the characters

In order of appearance:

Me /mē/
Function: pronoun
1: barely average mama & wife. 2: a walking - talking real live "Murphy's Law" doll
Synonyms: MAAA, Mama, MOMMY!, Mom mom mom mom mom mom

C /ˈsē/
Function: noun
1: amazing husband who makes me laugh until my face hurts. 2: baby daddy
Synonyms: ball&chain, Picklelicker, spider monkey, lova, #1 Hubby, Baby Daddy, wife, my beautiful wife

L /e(l)-le/
Function: noun
1: baby girl (always) 2: first born 3: best big sister, ever
Synonyms: Punky, Punkie Pie, Punkpieah, the Bug, Nug, Nuggie, Lil, Homeslice

JJ /jay jay/
Function: noun 
1: newest baby girl 2: pest little sister 3: the pure definition of mischievous 
Synonyms: Jbird, JJ B, Pest, Beast

GUnit /gee- ˈyo͞onit/
Function: noun
1: the family 2: combination of me, C, L & JJ*
Synonyms: us, the crew

GUnit* 2012
Photograph taken by: Emily Southerland
Anabelle /a-na-bel/
Function: noun
1: the dog 2: often to always forgotten about. See last definition of GUnit where I forgot the dang dog, within the same post. * added for reference. 
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