Thursday, January 31, 2008

4 Months

  • 16 lbs 3 oz
  • 26 1/4 inches
  • So stinkin cute
  • Twinny twin twin of the father

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

The Virtual Quotebook

In college we had a book where we'd write down funny things we heard on TV, random things we said- and while others may not think it's funny we enjoyed it.

"You know what happens when three people hang out?" - Shannon

When I started working where I am now, in team rooms we used to have a white board of funny quotes- I still keep an email folder of random stuff people say. Foreigners say the darnedest things.

"My good talent in acting... I performed a cock." (this quote comes with a lovely photo of a girl dressed as a rooster) or another goody "So I often have to hear that I would have a smile around my whole head if I wouldn't have two ears."

In the spirit of all of my collections of quotes I'm starting a virtual one. I'll tag all the entries with 'say what???' - I'm going to start using labels to help organize things. I will go back to do that with past entries, but first I need to find a new name for this fine site. Don't forget- Monday I started back at work again. Today I spoke with my very first angry person. Someone putting through the call to me actually used this description:

"She didn't want to leave a voice mail, I tried to talk to her but she sounded like she was going to come thought he phone and stab me."

Lovely. Side note: I spoke with her and she was lovely. Anywho tonight we have our first quote book entry.

"I'm going in for a Supernanny." - C

In talking about going into bink L, C decided to go in and not make eye contact. This move now dubbed, The Supernanny.

Sunday, January 27, 2008

Our Last Day

Friday was our last weekday together- and we made it count. I took the babe to the city library for a sing-a-long and while she doesn't have a favorite tune just yet- she loved it! There were tons of babies there, lots of nannies and even a few au pairs. The R.O.C. (ride of choice) was hands down was the Bugaboo. It was a Bugaboo parking lot. I wish I took a picture, because no matter how I explain it- it doesn't do it justice. After the songs and dancing- just as I was looking at L seeing how much fun she was happening I began to think- maybe we should have Cat bring her to things like this. We had put the kabosh on her bringing L anywhere but from the first floor to the top floor of the apartment. I began thinking I'll talk to C about it, maybe in the Spring we'll get a lighter stroller and she can bring her to things like this. The thought of Cat lugging our R.O.C. and the baby down the stairs makes me sweat.

So there I am thinking about how I can feel okay with outings and how much L would love this when what do I see but two childcare providers having their children spar. There were two little girls- a nice one and a mean one. The alleged childcare providers kept egging on the nice little girl to go and hug the mean little girl. And when she did the mean little girl would take the nice girls face, mush it and push her to the ground. Not once, not twice - but three times! And the "childcare providers"... who I would wager are not nannies but caregivers of another persuasion fell over to the floor laughing. I almost interrupted their falling over laughing none sense to ask what agency they are with. Were the kids in danger? No... but that's how someone gets hurt. (Who sounds like a mother, now?)

Do I think Caty will do anything like that? Absolutely not- but I witnessed this madness just as I was thinking- "I should let her take L out, what could happen?"

Friday was filled with some errands, visiting the books store, walking around the mall and even lunch out. As I ate and read, L slept- and then we walked around some more. We were out for 7 hours it was glorious!!!!!

On Saturday L & I went to a mom's meet up. We met other moms and babes in the area - L was of course the big girl on campus- at least a head taller than all the other babies- even those were a month older! In two short days we did what I've been meaning to do for the four months that I've been home. I met a few moms, hung out with other babies, took long walks, read some, ate some and laughed some. I also, but of course, cried some. It was good couple of days.

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Road Trip!

L & I took the show on the road to visit with the Geer's of good ol' CT. The cousins Klewins came stopped by- and BOY oh BOYS was it fun. L got to flirt with all the boys, play with new toys and jump in another man's jumperoo... good times!

Monday, January 21, 2008

New Tricks

Right around Christmas time, L learned how to "brrrrr" which caused much spit to fly most everywhere. She would be soaked through her shirts, down to her belly button due to her new found talent- to make "brrrr" noises. How fun.

What's more fun? All the new noises she can and practices making. Like most recently screaming. Screaming like we are pulling out her toe nails with a rusty tweezer. How fun it must be for our neighbors. She is screaming like a lunatic for no good reason, for long or short periods of time. From the screaming she goes to crying (an old favorite) and sometimes so hard that it literally hurts my heart. What has happened to me? I got my ankles back (thanks be) but I have yet to regain my ability NOT to cry at every little thing.

She is also laughing and it really is pretty amazing- how much fun she can have doing not much of anything. Taking her screaming talents- she also squeals with happiness. I would love to have this on video, but of course she is still not a fan of the film.

Lastly, and much to my sadness- she has learned how to wake up in the middle of the night for no reason and put her screaming, squealing and brring talents to the test- it's her own little recital. Every hour, on the hour- and sometimes on the half hour. This is super fantastic- particularly because this is the last week I can sleep late. Hopefully her next trick will include retrieving her own dang binky and plugging herself up!

Friday, January 18, 2008

3 months and counting

I meant to take a picture of L in the same onesie every month to show her growth. I (clearly) have already messed that up. However, I'm starting it back up- and at the very least you'll see her at month one and month 12 and how big she got!

I'll do my best to update and keep the photos going on the 28th of every month (mom). Can you believe she is almost 4 months old? Just last night, when I was up with her- every hour ON THE HOUR.... I read back- can you believe 3 months ago we were in the hospital still- and last night was actually 3 months ago, to the night, that she withdrew the last time before she was released. It feels like a lifetime ago.

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

T Minus (less than) 2 weeks

Countdowns are back. It's hard to believe but I am coming up on another big day.

It's time to go back to work and leave my title of Lady of Leisure behind me. Some of it is a welcome discard, but some will be a tearful goodbye.

The good news is... no more 3 adults to every child ratios or crowded micromanaging of diaper changes or binky supplying directions. Hear no evil, see no evil. I can't wait to find bliss in ignorance, rather than witness ridiculousness. No more nukie aggravation, or full day analyzing of what is going on in that room and why it takes hours to be cleaned. Being out of the house for much of the day will keep me from seeing the continual washing of dishes that don't need to be washed. No more day time T.V. (mostly a hooray! Although I do love me some Ellen and even the occasional ladies of the View) and no more hiding out in my room. Going back to work and having it all is something that I have wanted for as long as I can remember. It's finally time to make it work and find that balance between being L's mom and a working professional. I've always loved a challenge, and here I am ready to jump back into it all. I'm excited to make it work.

No more apologizing for wanting more time with the baby than I have on the schedule. If nothing else now when I'm home all I have to refer to are the regulation rule around the au pair's hours- because if we don't have her when we are home there is no way we'll be able to stay with in the hours that are regulated. I always did love rules and regulations. And I'm fairly sure that once the au pair is working a full day with just L - she'll be ready to let us be the parents and stop with the all the questions and offers to "help." OH how that will help with my aggrevation levels.

With the hoorays comes much saddness. No more flip flops. Yup, still wearing them - not the preggers worn down to the ground smelly ones. Those I threw out ceremoniously before leaving MGH. I have a new pair that is exactly the same model with a full sole and doesn't smell like a wrestling room. No more late mornings cuddling with the babe or late nights with her not worrying about the lack of sleep because we can make up for it later on. No more random day trips to wherever. No more long conversations that while she doesn't have words yet to respond to- I know she gets what I'm saying. Depending on the shrieks that she lets out is either agrees or disagrees with what I am saying. She has started to laugh, giggle and eek with glee- and now I have to go back to work?

Our days are numbered and after 4 months with L and 2 months with the au pair it is time to go back to work as planned. I am excited to jump back in. The transition should definately be interesting. If nothing else, having an au pair has me practically running out of the house. I've heard stories of moms that spend the first few days or weeks weepy and crying, missing their babe. I don't know if that will be me, but we'll just have to wait and see. There are just too many people in the house and I believe it's time to finally see how this whole working mom thing will work. To do that farily, I've got to get back to work! The countdown is on, and in celebration I have added a countdown. Sure I've sworn off all countdowns after all the experiences about 4 months ago, but I'm pretty sure this countdown can't be delayed or changed. Safe bet is the numbers you see are true blue!

Saturday, January 12, 2008

What'd you learn over the Holidays?

The Gs traveled the state of NY like a bunch of gypsies for 2 weeks. We gained and lost goodies along the way, just like a good gypsy should. Things I learned over our Holiday Break:
  • We're too young for a caravan, but we desperately need one. We almost had to leave one of us in Boston- in addition to the bags shown in the pictures there was the babe, the dog and endless diaper bags to pack.
  • A drive by attack from my dear ol'Gramama can leave me wounded- next time come prepared and ready to fight. Hands up and stay alert- cute babies will not shield the venom.
  • No glove, no love.... there are several, no MANY, knocked up friends and family out there. Mozel Tov to you- and god's speed. You're in for quite a ride, but as you know- well worth it.
  • YouTube can offer hours of entertainment.
  • I was attacked by a claw less cat and I'm allergic to those bastards, which makes me hate those freak animals even more than I originally thought I did. (EXCEPTION: Lola & Rico- they seem like great little freakers who stay hidden whenever I visit, so for that I solute them.)
  • Everyone has advice, just like when pregs- everyone's a doctor- everyone is a parent coach. We aren't sure how L survived the 3 months with out the peanut galleries.
  • Hott mess is a fun word to use and abuse. (example: On New Year's Eve, I was such a hott mess I accidentally spit all over C's friends from college while laughing at something that wasn't even funny.)
  • Santa is coming to L's house next year.

Friday, January 11, 2008

December 2007: MISC

Christmas Tree Update UPDATE

Back in December, I updated the information but then realized that the pictures were not updated with the shots of our tree fully loaded with 500 lights, as the commentary says it is.  Please see that post for updated photos. Click here to get there!

In other news, the tree has been laid to rest.  We had a cremation.  Unfortunately the tree didn't make it to January 6th which is traditionally when we like to keep the tree up. Upon returning home to our in home sauna, it should not be a surprise that the tree didn't make it.  Christmas trees are not meant to weather 80 degree hot dry heat.  As a result at some point in our absence the tree fell probably signifying it's overall surrender to the sweltering heat.  Rudolph didn't make it- most all the other ornaments made the fall.  It doesn't really matter, 95% of our ornaments could have disintegrated from the heat and it wouldn't matter as I have said previously we received enough "Baby's First Christmas" to occupy a tree on it's own. 

We put the decorations away, untangled and organized the 500 lights and swept, vacuumed and swept the loose needles.  For fun, with our working fire place, I took the bulk of the tree and needles and burned them. The hidden pyrho in me smiled with glee and the open scary cat of C grimaced with fear. It didn't fill the house with Christmas smell as I had hoped- but pre-burning the dried out tree did have a faint smell... much like potpourri would have.  I guess there was one advantage to having the indoor tropical weather - the faint smell of Christmas.  Too bad it killed the tree and will likely kill our bills.  It'll be like a Christmas surprise to look forward to. 

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Mrs. Guarro to you

It's official. I finally can be called Mrs. Guarrochino, officially. It took a 2hr trip to the Social Security office, and I kind of need to go back because I am now (accidentally) middle name-less and would like to have one. Not sure why, but it's important to me. The SS change was just the beginning. It took 5 trips and who knows how many hours to update my license. Today, I can finally say, after 5 HOURS just in waiting time alone- the last name is officially changed.

You think I'm over exaggerating, I can hear you and see you shaking your head in disbelief. But it's true, 5 freaking hours. I wish I had a funny story to show for it, or something to tell you- to tell you it was worth it. But alas, nothing.

I got to read the book I have to read for my friend hunt.... which is tomorrow and I hadn't read much of anything until today. SO I guess that's good news, but not so much noteworthy. What is noteworthy is the book itself.... A Thousand Splendid Suns by Khaled Hosseini. Now, it may be hormones, lack of recent consistent sleep, my head heavy with the Christmas gift that keeps giving- but it was an amazing story. Tears... I tell you what. I liked it more than Kite Runner and I loved that book. It may be that the story is told through the eyes of women - and it's about family, love, motherhood- and now I can't help but think of so many things through the eyes of a mother of a daughter. Makes sense, seeing as I am one- but it felt like more to me for some reason. It is so much more than all of that- it takes place in Afghanistan through all the changes and conflict in the country over the lifetime of two women. From the fall of the monarchy in 1973 to after the Talibans hold of power (read here: I learned a lot about things I probably should have known before). Even though written by a man, you would never know it isn't a disturbing true story of two women over the last 30 years. It is haunting. The story moves fast and a little strong at some points- but since it was that or get abused by the ladies of the RMV it worked for me.

Every 20 min the ladies (using that term lightly) of the RMV (The DMV for MA for all those NYers out there) would scream at any one looking at or using a cell phone. Apparently in this "convenient" RMV the computers are affected by the use of cell phones (even if calls are just coming in and not being answered) AND iPods. Now you'd think they were landing planes, but no such luck. I don't believe they had an effect on the computers... but I wasn't about to challenge them, you wouldn't either- trust me.

Instead they were angry at their baby's daddy and having continual fights to prove it (this included multiple hang ups and play by plays for the crowd to enjoy). This MAY have interfered with their work. Not the screaming, just the actual work they had to do. Yup just screaming and screwing up- including my license which I waited so patiently for. I left with the wrong middle name.

I ran back and she recognized my despair. She didn't yell at me (which was a huge surprise to all those witnessing the mayhem for the last few hours) instead she helped me, reprinted my license and I was off again. Only to discover an escalator ride down that my signature still had my old last name.... oh well. What can you do? Go back up to the office, and keep reading the good book!

When I got back to her, she assured me it was fine and if I had any troubles I could come back and she would "hook me up with a duplicate." Now that we're boys, I've got an in. If it ends up I do have to go back, I'll need another good book though because it's the only thing that kept me sane. It's usually t&g at the RMV... but apparently emotionally draining stories and chaos in Afghanistan can get me through.

Monday, January 7, 2008

Doctor Doctor

Finding a doctor, once again, is proving to be quite a feat. Last year, when I was trying a doctor to find out if the positives I was getting from the pregnancy test was real I called close to 100 doctors, no joke. No one would see me for weeks, which ended up being the norm or they weren't excepting new patients. And all of this I was trying to work out from work- where I was not telling anyone and sharing an office. So in between my office buddies trips in and out of the office there I sat trying to get someone to see my potential knocked up self.

Now a year later, I sit on hold as I call doctor after doctor to see me. Now, don't get your hopes up there- no new bun in the oven. A frog in my throat and a snail in my nose. I am sicker than sick. I'd like to once again thank the Christmas fairies for this wonderful gift that keeps giving. C felt he could have been infected so he took medicine through out the holidays and seemed to have cured his bug before it ever went into full swing. Ah the wonders of Ziacam, Sudafed PM, & Tylenol Cold- glorious glorious inventions.

cold. Just straight up He never got sick, for the most part, and fought his potential sickness right to me. Now this provides several problems. First is, I am the worst sick person- I really hate it. I am susceptible to pink eye and severe wining when sick. Second, and most importantly, there is the new babe who really shouldn't be getting sick. So you think, just jump on the medication train like C- ah but alas with b-feeding all things EXCEPT Tylenol are off limits - and not Tylenol Cold.

In calling the pediatrician this weekend, since I don't have a regular doctor yet, the on call person said sudafed could be taken. With Sudafed, there are moderate risks so I need to weigh the pros and cons. When I asked, what are the risks- the answer way "It has not been tested yet." How do you weigh pros and cons if you don't know what all the pros and cons ARE?

I could also stop bFeeding all together so that I can take the cold medications - but by doing that then the baby will get sick because by bFeeding I'm in a scense giving her what she needs to fight off the sickness. I'm her very own cold cocktail.

I don't feel good about taking anything with any kind of risk to the babe- nevermind those that can not be weighed. So no cold medication for me, I power through the days- drinking lots of OJ and soup. And then at night I knock myself out by self medicating with the dwindling supply of pain killers I have from the c-section. How sick is that? I can't take anything to clear out my sinuses, but I can take pain killers. This is how addictions are formed.

I called 25 doctors with in different practices of MGH and found out at office number 24 that they too were not excepting new patients, but I could call the doctor referral line to find out who was. Thanks office number 24, too bad the first 20 receptionists were not as helpful. I call the referral line and it turns out not ONE of the doctors in all of MGH (HUGE 3 building stretch of doctors) is accepting new clients. I lost count, but by call 30 something I finally found a doctor. I'm not sure where he or she is located or what their deal is- but they are taking new patients and they have an opening, tomorrow morning. Good think I have enough perks to get me through to tomorrow. I wonder if my new doctor will buy that I'm having pains that require a filler-er upper on the bottle of pain meds I was saving for a special and rainy day. Ah chemical dependency, how limited you can be with a baby relying on you.

Sunday, January 6, 2008

Thank God, We're Home

We have lived in NY for the last 2 weeks, during this time we lived mostly in Bronxville, NY. What a difference. We of course miss the 'Ville and seeing family everyday- but it's good to be home.

Take Church for example. In Bronxville, first we went at the ungodly hour of 9:30 am. While the church is very nice and quaint it is PACKED with holy rollers with their fur coats, their piles of envelopes (to show that they are there and a counted for- they must give envelopes for each parishioner to make sure when it's time to cash in on the benefits of being a parishioner their dollars are accounted for), and bad attitudes, not so much with Jesus in their hearts at 9:15. The church was packed- people were standing in the back and there were kids everywhere. It was a very nice service, although you couldn't really hear anything with all the kids crying, squealing and screaming. We usually sit in the back, so as to not disturb anyone, and the size of our church in general is 100x larger than the quaint church we went to in the 'Ville. It's where my parents got married, where I was baptised and where my cousin serves as an alter girl. It's also where people literally get the heck out of dodge as soon as they drop off their envelope. True story, as SOON as donations were collected the church emptied out. There is maybe 15-20 more minutes of the service to go, but with their checks in the mail there was no need to stay.

Our church, however, is huge and filled with complete randoms. Like the couple today who brought their statues to be blessed (we hope). They were carrying them like they were babies, not the lawn decor we hope they will be used for. At our church, there are no envelopes- just people who might be the homeless walking around with baskets. Where the money goes, we aren't sure- but at least we know they aren't counting to keep track of whether or not we are worthy to be considered a part of their parish.

It's also where we are getting prepped for L's introduction to the Catholic faith. We went to our baptismal prep today. It was us and another mom, with the godmother, the baby and the mom's mom who was clearly driving this boat. She insisted on having the baby take part of the Spanish service our church offers, while the mom of the baby just rolled her eyes and commented several times under her breath how she doesn't really speak Spanish. Once again, to me, the unreasonable reality of family getting involved where it isn't necessary nor appropriate. It's not like the baby speaks Spanish therefore they should go to the Spanish service- shouldn't the mother and the godmother (and presumably the father and god father) understand what they are committing to??

I digress, it's good to be home. We do not miss the fur coats or bad attitudes- but our church isn't with out incident. For example, upon leaving the church today we were faced with picketers and not those on the writer strike (And when is that going to end? If I have to watch one more repeat, I'm going to cut a B). Instead these line walkers were spreading the word of sexual molestation - ah Sunday morning preachin', you wouldn't find that in the 'Ville . It sure is good to be home.

Saturday, January 5, 2008

We're Moving!

Apartment hunting is one of my very favorite things!!!! This time we need to find a new home to park our stories. The more I write, the more you read, the more 'hits' we get, the more recognizable our last name is on the web. For some this would be or could be great fun, for me not so much. My reasons are two fold.

(1) I'm paranoid and I don't like having our last name, decent details on who we are or where we are and pictures of us all in one spot. My dad would be proud of this random paranoia.

(2) When I go back to work I tend to have the opportunity to speak with some colorful folk. And on an occasion or two they become quite passionate in their disappointment with what I am telling them (read here: pissed off to the point of personal attack). It is much easier to threaten and get your sneakers on over the phone. I have a fear that said colorful folk will find me and everything there is to know about me in a key stroke or two. Not to find me, find me- that's a little too over the top, Dad. What I mean is I don't want them quoting my own words or knowing about my babe's drug problem or my cankle rehabilitation.

I google everything, don't you? And from time to time when I search I find this blog... mama needs her privacy, we are going to be moving ... end of the month.
I can not decide on a new address though, so if you have any suggestions, please send them along! I need help! Email me! guarros [dot] wild [at] gmail [dot] com

By the end of the month we'll have a new home and I'll only send you there from this address for a week or two. Then I'm shutting this B down, so check back often if you want to know where we will next hang our hat.

Friday, January 4, 2008

It Could be Worse

For 2008 I'm going to keep in my heart and in my head, "It could be worse." I'm hoping this will help in stress and aggravation levels. For an example, in regards to receiving one of our lovely Christmas presents. A cold that C had for days and now I have. It could be worse, we could have be given a flesh eating virus. It could also be better, as with this whole bFeeding thing, I can't take anything to kick the sick. What kind of sense is that?

Or when we returned home to find the heat had been raised to over 80 degrees, it could be worse. While it just felt like it was, our home could have really been consumed with flames and on fire. Let's see if I feel that way when we get our bill. We were gone for almost 2 weeks, I wonder when our humble abode in Boston became the equator.

I don't have many resolutions for the New Year, but I will continue to use the mantra as it could be worse, because it could. Overall we have a pretty sweet life- a beautiful, healthy baby girl a decent sense of humor about things- a pretty good life. It could be worse, WAY worse. So I'll take my high electric bills, dry air, stuffed up nose and pounding head, with a smile... for now.

Thursday, January 3, 2008

Happy Holidays, 'Cuse. Keep the change!

Never with out incident, I can not travel anywhere with out something happening. Beyond the usual, our biggest problem had to be fitting everything into the car. Since we weren't going to be leaving the baby in NY, much to the family's disappointment and we weren't going to be leaving the dog in NY, much to my disappointment- we had to cut loose some other items. Since woman and children got to stay, we had to go through and clean house. The first items to go were the mounds of Baby's First Christmas Ornaments. If you go out and look to celebrate your baby's first Christmas, turn around and go home. There are none to be purchased because they have been purchased already to celebrate L. At last count we were in double digits, Happy Holidays.

Another weight we had to let loose were all toys that were for 6+ monthers. It turns out the majority of the toys L got were not for infants. It also turns out L is a bonafied infant. We had boxes of 9, 12 and 18 month toys. They are sitting, stacked, in the closets we JUST emptied that once held our wedding presents. Now they hold every Playskool toy available in any given Toys R Us.

The last thing we had to unload was an after thought. A pink pouch, matches one of the many diaper bags that I have acquired.... chock full of every piece of cash and gift card we received this fine holiday season. Somewhere in the streets of Syracuse between the hotel, RiteAid & a random Wendy's off Route 87 is a happy Syracusian with mad money to kill at their local H&M.

Why couldn't I have just dropped the Glow Worm?

Happy Holidays.
(c) 2007 all rights reserved. aka don't be a D and swipe any content, photos, etc - sucka. Should you be tempted, let me know so I can be flattered and then give me something write about.