Monday, July 28, 2008

Willy Wonka Walks

2 things - Willy as I have been calling her, last story aside, is L's alter ego. It started when she was doing something that she shouldn't have been doing - like pulling plugs out or trying to push over the plasma (we should start a poll seeing where the bets land for how long the TV is going to last). A little "WILLY NO!" stops her in her tracks and usually begins a fake water works session. Since the little bugger has been getting into more than we can handle I should formally take back my Ellie declaration - because Willy is usually what we call her around here, but I digress.

Willy took her first step tonight!!!

Now there is a great possibility that this was not the first official step - as it is with in the realm of possibility that one of the better qualities of the Cat is she will keep this kind of secret from me - not to take away from the big moment. I couldn't tell because I was so overcome with happiness and surprise that as soon as she made the step and a half I screamed like a banshee - with that she stopped dead in her tracks. I got her back up and taking a step and a half again. Again I screamed and clapped - and once again she sat down. She went ahead and clapped along with me but would not for anything get back up and trigger those screams again. Tomorrow is a new day. My baby is starting to walk - can you believe that sht? Just another thing to get the tears going - the sappiness just doesn't quit.

Sunday, July 27, 2008

What's in a name?

Where'd you get her name? It's a common question with a long answer but a twist ending. I always favored Lilly as a nickname - Lillian a pretty name, a family name but an old name. We came to the full real deal name by adding one loved ones name + another (Julia) and the middle yet another loved one's name with a twist. Alfred being my grandfather's name and we came to find out Avery was a derivative of Alfred. We waited until we met her - because who knew what she would look like. Her first name could have been any combination which you'll learn more about in a moment or Avery. She totally looked like what we named her.

And sometime on the way of throwing around names and nicknames Lly was born. Originally I thought it would be fun & different to go with Lly (Ellie)... as I type it out and as I wrote it out I am acutely aware how stupid it looks. If you get away from the way it looks and just go with the sounds of Elle or Ellie I have been gravitating toward them since I found out I was knocked up. I started talking to her - right around the time she was the size of a kumquat - calling her 'Lly in my belly.' Specifically when the car stalled out in the D&D parking lot I vividly remember saying out loud, "What are we going to do now, Lly."

Anywho - the entire pregnancy my mission was to get the ball & chain on board the Lly train, but as agreeable as he can be - he wanted no part of that ride. I should have insisted on it during the several opportunities that I had during the week long labor run or the 10 month incubation period - next time I know to hold the name hostage.

I tried to embrace Lily which turned into LiIli after texting with friends during our month long extended stay in the hospital. During our many night together that first month I talked it out with her - and she told me she liked Ellie better - but never when the ball & chain was around. When we came home and her personality has bloomed I'm not going to lie she is SO much more an Elle than a LiIlian/LiIli/LiIly/LiIlie/LiIy however you want to spell it. And C on board or not Ellie it is - I carried her. I birthed her. Sure C had a little something to do with her - but don't I get the final vote?

When we came home I was going to leave it to you - the public - so I put together a quiz. Much like the quiz to see if you thought baby G was going to be a mama's boy or daddy's girl. 72% daddy's girl won! I never did post it. Just recently, I found the poll account and apparently the website has randoms answering the quiz - so the poll is out there with out me even realizing.

At time of post the results are:
  1. Lilly (45%)
  2. Ellie (19%)
  3. Lil (19%)
  4. Ana (13%)
  5. LiIli (3%)
LiIli was LAST - and at 3% not even close to the other entries. With 31 responses - only ONE person voted for it. HA! What IS in a name? You call her what you want - she's L to me and that's what matters.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008


I know I covered this back in the diz-aye - but it bares repeating. It was a side note- it's not as fun to write when you know there are some out there taking every word for the word of God and forgetting my sarcasm that isn't always the whole truth.

I will put a * after a fact if I embellished a little bit. This way I can avoid explanations like this one and keep the 'integrity' of my inner monologue. Family guilty of said reaction were asked to email me to confirm receipt of this message. Feel free to reply again to avoid panicked calls in the middle of the day thinking I broke my elbow or that my little girl is high off fumes.

Monday, July 21, 2008

Single Parenthood: Mayhem Guaranteed!

As predicted - single parenthood guarantees ridiculousness. It all started this morning, upon leaving for work and noticing the yellow caution tape tying off an apartment or two. I, of course, immediately assume murder... turns out just a roof collapse. The crew actually tied off the wrong apartment staircase - not our apartment but the one right next to us. Which means for the babe, Cat & Abelle it's banging, barking and fumes all day. Thanks rain.

Due to the fumes the babe couldn't really nap - because they were apparently laying roofing all day - and the smell was coming into her room and she wouldn't settle down anywhere else. I race home with only one minor potential car wreck or red light run to try to make it home at a reasonable time. Upon arriving I hear the wonderful news that L is so freaking tired she can barely keep her eyes open - or is it the fumes?* I begin dinner and realize I'm screwed. I had to call C for some direction because I can't boil water anymore. I'm spoiled. I'm spoiled, I'm hungry, an exhausted child and a constantly barking dog (roof work).

I got through 3/4 of dinner when L had a meltdown so I had to stop cooking, finish feeding her and get her up to bath time - which she always cheers up for. I get the tub running, the sink filling up with warm water to heat up her bottle - and check my email. Return a few emails, instant messages - and to keep the kid busy I'm throwing her toys out of sight and playing a fun little game of fetch. What. I'm a single mother trying to make a living. Don't judge. It's not like I'm turning tricks.

I go to change the kid -and smell notice it wouldn't be kosher to change her on the bed. I guess I could be thankful for that - except when I got back to bathroom to start the bath time there was a pool waiting for me. Yup- the sink overflowed.

I made my way through the house like a tornado - at the end of the night it looked like it got robbed. I flooded the bathroom and still didn't eat. I miss C - like the way he makes me laugh or loves us....

F it. Let's be honest. I miss the way he cooks dinner or cleans up. The way he makes L a bottle or does bath time - cause we take turns one of us does one or the other all alone is for suckers.

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Better Out than In

This past weekend marks the 42 week mark - she's been out longer than she was in - which if you remember was almost 2 weeks after the 40 week 'usual' preggers period. Back in the diz-aye many a fool told me - better in than out. I still maintain this isn't the case - even with the whining, the crying, the five alarm diaper changes, and curious paws - the mayhem and madness is always beat out. I realized how I haven't been writing regularly lately.

It could be because I'm exhausted. I'm working long hours and when I'm not working I'm hanging with the babe. Not a whole lot of time to do anything else. It could also be because she's got curious paws so she loves to jump onto the computer pad or bend back the screen. My last computer was laid to rest a few short months ago - I do not want my beautiful new and fabulous 'top to meet an untimely death. It's probably because I do much better complaining and I don't have much to complain about - not much at all. I would love to win the lotto and be a full time lady of leisure. I would love to spend more time with C & L. Over all though not much to complain about at all.

L makes herself laugh now. She cracks herself up. She responds to Willy - our name for her - for her alter ego when she's doing things she knows she shouldn't. She clicks her tongue, claps her hands, makes Indian calls and smiles on cue. We still get stopped and told what a doll we have. She grabs on so hard sometimes it hurts and will lay on you - and just hang. She never really did that before. She tickles (which is really just painful pinching - but it's adorable) and gives zerberts. True story. She's more fun every single day - much better out than in.

Next week is different - next week I'll be complaining all day everyday. C is going to NJ for the week - and it's single parent time for yours truly. I guess in those moments when I'm alone for days it might be easier being in than out. Not better though.

Monday, July 7, 2008

Saturday, July 5, 2008

You're a Grand Ol'Flag

For days - I've had Grand Ol'Flag in my head - but bring me to tears? Say it isn't so!!!! Turns out watching my favorite thing - fireworks only gets better in watching L loving fireworks. We went down to the river and found thousands of people with the same idea as us. With a blanket packed and road sodas iced in a cooler underneath the carriage of the stollar - we headed to the river. We ended up finding a great to spot to sit - while the child slept. The fireworks started and eventually the babe work up. With her hands behind her head, she kicked back and watched the 'works smiling and loving the show. And there I sat watching her, watching them listening as the Pops played you're a grand ol'flag - and tearing up as I do when it comes to her. She's amazing and everyday she amazes me just a little bit more.
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