Saturday, June 6, 2015

I'll see your fourth pregnancy & raise you a move.

The week before I realized I couldn't possibly be pregnant (but was) the ball & chain started to look around for a new job.

The history there is: he's been with the same wonderful company forever. He has done well and in return for a career path in the right direction, we have been trekking all over the country.

We move. And we don't like the process. But we've liked loved our adventures. I haven't loved Cleveland. But I have loved some of the memories and stories we'll be able to tell. I'm glad it's part of our story, but happy to see what is next.

The deal when we moved here was: in 2-3 years the next step would focus on the Northeast. That was the same for St. Louis. We loved it there, hard. And in 18 months we were moved.

It has been hard here, and almost 3 years deep no movement. He's gone after movement, he's been approached for several opportunities - all of which are not on the east coast. So he started looking around... I mean? Why not... Cman is getting bigger, JJ is at a good age to make a transition and we are getting close to the middle school years for L. It's time...

So he started getting resumes out. The next week, this happened. And just when we thought our life was about to get crazy?


One of those resumes sent out in February turns into an interview, turns into another, turns into another - boom.

We are moving.

The resume to interview process? Was several months deep. The interview to offer to start date? Fast. Like way fast. Like so fast, it quite literally would only happen to us.

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