued up on the dVr. Oooh how glorious it would be.

First on the line up, some Top Chef. At the beginning of the first act they are skinning eels and due to my beautiful wife's skeeved reaction to snakes I pressed pause and awaited him to return to the fun. In the wait for the return, homeslice took the wheel. As she played with the remote which she loves so much something happened. Something horrible. Something unspeakable.

"mode is not supported"

All over the TV screen with every remote button touched "mode is not supported" was displayed.

Something like this has happened before and in calling comcast we were helped, this time however was not quite as easy. I called once, was on for 15 - 20 minutes in between holding and restarting the cable box. No dice. The representative on the other line said I had to talk to Samsung. He connected me to the representative that would be the answer to my prayers. I got disconnect.

I called Comcast back, talked to another representative- 12 more minutes of holding and waiting and I was informed the previous rep was trying to save me $29.95 to have a technician come out and take 2 minutes to fix my problem. 2nd guy was going to give me the number 1st guy was going to give me - while I waited I thought maybe I could fix my own problem by unplugging everything and starting from scratch. In doing that - and on my home line, I inadvertently disconnected myself to the 2nd guy.

I decided to take matters into my own hands and called Samsung. After 18 minutes of holding and waiting I was told that the problem was in fact, cable related. I needed to call Comcast (again) adn tell them to change the electro-somethings that were being transmitted through my cable box.

I called Comcast (again) and spoke with the 3rd and final representative. The way to fix the problem, from home, with out having a technician come out was to press the menu button really hard and then fast fast fast and a hidden menu would appear.

Like a Nintendo game secret level I had to find the hidden menu. I asked #3 if this was a joke, but alas it was not.

Both C & I tried to find the hidden level and to no avail. We had to make an appointment for the technician to come out and of course, as luck would have it we "just" missed an appointment for this weekend and since this isn't an emergency and the signal is not the problem we wouldn't get an appointment that is at a higher level of urgency.

No cable. No dVr. Nadda until Tuesday.

It's pretty sad how crippling this whole no cable thing is. Back to basics it is - so we rented a bunch of (awful) movies and I am (thinking of) starting a new book. I'm gun shy, to be honest. What about my addiction problem? Can I afford to loose another few weeks of my life? Of my precious sleep?

It's my own fault for not having learned from my mistakes. Homeslice is adorable but let's be honest, she is no good with the technology. She's cursed. Maybe the non-cable thing is a sign that we should be more productive, although I'm thinking it is we shouldn't let L play with whatever she screams about.

Saturday, February 7, 2009

danger danger

Turns out I can update the blog away from my computer. Why would I? I guess the real question is why not, if it's possible. It turns out anything is possible with my iPhone. Anything with the exception of fixing the cable!

Friday, February 6, 2009

Sunday, February 1, 2009

A New Generation

Back in the dizaye I wrote (ironically) about one of the "newest" of the modes of communication. Oh how, in only how young love can be experimented with, did I begin an adventure that now leaves me obsessed. Constantly updating, uploading and pressing refresh - now with the addition of my newest love I can do so anytime any place.

Now, it isn't a perfect love as I remain confused why there is such a big deal out there and continued unnecessary roughness by FB. There is a big tado for bfeeding mamas, one that I continued to be baffled by. My stance is this: I don't quite understand the posting of the boobo but if you want to show 300+ of your closest "friends" your tatas I say why not? I'm a prude and accept it with confusion. I'm not quite sure why this is the hill that the people of FB want to die on. Were the execs at FB bottle fed? Have they been somehow traumatized by this?

I have internal mama guilt by continuing to be a user knowing that there is the drama for the mamas. I have chosen to accept the guilt; live with it and continue to question why it remains an issue for the bastards. If I decide to to revolt though, will anyone care? Will the community of FB miss me? Not so much. What will be missed is my opportunity to see who has a clever answer to 'soandso is...', pictures of events or reconnecting with some familiar faces from way back when. Thanks but no thanks.

Can I pose the question - if bfeeding is obscene - what about the tweens with their lady lumps showing as they hunch over their web cam? The near porn shots popularly disguised as Halloween party pics? OR the over 500 groups available to join if you search "animal sex"? (Yes, I searched it. Curiosity). Where is the crusade from Peta?

And finally - if there is a movement against the nurturing of wee ones, why isn't there one against giving me garden vegetables on the daily? Throwing snowballs or poking me? What's with the physical violent or stupid arse applications asking me which Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle I am or someone trying to buy me? Isn't human trafficking a bit more of a big deal than feeding a baby- nip or no nip?

As with anything so right, much can go wrong. Phishing has officially been added to the list of my greatest fears. To date I have had two friends who have become victims of said violation. Now, I'm not sure who would actually fall for such a scam someone actually thinking that I would use Facebook as a medium to be rescued from London (why London phisers? Why now?). The phisers send you a link that looks like a request from FB. You click onto it, enter your user name and password and boom they scrape it off and they start hitting your friends up for 5hundy to save you from London.

The other day I got a notification from FB and I was convinced it was bait - those bastards were coming to get me. They weren't going to take me that easily. I deleted the email and went on to see if the request was there - surely it wasn't and a trap. In logging in it seemed that the email was in fact not a fake. I did get the friend request my email said I did.

NanaLu is now on FB... what will they think of next?
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