Monday, December 28, 2009


For some strange reason I am misunderstood. My jokes are sometimes left in silence and my humor thought of as sarcasm. Not that done in jest but of the language of el diablo.

For the record: just in case - I do love family time. I do love the fact that we have so much family. I am thankful. I am even thankful for the real El Diablo. Who knew? My baby girl (toddler, fine she is a toddler) has the most loving grandparents, uncles, aunts, cousins, friends, friends of friends - let's be honest she is easy to love - and I'm grateful. And while I do love quiet time, I do love the loud times. I love the laughs, and even the annual arguments and all the mayhem truly does make me smile (in a happy way, not in a sinister way).

The reason I don't want to travel for the holidays is two fold. I really do want our family to start our own traditions and because.

Because who the hell doesn't want Santa to come to their house? Sure I left a gift - so that she would know that fat bastard knows where we live - but whatever. She should know he knows where she lives - though some of our near and dear still don't (read here sarcasm meant in jest not El Diablo speak).

Because we have spent the last few years traveling - complaining all the way. Together but never together. It's crazy maybe I've mentioned why before?

Because I have spent the last 30 years traveling and I don't to. Insert foot down and proceed with tantrum. I don't want L to feel the same kind of pain. I remember making treks only an hour or two to not one but two families in a day - and it was no laughing matter. We're laughing now - but how long will said laughing continue? Do I think she'll suffer the same fate as I? Running to the bathroom to cry suffering through yet another evening of family fun, never to hear the end of it? (story for another time) Probably (hopefully) not. She doesn't have to run to the bathroom crying (story for another time) to feel the sheer tension in the 110.5" space as we travel 456 miles – about 8 hours 9 mins with no traffic (Christmas miracle alert if there is no traffic over the holidays) in the span of just a few days. Packed to the gills with presents for others or for us. Amazing generosity that I appreciate - that we appreciate. Yet selfishly I remember my favorite holiday to date that I want to replicate.

Picture it.


The preparation. The execution. No seriously. Picture it.

That's what I want for us. Gooble Gooble.

And that doesn't mean I don't love people enough. Enjoy it all - in one way or another - it's not about you. It's about a family starting off on the right foot. 'Tis the Season.

2010. Doors are open and hotels are taking reservations.

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Last Christmas in New York: 2009

Last year we were a delinquent family. Between C's travel schedule & my work schedule we barely remembered Christmas was upon us. Between all that and technical difficulties when I was camera less for the blessed holidays - no pictures. No holiday cards, promises of Happy MLK Day Cards - with no follow through. We suffered through another holiday season away from home, vowing to never do it again.

And then we did. This year we did get out the holiday card - alas lots of confusion attached since apparently Abelle is a stranger to most. I got many a text, email, phone call or face to face question - "I loved the card, but who is Anabelle?" OR "Congratulations! When did you have another girl?"

It's not that I don't love family time - the loud lulls of screeching. The awkward jokes, the mayhem of crowds. I love all that. Of course, and of course, the undercut or straight out knock outs of insults from the dear elderly. Who wouldn't love all that? That isn't it - it's not the inability to keep L on a regular schedule or who would want to miss out on the constant parenting tips? Not I. The hours in the car, the hours thinking about the hours in the car, the hours it takes to pack, unpack, repack, unpack, pack up, unpack and repack then unpack again. The days of laundry to follow - oh and dog hair for as far as you can see.

Of course I do love the time L gets to spend with her family - getting to know everyone and make new memories. That we do love. The way she lights up when she seems familiar faces and those that she is just starting to remember. We love all that. There does, however, come a time where a family has to make their own traditions and own memories that don't include hours of unnecessary travel to pacify the masses. There comes a time where we need to pacify ourselves. We'll miss the crowds during the holidays, we will miss managed chaos - but with all of the missing I know we'll welcome the chance to make our own traditions. You are all invited. Our house, holidays 2010. Family, friends and strangers - you are more than welcome. I want her to know a holiday in her own home - one that is random, full of laughs, and full of sitting in our pjs, drinking coffee while watching her figure out how the heck that guy got down the fireplace to drop off all her goodies.

More of this:

Less of this:

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

File this Under: When She Gets Older

I'll be sure to hand this over to the David Letterman of her time - when she hits it big - remember when?

Sunday, December 13, 2009

City Folk

Last weekend we went to go cut down our tree. For years our tradition landed us at the local iHop Parking Lot. Making the move to da'country we needed to shift our traditions. Our newest thought was to do as the country folk do and make it happen. Go cut down our own tree. Our BFFs have a tree farm - family owned and run and a fan-freaking-tastic in every way. Well... with the exception of poor planning. L was all suited up but we may or may not have forgotten our own gloves & hats and we may or may not be into manual labor that comes with cutting down your own tree. Overall it was a good experience that we'll do again and may very well be our very own new tradition. Next time we'll make sure to bring gloves and a change of clothes for L. She is not a big fan of getting dirty - so falling down mudslides made for a very cranky child. We'll also probably go with a tree that smells a bit stronger - even though the needles may take our first born, Ababelle.... but if she were to be taken by way of tree needles I'd argue to say it was for a good cause.

Monday, December 7, 2009

Mommy Needs a New Crib

While we are on the Adult Highway we have yet to hit the Homeowner Exit. The life of a renter has treated us pretty fair. For the most part. We've had our share of great companies that had it all - responsive reaction time, excellent English skills, fantastic rent costs, cozy feel and great address.

We've also had our share of 3 flight walk ups, critters, Cinderella's mice, non-English speaking owners & slanted floors. Most recently we've had an interesting turn of events in what we thought would be super easy, super painless, super b.s.

Our latest adventure is a dilapidated 3 family home with approximately 7-8 people living above us. Anywhere between 3-4 tweens, 4-5 adults - 1 adult the size of 2.5. In addition to the mere size of these folks they also have gross & inconvenient habits. We're not sure which is the worst or who does what but it all kind of sucks. I'm not sure how or why but we drove past this place several times, all different times and never saw anything. No cars, no bicycles, no screaming loud music, no nothing. No mention of a menacing landlord, nothing.

Our landlord lives down the street and you'd think he was living with us. Most recently he came in (with out knocking) after ringing the bell and it not working. He was ringing the bell to let me know the outside light was on. He loves to let us know when we leave lights on/even though he doesn't pay the electric or we aren't leaving the house. I once walked out to my car to get something and in my return trip (less than a minute lapsed) he stopped me to tell me I left the office light on.

He kills me.

Anyway, he comes in fixes the doorbell and leaves. A few hours later I came home from picking up L at school and couldn't get in. He gave us one key to the front door - we made 2 copies. That's all we have - but the key wasn't working. There I am trying to get in - and L is saying "I try. I TRY!" I backed up and let her rip - nothing. Out of options I call him and ask if he did anything to the lock when he came in to 'help.'

He asked me if I unlocked the door before I left, confused I explained my every step - that I didn't do anything differently - I left and locked the door. Apparently there is another lock -he called the safety lock that he locked on his way out that you have to UNlock before you leave. Of course, since I didn't know about this added safety feature (of which I would never use anyway because I would never remember to unlock it before I left) - I didn't unlock it before I left.

Long story long - he came over and asked if the bottom of the back door was locked. I said no. He went ahead and tried to unlock the backdoor. It wouldn't unlock. He tried all his keys. He took a walk and came back with a 2 x 4. With out warning, with out explanation he took it to the window and let us in.

Apparently the key didn't work because there was another safety lock locked (not the bottom aforementioned lock... another freaking safety lock) .... watch out thieves - we have many a safety lock. He gave us the extra key - actually the only key he had to the back door.

Days later L was sitting on her highchair. C saw the key in the background, but didn't think anything of it.

And that's when she said, "Where'd the key go?"

P.S. she doesn't really / regularly go in full sentence mode. Crystal clear this time/ of course.

Right down a rabbit hole in the kitchen. Whoops.

Mommy needs a new crib.

Monday, November 30, 2009

Everyone Loves a Rodent

And some love it so much... you can't even find one to grab. Unless of course you know the right people and you can get one from free!!!

I count my blessings that this year we are free again to re-gift whatever we can wrap around the house because while L is a genius.... she may or may not notice. As long as she can rip apart the gift wrap. BOOM - we've got our self a winner. For all those that this isn't the case try your luck at winning a robot rodent.

Apparently they are all the rage - if I knew that this would be a hott little toy this year I'd be sure to grab one while I still could - apparently they are flying off the shelf! Like only rodents can scatter off a surface.

I hate rodents - but I guess this little bugger isn't quite the mice of the South End - but a cute hamster with no muss or fuss! Plus they each have unique personality and make whimsical sounds!

Check out Mom on the Run for more!

Monday, November 23, 2009


I have a problem. Isn't admitting it half the battle? I can't help it. I'm a prisoner. If I wasn't horrible enough at my own personal life balance, now I have reignited an addiction. I went to see New Moon, twice. It's only been out four days. I could probably go tomorrow. Instead I've decided to re-read the series. It's the cheaper option, but it will continue to suck time away from life. I can't help it.

Almost a year ago, I lost my life to this situation. And now it's everywhere. It's a frenzy. It was one thing to read through all hours of the night, talk about it, think about it, wake up for the day - and read again. But there was an end, there was chapter by chapter and book by book. There was an ending.

And then the movie.
And now the second movie.
And then there will be third and so help someone if there won't be a fourth - and if that fourth isn't done well and potentially made into two more... seriously.

There are countdowns and anticipation. There are fraking conventions and clips and interviews and trailers. Speculations, leaks and ohh all the dang blogs... so many blogs.

I have a problem and I hold this tween head held high wondering when the madness will end hoping it never will.

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Heard & Quoted

C, "I love the smell of play dough."
Nana Lu, "Nah, that doesn't turn me on."

Yup. You can't make this up.

Monday, October 26, 2009

Heard & Quoted

At school (Noah'sArk) L participates in music class. They have a song where they go around the room and the teacher prompts, "What's your name and what do you do?"

Miss Irina, her teacher, went through the circle and when they got to L they asked "What's your name and what do you do?"



Apparently there was no set up or prompting. And some of the other kids said their name then puppy or horse.... take that. My kid is a genius and what does she do? She goes to school... learning how to be a genius.

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Not the Whole Story

Today I went to a baby shower - one of my BFFs / roomies / home girl/ sister all the above and etc. Another one of us is biting the dust and turning into a family. The moms around the table told tales of the offspring, the good the bad the ugly. Mostly the ugly.

On the drive home I started thinking about it. Boy did we talk about the ugly. It got ugly ugly - all birth story and sht. Never pretty. And not even my whole dang story, but we had three not so usual experiences.

I'm thinking we just sterilized 3 potential mommas. Not 100% but wouldn't be surprised. For some reason we focused on the non working epidurals, the poop and lack of sleep.

We didn't really talk about all the feel good, warms your heart and makes you crook your head to the right sighing "awwwe." We didn't talk about that unexplainable love, feeling complete, getting hugs and giving them, when your baby learns how to give you noseys or how to say "love you" (today ... she said I love you. First time. 10/24/2009). We didn't talk about snugging, or singing songs or dancing. The good times, the funny, warm & fuzzies.... nope just non working epidurals, the poop and lack of sleep.

I decided to video coming home. Quick. Easy. And my very own "awwwe." Wish I got the first I love you, but I'm thinking actions speak louder than words.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Just Call Me Kate

Daycare thinks we are divorced. Jon & Kate Plus 8 ... minus the douche husband, bad haircut and 7 kids.

It's official. I am a horrid mother.

I thought - if you got things out there, it made you feel better. Communicate and all that. Not so much.

Last week (I think) I brought L in the for the first time in a few days possibly weeks because I've been traveling. As I was putting her lunch bag away in the refrigerator I heard the teacher say, "Oh L, are you staying with Mommy this week?"

I didn't really connect until I was in the car, and what was I supposed to do? Go back in, pop my head in the class and say what?

"Um excuse me, it's me, Kate. I just want to clarify we're actually happily married. Sure we travel all the dang time, and while our plan was to move so that this wouldn't be the issue and it has in fact been compounded and worse than it has ever been... but anyway. The best laid plans.... anyway so we are happily married. FYI. OK - by L see you later, love you! Bye!"

But I could have been mistaken. Right?

Yesterday, it was confirmed yesterday.

When I went to pick up L and found a poster on the cork board with the question:

"Do I have a house and who lives in it?"

EACH and every kid in the class is listed with their answer. Well each and every kid...with the exception of L.

Think I'm making this up?

Yup. That's right. I took a picture of it - to show you I wasn't crazy. It's really blurry because I was sneaking it but you get the idea. Either she has no idea who she lives with or they didn't want to ask her? I don't know.

Just call me Kate. Looking forward to the contract negotiations, lipo, and the paparazzi. I love those bastards.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

The Simple Things

2 months ago a movie came out that I desperately wanted to see. To be able to see the movie, I needed to finish the book. The Time Traveler's Wife was out and I had to read the book first. First I had to start it.

I went to over 4 book stores to find the book. While each store HAD the book, none of them had the book with out a shout out that said "Made into a motion picture" OR with a picture of the film's movie poster instead of the original cover. Little known fact about me, book covers are important to me.

I finally purchase the book, read it and plan to go to see the movie in September. Instead of going to the movie, I get fall down drunk the day before and instead of going to the movies I have to work on a Saturday later than I thought I would because I got a late (way late) start. No movies for me.

In Connecticut, there is ONE movie theatre playing it, 30 minutes away. I decide I'll take Thursday & Friday off. Turns out I don't take the full day off - I'll take 1/2 Thursday, full Friday. Turns into no Thursday, full Friday... turns out I'll do 1/2 Friday.

I leave in the nick of time to arrive to the movie theatre (30 minutes away) - but can't find the movie theater. According to my GPS - I keep missing it. Back and forth I go until I see an abandoned strip mall.

I go in and drive through only to see a sign, by the looks of it printed out by a color printer on it's last leg of color cartridge. By following the sign, I find another sign. A wood plank salvaged from a junk yard with red paint stating... the "Cinema is OPEN."


After making my way through the pot hole aka the parking lot I walk in with minutes to spare for the 1pm showing.... that was until the ticket sales person, popcorn counter person and clean up crew (all the same person) informed me, through one side of her mouth, with drool dripping and one eye going in one direction and the other going in another... that the show started at 12pm.

Wouldn't you know - they didn't update their online account ... strange. With the titles of the movies hanging off of the marque and pot hole filled parking lots in movie theatres behind buildings where serial killers go to soothe their inner demons... this place doesn't update their movie times.

Back home I went, only to turn around a few hours later to see the movie. I'd give the movie a B-, popcorn a surprising B, accomplishing my goal A+. Ahh the (not so) simple things.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Travel Hex

Picture it. 9 am Sunday morning. A glorious day and just one errand before I get geared up to travel for just about a week to New Orleans for work. The last time I had a roommate for work ... I had 2 people who hated me for 3 days straight because it turned out that since I had last been their roommate I have taken on a new hobby of snoring.

"If that is what you call that noise that you were making... sounded like a lawn mower running over my head."

In preparation for another roommate I went to Target to purchase some supplies... nose strips to ease the noise and sleeping pills to hopefully knock out anyone in earshot of my lawn mower. I got carded, at Target, to purchase the pills. Who knew?

Who knew that this would be a saving grace.

No ID. No license. But "no worries" I had almost 4 hours to find it... it must be somewhere.

It was nowhere.

I called my manager to give her the "good news" and she said, "you can get on with your passport." Like I could find my valid one? I joked and asked if my expired passport would work, from when I was 10. No dice.

Then she suggested my birth certificate... which I last remember being with my valid passport.

I called the airline to get the next flight out (there were none that day) and told the operator my story. She told me it turns out I don't need my picture identification. A credit card and social security card "should" do the trick. With 14 minutes to go - I took a shower (necessary) and packed everything I own that was clean in 2 bags. Hindsight would tell me I should have packed in ONE bag or put 1/2 work clothes in 1 of the carry ons and 1/2 in the other I would check. Ahhh.... hindsight.

I rush to the airport and go through security. After presenting said credit card & social security card the TSA Agent wants to see everything else that has my name. Ask you and you shall receive! I present my library card, AAA membership (expired), insurance cards... then my expired passport, my social security card with my maiden name AND my picture ID for work. In addition to all of this he needs to see more to see the connection between my last name and maiden name. The piece da la resistance? A copy of a receipt from my ATM showing a check made out to my maiden name cashed into my account with my married name. Success!

Do you feel safe? I got on a plane with this beaut.

But it was time to celebrate!!!!

On the flight and off I went! Even posting on FB success....

ME: Wheels up- bradley. Dulles here I come!!! (have mercy on me it's been a long day already) October 4 at 2:29pm via Facebook for iPhone ·

ME: Hahahahahhahahahahahah. Just got delayed will likely miss my connection flight. Haha? Let's laugh. October 4 at 2:44pm

It went on from there. I was finally able to learn from a United flight attendant who frankly didn't speak English all that well that I would arrive 20 minutes before my connection flight and all she could do is let people know that there are people who are connecting and to stay seated - but I would likely not get out on time. See, I was the very last seat of the plane ... hindsight, there you go again. I was asked if I wanted to bump up for $19 and I thought that was "silly for such a short flight time."

Haha. Silly.

What was silly was me pushing my fat ass out of that flight, down to the shuttle and waiting over 5 minutes for the damn shuttle to go. THEN running my (again) fat ass down concord only to get to my gate and find that "they left" ... oh but the magic of technology would tell me that isn't so. See, I was texting with someone in the flight who was giving me the play by play. I got to my gate BEFORE flight take off time (but after boarding time, to be fair) and BEFORE they shut the door of the cabin but the bastards at the gate told me otherwise. Ahh... how they didn't know I had the power of technology behind me and was texting with a passenger in the plane who was able to confirm they hadn't shut the door yet or geared up to take off.

Fun. I was delayed and didn't leave the airport until 7:30 pm and was made to pay for my own hotel. Shame on United, their horrible customer service and even worse options to make right the situation.

Gah. They lost my luggage even though I was told 3 x in person that my luggage was IN New Orleans and again 2 x when I called in and spoke with a United representative only to find out once in New Orleans that my bag was on it's way... from Dulles. Because according to that person, my bag was pulled. Oh, they had time to pull my bag, but not let me on the flight?

You know, never once, did anyone really even apologize.

I don't know why I even bother.

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

The Price of Fame

Almost 2 months ago I made promises I certainly can't keep. A few months before that we made decisions I apparently couldn't follow through with. Life keeps getting harder and everyday I am reminded of the path we are taking and why we are roughing it. Too cryptic?

Long story short: I'm tired, defeated, hopeful, sad, happy, blessed, lucky, cursed, all in all a whirlwind.

I am a full time mother, wife, friend, family member, employee and manager and while I claim to kick ass and want to be the very best of the best; everyday the scale tips a little bit and something suffers. This balancing act of life is something that I continue to work on, though recently I'm feeling I'm not 100% sure of who is driving and where in the hell we are headed. So I sit in the passenger seat, doing what I do best and being a backseat driver. No one likes a back seat driver. I could have I would have I should have I need to I want to I have to.

C & I moved to make life easier, to improve our quality of life. That was the reason. End of story. When people ask why did we move there are reasons I can point to, of course, as they were the catalist of our decision making but ultimately the answer is as simple as "because." Because our life in Boston, while fun, exciting, city living and all that - was also full of rushing, traveling, working, rushing, always late, always behind, always in need of more, always guilty, always juggleing, always always always something more than just sitting still. I sound lazy, don't I?

Whatever> I want to sit freaking still. Is that too much to ask? We moved for lots of reasons. C's travel schedule was killing us both and my work schedule was constant. Between the two of us we were rarely home (together) and our schedules didn't allow us to be able to spend the kind of quality time we want to spend with L. Moving to CT brought us closer to all of C's work destinations so that his commute to said sites would be shorter and would mean less overnights away. Moving to CT brought us closer to family & friends so that we would be able to see people more with out the layer of resentment or guilt each time we wanted to or had to go to see people. L needs to know her kin. And through out the last few years one by one most of our friends were moving out of the city and settling down close to home... their home no longer being MA. It made sense to move. It made sense to take time away from work and spend time working on life.

The best laid plans.

Now, as (our) luck would have it we are home even less than we were before and we when we are, the other one isn't. We are both traveling constantly for work and if I'm not he is. When we aren't traveling we are working later than late or up at o'dark thirty. The proximity to friends and families also means an increase of visits which then means anytime we would be home to just sit and relax we aren't. It's a hard knock life right now. I'm hoping that at the end of day it all works out and all of this is worth it in the end.

Oh. And that's why I haven't had time to post sht. FYI.

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Monday, September 28, 2009

Dear L,

Baby girl, in just 30 minutes it will be two years. TWO YEARS. You are a toddler, and I am a mother to a terrible twoer. And boy oh boy can you be terrible. Truth be told, no matter how bad you are (and boy oh boy can you be bad) you still make me weak with gushy love. I frequently hope that you'll wake up after you go to sleep, as long as you'll fall back to sleep with me. I love the nights we snug.

The other night you went to sleep early and woke back up wanting OUT OUT OUT of your crib.
I was up watching Grey's Anatomy a favorite and it was the season premiere. You weren't watching you were snugged in and I was crying because that's what Momma does when I watch that show you. You wiped my tears and pet my head. I usually brush your hair back and wipe your tears and here you were comforting me.

The night (before) you were born I watched the season premiere of Grey's with one eye open as I had finally been given some drugs as we anticipated your arrival. In 2 minutes it will be 2 years. And I digress...

It's starting to click for you not only how much we love you but how much you love. You love your puppy, "Ababelle", your friends, your Poppas, Grammys and Lous, your Uncles and Aunts and cousins - giving everyone hugs and kisses even calling people by name. You finally have Momma down and I can't tell you how much I love to hear it. My favorite is how you give nosey kisses on command. You run to us when we pick you up from school quickly chattering about your day. We can't wait to hear what you are talking about!

I try to tell you every day that you are the very best thing in our life and I hope you know that. Momma & Daddy have had to be away a lot more than we would like lately, and it breaks our heart when you walk around the house asking where we are. We love you, L, whenever we are not with you. Always.

10 minutes ago, 2 years ago we met you and life has never been the same.

Love you much. Love you always,

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

L: September 09

And looky looky - September is only a few days in - and photos UP and ready to go!

L: August 09

I'm totally behind. I KNOW! Here is August... and MORE to come!

Monday, September 7, 2009

Terrible Twos : Come Early

I started writing this SEVEN months ago... 7. Damn.

I'm breaking out the parenting books. We were going along swimmingly and it's all a shift. There are temper tantrums, jumping up and down, crying, screaming if the word N O is uttered. There is destruction and mayhem if homeslice doesn't get what she wants and she will not be that girl. We will not be those parents (yes. I'm judging.)

That being said, I am convinced we are alone with discipline here. Through out the day I am 110% sure she is getting what she wants when she wants it. I have talked about discipline a lot, how to do it, why to do it, when to do it - but the more L freaks the more it shows me that she isn't getting it anywhere but from me. Short of flipping my household upside down, it is what it is until the end of the year. I know Cat loves L but she isn't helping her grow or learn to be a good little girl, or a little girl that can be tolerated on day where she doesn't get everything she wants.

7 months later - we're still getting up from the terrible two monster and we're less than a month away from the big day. It takes a village to raise this kid, it's just too bad the whole village isn't on the same page. There are temptations everywhere - for her and for us but we'll get there. And if all else fails she'll be 3 soon enough.

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Country Living

Life in the country comes with many benefits - but with all good things come challenges.

The good news:
  • More space - while our last place was two floors and this place is one - it feels bigger, yet more manageable to clean. 3 bedrooms (all smaller), 1 bathroom (way smaller), kitchen (smaller), dining room and living room (guess what, smaller). All together, feels larger. Go figure, sometimes math isn't easy.
  • No stairs. (Boston apartment had 68 steps from street to bedroom) No damn stairs. Hallelujah, no stairs!
  • First floor. One floor. Heaven.
  • Outdoor space, including a cement area which has been come (our) L's canvas
  • Ability to work from home loving that... let me count the ways:
  1. You can power through with little distractions to get the job done.
  2. You can control the temperature quickly.
  3. You get your own garbage can.
  4. The commute rocks.
  5. You can have more than 1 personal item on your desk and can decorate your office any which way you want.
  • There is always parking, in our driveway & garage. Glorious perk. Nothing is easy though - as we share the driveway with our wordless anti-social and hating neighbors. Oh well. Silver lining is that there is always a spot, even if our neighbors hate us and our cars.
  • Country living means country walks and sights to see like crazy signs and robot trucks. I expect to see a Unicorn and leprechaun at some point soon. What I won't see? Are crackhos or crazies, like back in our ol'digs.

(The elusive "Change" our not so friendly neighborhood (tongueless) crack head.)

The bad news:
  • Sundays look like this:

Sunday, August 23, 2009

What the Twit?

Mother chucker. Just when I thought I had caught up with everything there is more to catch up with. Twitter is the new facebook, which was the new myspace which is the new Friendster - which is the new Reunion, which is the new....

I don't know. I'm probably missing a mode here or there. Either way - twitter is it. And I've actually been "on" for awhile - before Ashton was doing it on Regis or Obama announcing his Vice President candidate. Before all that there was I was - and there I am.

Here's my issue, while I consider myself a pretty cool cat, I mean I'm nice? People like me (mostly)- sometimes I can be pretty funny? You'd think I'm spouting el diablos rhetoric - I can't get someone to follow me if I paid them. Well that's not true - I can get a whole host of weirdos to follow me/most of which have topless avitars. What the F. If I didn't have a full time job, I'd make it my full time job to get more dang (clothed) followers.

I guess I need to be more into it - but I try. Really I do. I participate! I tweet and twit - RT and reply but nadda nothing. I'll try harder, I guess - right now I'm feeling like the kid that gets picked last in kickball.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Cami & Poppa Visit

Poppa & Cami Visit: Aug 09

Two weeks ago, or so - we had visitors- mostly to help with all the unpacking. We didn't get much done, and it took approximately 6 hours to put up one curtain rod (not kidding). Why?

  1. my luck.
  2. Ikea doesn't give screws to their curtain rod
  3. Apparently there are screws that are sold that isn't Philips or the other regular screw. Box screws exist
  4. Said screws take an act of god and a different drill bit to install
  5. my walls are made of 1/2 concrete 1/2 dust
  6. dinner break
  7. measure the rod before hanging on wall - turns out the largest curtain rod doesn't mean it will fit your window
  8. my luck

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Visiting, Crying & Freaking

Last month we had a very special visit from our home state friends & foreign nationals - the Geer & Kelusky bambini came to visit - and while moms were more than thrilled to be reunited once again, L has a distance for sharing and all things Canadian. I think it's more of a sharing thing then a nationality thing - but why not make her ridiculous funny?

It was a bit more than painful for me to deal with her whining, bad manners and freak outs- but it was worth it to see everyone! At this point, the apartment was not even CLOSE to being somewhat done and our backyard was a bit of a construction zone- but we made due.

Funny quote of the day - in retelling a story of ColeBG & his cousin's potty training (GOD I need to get on that) the following was said....

Noah & Cole (cousins & besties) go into the bathroom together, as they leave Noah runs to his Mom to tell her big news.

"Mommy, MY penis is much larger than ColeBG's penis." - Cousin (2 y/0)
"Liza, is that TRUE?!" - Liza's baby daddy. (28 y/o)

Monday, August 10, 2009

The Move Status

Thanks be to facebook I don’t have to remember every detail of my moving day – my status updates do that for me.

The morning of June 28 started at 6 am with a trip to D&D. I should have saw it as a sign that my favorite, Lillian wasn’t there. There was no tear goodbye for me & Lillian, my favorite. There were folks who wished me luck and those that were in denial I was leaving – but the truth remained, it was D day – moving day. And at 6:30 am I thought it would all go swimmingly – what a fool I was.

There were only a few things to do before the movers came – make sure the parking spots we reserved were empty and take part the crib.

By 9:15 am (movers ETA 9am, originally) were going to be late & I had already had to call 911.

I was told I may have overreacted... but it wasn't about the late movers; some joker didn't pay attention to the no parking sign. And while I didn't want to have them towed I have to. Karma is a bitch and I'm going to get it for calling this in. I made sure to ask 911 to see if we can notify the idiot first before we tow. And then the joker came out and THANKED THE COP like it was solely his idea to not tow him/ and gave ME the stank eye. Mother chucker.

While it seems like more of a 311 thing than a 911 thing, when I called the police dept they yelled at me for NOT calling 911. Then I called 911 and they yelled because to the question what make & model of car my only answer was mini coop. Apparently this is not the correct answer.

By 9:44 am first mirror of the day broken. 7yrs. By 9:46 am the tally was up to 14 years.

At 12: 05 I realized hiring movers was the best money I have ever spent. EVER. That was until 12:35pm when I asked if they wanted lunch and next thing I knew I was on a wild goose chase for pastrami and steak and cheeses.

Once I opened up that can of worms, I had comments pouring in and texts coming in wondering why I would even consider feeding the poor bastards that were making their way up and down my stairs – 4 flights and a literal truck load of sht.

By 3pm the movers were done and on their way to CT while I finished cleaning up and patching holes. I sat on a bare floor waiting for spackle to dry, waving white flag never to be nice and feed hard workers again.

At approximately 4:30 pm I stopped updating FB because of all the horror things I had to deal with, I broke my vacuum before I could finalize clean up – last thing to do was the staircase. It’s at this point I pretty much lost my mind. I had to go to 3 stores to buy another dang vacuum.

Who else would moving day end 16 hours of moving, cleaning and commuting to our new place? Broken vacuums, goose chases for pastrami and watching paint dry.

Never moving again. This place is where we will breathe our last breath. It’s going to be glorious.

Until C called me to let me know our upstairs neighbor is Mrs. Jenkins from in living color. "I don't gossip, so you didn't hear that from me."

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Full Circle (cont.)

Three months ago, we decided we'd move West and since then nothing has been the same. Including my ability to update my life, by phone, email, blog or status updates - the smallest things have become the largest undertaking.

I'm going to get better, or I'm going to do what I can to make it happen. The problem is there are too many things to catch up on. Where to begin? I'll have to take the 2 month pause and see if anything comes back!

West Hartford is certainly not the place I remember it, though I'm not the person it remembers - I'm hoping. Coming to a site near you - pictures of our palace. HA. Not quite the place we left, though we're doing what we can to make it our own.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Where to begin

It's been a month and no updates but lots going on. How do you solve a problem like a Maria? I think I'm going to give it a think and figure out where to start...

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

The KMart of Movers

Randomly I was talking with a friend about moving and needing to find movers. Low and behold she had a 'great' recommendation. I didn't price check. I didn't compare, I had a trusted recommendation from a friend. Boom. Book me Danno, or David as it were.

David & I emailed last week and scheduled an estimate and walk through, as he suggested when I booked with them. 2pm today. At 2:05 I called the office to let them know about the funky doorbell we have, it doesn't always work. That and I was on a time crunch so I needed to find out where the heck they were, with out being pushy (stop laughing, I was actually BEING breezy). He didn't know who I was, but tried to play it off. I appreciate that. I would have appreciated it more if he actually did remember me. He asked quickly if I was moving today.

Seriously. Today? TODAY? (Inner monologue: Seriously, f@%ing seriously?!)

He let me know he would call the estimator, he was sure he was running just a little bit late, he was on his way.

I hang up the phone and scream FFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF and before I can finish the thought or word I end it with a passion filled F. Homeslice is going to be cussing like a sailor. Lord knows she doesn't pick up the fact that my name is MAMA not DADDY but god forbid she could refrain from cursing out the dog.

10 minutes later, Estimator calls. He is on his way and will be here in 15-30 minutes. He closes the conversation with, "You're moving tomorrow, right?"

I try to remain calm and breezy, but it's getting harder and harder with each idiot I come in contact with.

The guy came, was very nice, very helpful and informed me it would be best to get a parking permit for the truck. Great, just one more thing to pile onto the week for god sake it is already almost Wednesday. Lord knows I don't have good luck with the fools of City Hall. I'm doomed.

It turns out this company is cheaper than most and apparently you get what you pay for. Other people have said they leave their mark. They are nice. They are quick. And they break up your walls. Super.

I'm doomed.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

It's not a Democracy!

Last Friday the Guarro's took a road trip to CT to re-check out the day care locations. Though the votes are in and 75% are in the Prime Real Estate camp, I'm pretty sure we're going Nursery University. It's not for sure, but that's what we are thinking. We have one more conversation to have but I'm fairly sure the snot nosed toddlers are what did C in. That and the Director of Prime Real Estate was kind of a B on wheels. Well maybe that is harsh, not so much wheels as much as she was a B on cogs. She didn't remember me, she didn't apologize for an unanswered email or unreturned phone call, nothing. And C claims the smells coming from the walls were reminiscent of poop smeared on the walls. I didn't smell it, but I can't say for sure I didn't NOT smell it. We're working out the details, but right now it looks like bombshells for a portion of time, the Cat for some other portion of time and then off to Nursery University.

My little girls all growns up.

ps. I rechecked the bombshells and I must have cut and copied something wrong. She checks out, as far as facebook goes. I have spoken with 2 references and while one was as exciting as poop on the wall they were both amazingly positive. I'm going to give it a go and (try) to forget about my thoughts of Law&Order.

Monday, June 15, 2009

sunday snaps

Over at Girl'sGoneChild, there is catch all to memories that would otherwise not be mentioned or lost in the shuffle of the everyday. I will do my very best to keep it up to put it out there a few things that went down over the weekend, Sunday Snaps - here we go. P.S. I'm not going to format it all the same way - turns out I can't keep up. If I'm going to be on time with this - I'm going to straight shoot it. Every Sunday (or Monday) I'll record a few little bitty things from the weekend.
  1. I can't help but talk about L as much as those around me will allow.
  2. Sometimes it's hard to see the signs when enough is enough for my audience.
  3. I kind of don't care (too much).
  4. She's started to run around the house screaming, "MA MA MA MA." And I love it. Every screetch of it.
  5. I'm not entirely sure she is actually calling for me, but I'm going to to with she is - even though when you point to me and ask "Who is that?" she says, clearly and with passion, "Daddy!"

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Decisions, decisions, decisions

Mother chucker. What is up with decision making? I used to be good at it, but I swear the birth of my child has changed my life in so many ways, including making decisions. It's crippling. I went to visit day cares yesterday and it's not going to be an easy decision like I thought. I like them all for different reasons. FML.

I'm taking a family vote.

Place 1 : Nursery University

Pros: They are structured, like a real school - have a curriculum, theme weeks, and lots of communication home to parents. Calendars, newsletters & bulletin boards, oh MY! It is more of a community. There is a parent "association". "Mixers" if you will - where we (the parents) are more actively involved in the day to day. We can sign up to read stories, come do a show and tell (oh of what I am not sure, but to give an example). The Director developed/started the program 25 years ago and staff turn over is low low low (according to her, but I may or may not have found a difference of opinion posted on the Internet - however it was posted in 06). It seems though that the peeps that work there have been there since the beginning of time. Bigger classes (2-8 ration teacher to kid) and more of a program they have open houses, with kids and without - and while I have not a clue what they will talk about, it's more of a school. It is close enough to the new place- where if it was a nice day I could walk to pick her up, etc. Less than a mile, 13 min walk according to my phone. I call this place Nursery University because it reminds me a recent documentary made about pre-schools in NYC> Hott stuff. Serious stuff. Seriously feeling like my life. Like we are needing to start thinking college, now.

Cons: Outside play area is not great, at all. It's actually crap. They do NOT do time outs- do "redirection" - so if L is throwing sand at a kid. They will talk to her about how to play with sand. If she doesn't stop- then she will sit with a teacher to 'discuss it' and if she doesn't stop have her start playing with something else. Now again, she is 2 so I'm not sure what the F they are going to discuss.

Place 2 : Bombshells

Pros: They are an at home day care. 2 women, around our age (slamming, by the way - like hott hott hott. Like I'd do 'em). No more than 8 kids - same ratio. Age of the kids : 10 mo, almost 1, 1 , 2 1/2, 3 1/2 right now. SUPER cute home, lots o toys, structured day. Three words: THEY POTTY TRAIN. Close enough- where if it was a nice day I could walk to pick her up, etc. About 17 minutes, according to my phone less than a mile. I call this place bombshell, because well... it's run by bombshells. Maybe I will walk more in an effort to improve my self esteem due to the sheer beauty of these folks, that's a pro.

Cons: I looked up the main contact's email on facebook. I'm a freak. And the person it picked up was someone who had a totally different name. Only 4 friends. Are they phsyco mommies who borrowed a few friend's kids to make it seem legit but really will baby snatch my baby? (I watch too much SVU/Law & Order)

Place 3 : Prime Real Estate

Pro: A daycare that has themed weeks, but not quite as structured as the 1st place. (Sidebar: When I went to visit the 1st place the woman said she would recommend 2 other sites, and not the one I was visiting. NOW: when I asked "why" she said "you'll see." And I didn't see. I have NO CLUE what the F she was talking about. She wouldn't give me details and was fairly professional in speaking of them - but would prefer I look into other places. Of course the other places she gave me, I had already called and they didn't have space, maybe she knew that? I don't know). Class is 1:4 so same ratio, but different size. WAY better playground. The back yard is fenced in and has every play house and climber we have been pricing out, it was like a real estate lot of plastic homes. Glorious. They do do time out, which I am a fan of. Personally. Chris is a HUGE fan. He practically has a I heart Time Out t-shirt. Super close, L could walk to daycare herself. I call this place Prime Real Estate due to it's proximity and back yard neighborhood of plastic play houses.

Con: Not as school - like. Not as structured and they don't go off of a CT state pre-school curriculum like the first place. But L is going to 2 years old, we're not talking college prep here. I like the structured parent involvement. Prime Real Estate says we can come in whenever, I say I will - but I won't. I don't like there isn't "forced family fun" where we have to come in, participate, etc because while we are welcome to it I know I"ll never do it unless I have to. Truth time.

Now it's your turn, rock the vote - see to the left.

Friday, June 5, 2009


I thought I would take some time with the offspring and try my hand at garden dresses, pearls and the moms of CT ... looks like the tides have changed. While we are moving to CT, I am going to be taking on a new position with the company I work for. They have offered me a great opportunity to work from home and take on an exciting project. We'll work through the details in the coming weeks/days before we move and then I'll be working from home and C & I will be sharing an office... god willing we don't kill each other first.
It's always an adventure. I truly TRULY thought I was leaving and going to be able to spend more time with L - doing more fun stuff together and less just bedtime stuff together... parks, and libraries, visiting friends & family, concentrating on my tan this summer and making sure she is fully lathered up with sun screen (of course), but the best laid plans. I tell you what.

It is very exciting - obviously I wouldn't be doing this if I didn't want to - I talked a lot of game about staying home but while I really wanted to WANT to say no to this opportunity, I found it way too tempting to try to have it all - more time with L & a little outlet with the wild world I have been apart of for over 6 years. I am very excited to take on the challenge ahead and see if we really can have it all. We'll see how it goes! I hope that having a more flexible schedule I'll be able to spend more time with the baby before she becomes too much of a big girl. Who am I kidding? She is way past baby and INTO terrible twos already. Why I make plans or announce them is beyond me. Things change faster than expected and my plans no matter how well thought out usually seem to change.

After mass emails went out to friends and family, blog posts, announcements to co-workers who have become friends, my team and colleagues and more than a few tears I take it all back. Ashton, you can come on out. I've been punked.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Full Circle

Picture it... May 2001, I walked across the UofH graduation stage and thought to myself, "Self... get the F out of dodge and get to Boston, stat."

I loved my time in Hartford, loved the people I met, yadda yadda but CT life wasn't for me. Oh HELLZ no. City life, that's where it's at and Hartford, my dear friends, is not a city. Unable to buy beer after 8pm, grocery stores with curtains over the beer on certain days/times, what is a package store - too much to keep track of. No cabs, no trains, it's driving around or bust.

Wouldn't you know it... life circles and the next thing you know you and your family are moving to Connecticut. West Hartford, no less. Turns out, while I didn't realize it then... W.Hartford is kick ass for kids. Hott library, parks, stroller friendly, f'ing a ch
ildren's museum right near W.Harford Center. AND it turns out W.Hartford Center is pretty hott for adults too and not just if you are under 21 and want to go to a 'club'. Now I thought Hartford only had to offer insurance buildings, RIP the Moose & SpringFling - but West Hartford Center is pretty amazing. We walked through the other day and I must have said 300 times... I don't think this was here when I was here. The Guarros are moving to the 'burbs, that's the scoop.


(*That's what I'll be calling myself now that I will be officially be becoming a stepford wife. Garden dresses and pearls for me. Stay at home mom & housewife extraordinaire.)

Monday, May 25, 2009

Twilight Zone

There is a fifth dimension, beyond that which is known to man. It is a dimension as vast as space and as timeless as infinity. It is the middle ground between light and shadow, between science and superstition, and it lies between the pit of man's fears and the summit of his knowledge. This is the dimension of imagination. It is an area which we call the Twilight Zone.

This weekend the Guarros took the show on the road to a far far away land North (45min-1hr) to visit some dear old friends from collegiate days of yore. Boy oh boy (and girls) how things change. Standing (most times) strong with 10 adults and 8 children all of which pretty much strikingly amazing. We spent the day catching up and if I do say so myself I handled the rapid fire of questions, but having a few inside contacts on the inside and the glorious tools of the wacky world wide web I was very much caught up. Plus there was a lot of pressure and I don't work well under pressure.

Last I remember I was at their graduation... looking forward to my Junior year of college or maybe it was everyone starting to get engaged or even married. But one babe, two babe, toddler time, kindergarten? When in the Hartford Hawk did that happen?

It's crazy how with the kind of technology we have right now, the answer to the question "What's new?" is answered before it is asked. There are always people in your life who you can pick up right where you left off with and most definitely not skip a beat. This weekend I was among friends, but even with out truly staying in touch consistently with all we have now it's a surreal experience. Even children who I have never met I feel like I've been apart of their everyday. If I didn't love the Internet before, I certainly love it now.

Good times had by all.

Monday, May 11, 2009

Dirty 30

Last week I turned the dirty thirty. The whole thing was overwhelming. C had a mini melt down when it was his turn to enter decade three, however for me it could have come and gone and I wouldn't have noticed. If not for my wonderful baby's daddy and friends. Pretty incredible.

So many stories to tell... we'll start at the very beginning, a very good place to start.

Saturday Jez came out to play, ex-pat and currently living in Switzerland she was here for the weekend. We spent the afternoon with the babe, getting in some QT. We took a walk, dressed the kid in an outfit she gave her (which is basically something that she probably owns herself), it was grand. L loves her some Aunt Jezebelle. They played with her make up, dress up she was in girly girl heaven (L & Jez). We had to scoot to Cambridge. Jez invited me to a friend of hers engagement party - C & I were tagging along but we never get to see her so I figured what about tagging along to another celebration? We walked into the bar and as we approached we saw WC who wasn't scheduled to make an appearance but since he and his woman are friends with the groom & groom to be I didn't think anything of it. That was until the masses screamed, "SURPRISE!!"

I screamed right back in their faces. Hard! I screamed and then cried to see all the faces there to celebrate little with me. Oh and when I saw my homegirl LG, I nearly lost my mind. Her and her dapper hus all matchy matchy probably afraid that after a trip to the big bad city they would loose each other with out some kind of way to find each other. Ah my darling friends. I cried my little eyes out and had the very best night a girl could have.

And then Monday happened. I came into work. Really overwhelming - my team made a calendar that covered an outside of an office - of May... 31 days in May and 31 reasons they love me. SO nice. Most of the reasons they love me include embarrassing facts, but whatever. It was glorious. They also blew up an embarrassing picture of me and put all kinds of random old lady stuff... Depends, pill boxes, magnifying glasses, all over my desk. Crazy. Weird. But love them.

I was so amazed I couldn't help but what? Cry.

And then this happens...

Sent: Monday, May 04, 2009 8:53 AM
Subject: PLEASE READ: Important feedback required

Hey Jenn,
First of all, Happy Birthday!
Second - I’m working on this video project for Susan and I need to get the first draft to her today. I would really like your opinion if you could just take a few minutes to watch it, I would really really appreciate it. Sound is required. Special Project

I laughed and then I cried and then I laughed and I cried. I mean, sure the video was kind of like a memorial and I may have died, but who gets to see what people think of you (a crying bud light drinking manager who sings inappropriate songs and tells b's to fly)? It was the most amazing birthday. Ever. I anticipated a cupcake or two and a card - but I couldn't have ever imagine this kind of birthday. I was weepy for most of the week, truth be told. It was all overwhelming and all so amazing.

I have kick ass friends and family. A kick ass baby's daddy. A kick ass life. Dirty 30 feels pretty damn good.

Sunday, May 3, 2009

New Camera, New Angle

IMG_0043, originally uploaded by guarros.

Mama just got a sick arse new camera. Maybe you can't tell - but I sure can. My picture frequency will probably go up and now in crisp shots I'll be able to capture even more of my baby girl.

My husband kicks your husband's ass.

Thursday, April 30, 2009

True Story

Last week I was in LA for work. There are so many stories as to the weekend, this one will likely not be believed but it is a true story, true story.

Sunday after a ringer of a week, while Murphy's Law ran it's course through my life as it typically does I sought solace in a conversation
with my beloved. Before I left for my phone pacing a friend passed me a chocolate bar and said, "While I can't give you a raise, I'll give you $100,000." And off she passed me a delicious candy bar, 100 Grand.

As I talked to my baby's daddy I unwrapped the deliciousness that was my chocolate bar and continued on with my laps around the hotel's front drive way and realized hunger was setting in. Luckily I had a candy bar to save the day. I dug out the 100 Grand and began to go to town as I recounted the last few days to C. As I chomped on the melting chocolate in the heat and flubbed around the fountain in the front of the hotel I looked over to my right only to see who? The person no one wants to see as you chomp down on big ol'candy bar.

Bob Harper

Clear as day. The Biggest Loser was taping in our hotel for a few days, and of course at that very moment I had to get caught out for my dirty little secret.

In his car, waiting for someone as I crunched on my chocolate bar with it melting and the wrapper peeled down over my hands, there sat Bob the trainer. Kicked while down, I saw Bob and I will never eat another chocolate bar again*

*in LA where I might run into a trainer from TV.

L: April 09

Tuesday, April 28, 2009


I'm a crier. It turns out. I think I always got a cry out now and again. The tear tides have turned and now I cry at most things. The thought of my baby girl, good times and bad. When I came home from a long business trip Monday, I cried when I saw her. When I'm happy, sad, tired, stressed, frustrated, overwhelmed with joy, for just about any reason, I cry it out. I don't think it's a bad thing and I certainly won't apologize for it. My name is jCg and I cry. Just thought you should know.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Sticking My Toes In

I have a group of friends (chosen family) who, back in the day, when we went out to eat I'd be at the place that boasted the largest choice of beers on tap (but no bud light, go figure). We'd order the same thing and pregame before our meal. Or we wouldn't eat out at all and get grub delivered at places that we could see from our porch. Sad, but true. Bar crawls, a power hours, flip cups, oh my.

I still have that group but oh how the dynamics have changed. Today an E of E2 said, "Pretty soon we will be out numbered." Watching us grow and change is like watching a wonderful and fakcakaed movie. If we lived closer and could see each other more frequently I'm fairly certain my head with implode, mostly because it feels like the world's axis has been put on it's head.

Today, as we met for a quick lunch, at a chain restaurant with balloons on the ceiling, crayons given with the menus and so noisy the volume is at a screaming loud level. There were things that weren't different. We were loud enough to compete with the noise level and we ate like we were in an eating competition. This time we had to juggle kiddie menus and baby food with it all, but we handled it like champs. It's how we do.

Friday, April 10, 2009

Small Person Big Life

I'm consumed with so much about Maddie's story. There has been an out pouring of love, prayers, thoughts, efforts ... it's crashed websites, raised awareness and sparked participation in walks across the country. The original Maddie team has raised almost 40K (to date) while thousands more has been raised in her name with walks happening across the country. The whole Internet is purple. Purple hats & blankets are being knit for NICU babies across the country and some moms are delivering a Parent's Survival Kit for NICU parents. People are wearing purple, changed blogs purple and hundreds of avatars on twitter purple. It's a beautiful testament to the power of love and people. I know Maddie's Mom & Dad will hold her in their hearts forever. . and as much as all of the support, love and prayers are over whelming it will never be enough.

This kind of tragedy as awful as it is, every second of it, makes me appreciate time with my family, my friends and my beloved wee one; every second of it. I keep coming here to write about our Easter weekend or L's new found love for shoes. My pride in her love for flops and horror for her passion for heels. I have videos & pictures of her new passions as well as her new hobby of strip teasing upon waking up.

Right now though I can't get into all that, because I'm thinking of a mom who could have been me and Dad who could just as well be C who lost the love of their life. What can you do for someone you don't know but consumes you? I'm continuing to send love, peace & a little bit of awareness.

(c) 2007 all rights reserved. aka don't be a D and swipe any content, photos, etc - sucka. Should you be tempted, let me know so I can be flattered and then give me something write about.