the 100 list

100 (obligatory) things

1. I can’t watch people sing on TV, I get embarrassed for them- especially when they aren’t embarrassed for themselves.
2. Jelly Belly Jellybeans freak me out: if you want a pear, you should eat a pear not a bean freakishly tasting like one. And ducking the popcorn bean is Russian roulette – it’s dangerous. (2.5 up until I had it pointed out to me I was saying rush and roulette. Yup. Idiot.)
3. I cried when I heard my kids cry for the first time, sometimes I still do. But not for the same reason.
4. I played the flute in high school. I was so bad I sat with the trumpets.
5. I was a cheerleader. True.
6. Sometimes I read the last few pages of the book I’m reading.
7. We’ve become the VonTraps since L came home; we sing everything including descriptions on her stank diapers and cranky cries.
8. Sometimes when I'm on the computer C asks me if I am landing plans or running a fortune 500 company.
9. I spend too much time reading or typing, but I'm an addict.
10. I sleep diagonal.
11. I once had a brain-injured cat named, Quasi. Like he was quasi with it. The brain injury was acquired- he was previously a random cat in the neighborhood but due to the accident (pummeled on the stairs) we kept him.
12. I believe in ghosts, spirits, 'signs' of people with us that are no longer with us.
13. I would love to be 'discovered' but I'm not sure for what.
14. I often dream of winning the lottery.
15. I believe receiving mail should be an experience.
16. When I stop at a stop sign I say s-t-o-p before I can continue.
17. It doesn't bother me on long trips, to be packed into the car with crap all over me.
18. I pack too much no matter where I am going, and often I have to be packed into the car with crap all over me.
19. I love movies that have music, dancing (hip hop especially), and “coming of age” in the description.
20. There are not enough drinks on the planet earth to quench my thirst.
21. I love drinks ice ice ice cold.
22. I am often misunderstood.
23. I don't get people who don't get me. I think I'm pretty easy.
24. I prefer to eat soup with a soup spoon, ice cream with a teaspoon, cereal with a tablespoon and dinner with a small fork.
25. Dance movies make me wanna dance and that makes me happy.
26. I despise colors that are word or meant for holidays- red &green, black & orange, red & pink, blue & white, etc.
27. C makes me laugh everyday. Most days until my stomach hurts.
28. I cry when I see other people cry.
29. When I get into an elevator I press the close door button as fast and as much as I can to get going. Yes, even if someone is on their way to the doors (only if they don't see me pushing the button).
30. My name was going to be Tiffany. Tiffany Lee Coleman (TLC) luckily one of my grandmothers pointed out this sounded like a lady of the night's name.
31. People make comments on names, and even still / now make comments about our kid's name. And they are named already, why comment?
32. I am often amazed by people.
33. Looking at high heels hurts my feet, without fail.
34. I need more sleep, always.
35. I hate to run, I try not to unless I am being chased.
36. I am a fast reader.
37. I wish I liked to run like I like to read.
38. Flip Cups should be an officially recognized sport. I would be rich.
39. Most of my closest friends are in other states or countries. WTF.
40. The sound of select people's voices sometimes makes me want to stick a stake in my ear.
41. Sometimes I snort when I laugh.
42. I get that from one of my grandmothers.
43. I've been told my laugh is more like a cackle.
44. That’s all me.
45. Sugary sweetness (personality) makes me go into diabetic shock.
46. I DVR General Hospital.
47. I can watch an hour-long episode of GH in 20 min, flat.
48. C would deny this but he knows (and likes to be kept updated) on the story line of said soap opera.
49. When in the hospital (trying) to have L when the pain started and the drugs were just starting to work I broke into rhymes "yikes, strikes, spikes, tykes" no cursing.
50. I was born in White Plains, NY.
51. My mom lives on a compound like set up with her sisters and mother. 3 houses one next to the other. True story.
52. Chris is an over popular name in our family: my husband, my brother, my cousin, my step-brotherish, C's cousin... it's all too much.
53. I used to stay up and watch Dallas in my Strawberry Shortcake sleeping bag.
54. My father is one of 3 brothers and my mother is one of 3 sisters.
55. When quoting how much something costs in my grandmother's presence the price has to what it was in 1980 for her not to think you are a vagrant and irresponsible.
56. A manicure and pedicure in Nannyland costs no more than $5.00.
57. My father still thinks that I dislike his dog because she pooped on my diary - this is not the case but it doesn't stop him from telling the story literally every time we see him. Every time.
58. I tear up when watching “So You Think You Can Dance” – if I don’t tear up its t&g.
59. I think I’ve seen every Law & Order: SVU and most Law & Order.
60. C & I see the opening scene and can usually tell.
61. I was once a victim of an attempted robbery.
62. At one point, while my life didn’t flash before my eyes, I envision some idiot taking a morning run would come upon my body – like the beginning of Law & Order.
63. I knew L was going to be a girl and called her Ellie in my belly when I would talk to her.
64. It pisses me off C doesn’t agree with my name choices. I still resent it sometimes.
65. My dream home is a fixer-uper. C’s dream is that we don’t get my dream home.
66. Abelle hides in the bathtub when there is a thunder storm.
67. I cut my cuticles - I know I shouldn't but it makes my heart happy.
68. This list has taken close to a TWO YEARS to figure out.
69. I check to see if people smile when the number 69 is mentioned. It's childish but the truth.
70. We have far too many wine charms, beer charms - all charms and never used.
71. Every time we see a set of charms for drinks, C suggests another needless purchase.
72. I would have loved to have twins, but never t figured out a way to make that happen sans-drugs. Now I fear for my husband's sanity (and mine - which is a given) if it were to ever happen.
73. I love looking at other people's pictures.
74. I love it when C doesn't have time to shave or get his hair cut. He thinks he looks like a homeless person or a yeti. I guess I like homeless yetis.
75. It took months for L to call me Momma. It was JJ's first word, and then she spent MONTHS being a pest and refusing to say it - just to get under my skin. Note to self: it worked.
76. When either of my girls say Momma / Mommy / Mama with that love in their voice? I am near tears.
77. Books matter to me.
78. Used books make me happy.
79. I do judge books by their cover - the cover of the books I buy can't have TV or movie pictures on them, if the book has been made into a movie and should be the original cover art.
80. I need more time in the day. In the week. In the month. All the time.
81. Ctrl + F is one of the best inventions ever - not having to look for something is fantastic.
82. When there is a question or debate I just google it. I can't be bothered with the back & forth, I just want to know.
83. I want to be a more frequent blog poster and more frequently read blogger - not that I mind my audience is mostly made up of family & friends / or family of friends.
84. I'd cut a B for a comment or two. Comments make me smile.
85. I bought myself a snuggie, oh yes I did. The fancy kind and yes they do have those.
86. I need a time out so that I can learn how to use my camera - I mean I know how to push the button, but I'm thinking there is more to know.
87. We're Catholic by trade, but Jewish in our heart.
88.  I'm Twilight crazy.
89. My claim to fame seems to be growing a 3 month old baby.  My first was just about 2 feet tall and 11 lbs. Yup.
90.  Why do people automatically ask right after learning that - if I had a csection? A) Obviously. B) Do we have to talk about her exit strategy? C) Why do you look down when asking this... come on? Ewww.
91.  I have a birthmark on my arse. Shape of Australia. Yup. Down under.
92. With most of the Law & Orders SVU and the OG seen, I've moved onto Criminal Minds.
93.  People with children (especially) shouldn't watch Law & Orders OR Criminal Minds.
94.  Some people say I should write a book. Some people say I need grammar 101 classes.
95.  Some people can take a time out.
96.  Me & travel karma fight a lot.
97. I'm told these things happen to me because it's a good story to tell.
98. I like to do things differently.
99.  99 is just a good of a number as 100.


  1. Totally relate to number 24! but I thought I was the only one, guess I'm not :)
    I am a diagonal sleeping, jelly bean hater too.

  2. NO way! You are not the only one, my mom does that too - but it's only the last few years that I even noticed that. How did that happen?

    Crazy Quirks UNITE!

  3. #96 happens a lot! But it does give you #97. Scary how we could start talking in numbers! Great blog JCG.

  4. I love your neurotic self just a little bit more. This list is so you. I can understand why it took so long to write - but so worth it. Don't get lost in transit on your way home. I don't want to have to wait for you to be found, delivered to your house, left on the porch despite other directions. Too long.

  5. i def think you should write a book..i also get a kick out of reading your i love criminal minds also!!


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