Monday, April 2, 2018

A Case of The Mondays

After a 2 hour delay for snow, after a 4 day weekend: this morning the older kid was all, I don't feel well. And I'm all - go to school, we stayed up late. So much candy. Pull it together. This is what a Monday after a long weekend feels like.

An hour later, I get a call from the school nurse. She has “my daughter” in the office. She isn’t feeling well, no fever – but tummy hurts. I note, she wasn’t feeling 100% this morning – but between the candy & staying up late – I thought it was a Holiday Hangover. 

(pause for laughter- though there was none)

She sent her back to class after some tums and solid advice to go sit on the toilet (I'm paraphrasing). Within 20 min, the teacher sent her back saying she wasn’t herself. She’ll leave it to me; do I want to pick her up. Here's the twist in the story where in I find out, it's not my oldest. 

I decide to pick her up, and head to the nurse’s office, where a kid named Riley was checking his blood sugar chit chatting with the nurse. My kid comes around the bend, looking like walking death. Says … “I don’t feel well I think I’m going to…”

We made it to the bathroom in time, but not the toilet. Riley is yelling about how this is terrible, walking toward us. All of this, while she shakes, getting sick in this time warped bathroom – I pull her hair back and sooth her. She looks up and asks, “If I used to be a doctor or a nurse – cause I’m so good at this.” No kid, just have held a lot of hair back while vomiting. Wink.

I clean up my kid. Me. And head home.

An hour later: call from the school nurse. She has the other kid in the office. She isn’t feeling well, she doesn’t have a fever… 

Same verse, same as the first - only less vomiting and no Riley. 

Both girls are home now. Passed out on different couches. With bowls next to them – while I sit here and await this plague to take me. Tick tock. Tick tock.

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