Tuesday, June 23, 2009

The KMart of Movers

Randomly I was talking with a friend about moving and needing to find movers. Low and behold she had a 'great' recommendation. I didn't price check. I didn't compare, I had a trusted recommendation from a friend. Boom. Book me Danno, or David as it were.

David & I emailed last week and scheduled an estimate and walk through, as he suggested when I booked with them. 2pm today. At 2:05 I called the office to let them know about the funky doorbell we have, it doesn't always work. That and I was on a time crunch so I needed to find out where the heck they were, with out being pushy (stop laughing, I was actually BEING breezy). He didn't know who I was, but tried to play it off. I appreciate that. I would have appreciated it more if he actually did remember me. He asked quickly if I was moving today.

Seriously. Today? TODAY? (Inner monologue: Seriously, f@%ing seriously?!)

He let me know he would call the estimator, he was sure he was running just a little bit late, he was on his way.

I hang up the phone and scream FFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF and before I can finish the thought or word I end it with a passion filled F. Homeslice is going to be cussing like a sailor. Lord knows she doesn't pick up the fact that my name is MAMA not DADDY but god forbid she could refrain from cursing out the dog.

10 minutes later, Estimator calls. He is on his way and will be here in 15-30 minutes. He closes the conversation with, "You're moving tomorrow, right?"

I try to remain calm and breezy, but it's getting harder and harder with each idiot I come in contact with.

The guy came, was very nice, very helpful and informed me it would be best to get a parking permit for the truck. Great, just one more thing to pile onto the week for god sake it is already almost Wednesday. Lord knows I don't have good luck with the fools of City Hall. I'm doomed.

It turns out this company is cheaper than most and apparently you get what you pay for. Other people have said they leave their mark. They are nice. They are quick. And they break up your walls. Super.

I'm doomed.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

It's not a Democracy!

Last Friday the Guarro's took a road trip to CT to re-check out the day care locations. Though the votes are in and 75% are in the Prime Real Estate camp, I'm pretty sure we're going Nursery University. It's not for sure, but that's what we are thinking. We have one more conversation to have but I'm fairly sure the snot nosed toddlers are what did C in. That and the Director of Prime Real Estate was kind of a B on wheels. Well maybe that is harsh, not so much wheels as much as she was a B on cogs. She didn't remember me, she didn't apologize for an unanswered email or unreturned phone call, nothing. And C claims the smells coming from the walls were reminiscent of poop smeared on the walls. I didn't smell it, but I can't say for sure I didn't NOT smell it. We're working out the details, but right now it looks like bombshells for a portion of time, the Cat for some other portion of time and then off to Nursery University.

My little girls all growns up.

ps. I rechecked the bombshells and I must have cut and copied something wrong. She checks out, as far as facebook goes. I have spoken with 2 references and while one was as exciting as poop on the wall they were both amazingly positive. I'm going to give it a go and (try) to forget about my thoughts of Law&Order.

Monday, June 15, 2009

sunday snaps

Over at Girl'sGoneChild, there is catch all to memories that would otherwise not be mentioned or lost in the shuffle of the everyday. I will do my very best to keep it up to put it out there a few things that went down over the weekend, Sunday Snaps - here we go. P.S. I'm not going to format it all the same way - turns out I can't keep up. If I'm going to be on time with this - I'm going to straight shoot it. Every Sunday (or Monday) I'll record a few little bitty things from the weekend.
  1. I can't help but talk about L as much as those around me will allow.
  2. Sometimes it's hard to see the signs when enough is enough for my audience.
  3. I kind of don't care (too much).
  4. She's started to run around the house screaming, "MA MA MA MA." And I love it. Every screetch of it.
  5. I'm not entirely sure she is actually calling for me, but I'm going to to with she is - even though when you point to me and ask "Who is that?" she says, clearly and with passion, "Daddy!"

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Decisions, decisions, decisions

Mother chucker. What is up with decision making? I used to be good at it, but I swear the birth of my child has changed my life in so many ways, including making decisions. It's crippling. I went to visit day cares yesterday and it's not going to be an easy decision like I thought. I like them all for different reasons. FML.

I'm taking a family vote.

Place 1 : Nursery University

Pros: They are structured, like a real school - have a curriculum, theme weeks, and lots of communication home to parents. Calendars, newsletters & bulletin boards, oh MY! It is more of a community. There is a parent "association". "Mixers" if you will - where we (the parents) are more actively involved in the day to day. We can sign up to read stories, come do a show and tell (oh of what I am not sure, but to give an example). The Director developed/started the program 25 years ago and staff turn over is low low low (according to her, but I may or may not have found a difference of opinion posted on the Internet - however it was posted in 06). It seems though that the peeps that work there have been there since the beginning of time. Bigger classes (2-8 ration teacher to kid) and more of a program they have open houses, with kids and without - and while I have not a clue what they will talk about, it's more of a school. It is close enough to the new place- where if it was a nice day I could walk to pick her up, etc. Less than a mile, 13 min walk according to my phone. I call this place Nursery University because it reminds me a recent documentary made about pre-schools in NYC> Hott stuff. Serious stuff. Seriously feeling like my life. Like we are needing to start thinking college, now.

Cons: Outside play area is not great, at all. It's actually crap. They do NOT do time outs- do "redirection" - so if L is throwing sand at a kid. They will talk to her about how to play with sand. If she doesn't stop- then she will sit with a teacher to 'discuss it' and if she doesn't stop have her start playing with something else. Now again, she is 2 so I'm not sure what the F they are going to discuss.

Place 2 : Bombshells

Pros: They are an at home day care. 2 women, around our age (slamming, by the way - like hott hott hott. Like I'd do 'em). No more than 8 kids - same ratio. Age of the kids : 10 mo, almost 1, 1 , 2 1/2, 3 1/2 right now. SUPER cute home, lots o toys, structured day. Three words: THEY POTTY TRAIN. Close enough- where if it was a nice day I could walk to pick her up, etc. About 17 minutes, according to my phone less than a mile. I call this place bombshell, because well... it's run by bombshells. Maybe I will walk more in an effort to improve my self esteem due to the sheer beauty of these folks, that's a pro.

Cons: I looked up the main contact's email on facebook. I'm a freak. And the person it picked up was someone who had a totally different name. Only 4 friends. Are they phsyco mommies who borrowed a few friend's kids to make it seem legit but really will baby snatch my baby? (I watch too much SVU/Law & Order)

Place 3 : Prime Real Estate

Pro: A daycare that has themed weeks, but not quite as structured as the 1st place. (Sidebar: When I went to visit the 1st place the woman said she would recommend 2 other sites, and not the one I was visiting. NOW: when I asked "why" she said "you'll see." And I didn't see. I have NO CLUE what the F she was talking about. She wouldn't give me details and was fairly professional in speaking of them - but would prefer I look into other places. Of course the other places she gave me, I had already called and they didn't have space, maybe she knew that? I don't know). Class is 1:4 so same ratio, but different size. WAY better playground. The back yard is fenced in and has every play house and climber we have been pricing out, it was like a real estate lot of plastic homes. Glorious. They do do time out, which I am a fan of. Personally. Chris is a HUGE fan. He practically has a I heart Time Out t-shirt. Super close, L could walk to daycare herself. I call this place Prime Real Estate due to it's proximity and back yard neighborhood of plastic play houses.

Con: Not as school - like. Not as structured and they don't go off of a CT state pre-school curriculum like the first place. But L is going to 2 years old, we're not talking college prep here. I like the structured parent involvement. Prime Real Estate says we can come in whenever, I say I will - but I won't. I don't like there isn't "forced family fun" where we have to come in, participate, etc because while we are welcome to it I know I"ll never do it unless I have to. Truth time.

Now it's your turn, rock the vote - see to the left.

Friday, June 5, 2009


I thought I would take some time with the offspring and try my hand at garden dresses, pearls and the moms of CT ... looks like the tides have changed. While we are moving to CT, I am going to be taking on a new position with the company I work for. They have offered me a great opportunity to work from home and take on an exciting project. We'll work through the details in the coming weeks/days before we move and then I'll be working from home and C & I will be sharing an office... god willing we don't kill each other first.
It's always an adventure. I truly TRULY thought I was leaving and going to be able to spend more time with L - doing more fun stuff together and less just bedtime stuff together... parks, and libraries, visiting friends & family, concentrating on my tan this summer and making sure she is fully lathered up with sun screen (of course), but the best laid plans. I tell you what.

It is very exciting - obviously I wouldn't be doing this if I didn't want to - I talked a lot of game about staying home but while I really wanted to WANT to say no to this opportunity, I found it way too tempting to try to have it all - more time with L & a little outlet with the wild world I have been apart of for over 6 years. I am very excited to take on the challenge ahead and see if we really can have it all. We'll see how it goes! I hope that having a more flexible schedule I'll be able to spend more time with the baby before she becomes too much of a big girl. Who am I kidding? She is way past baby and INTO terrible twos already. Why I make plans or announce them is beyond me. Things change faster than expected and my plans no matter how well thought out usually seem to change.

After mass emails went out to friends and family, blog posts, announcements to co-workers who have become friends, my team and colleagues and more than a few tears I take it all back. Ashton, you can come on out. I've been punked.
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