Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Walking Lessons

Mark the date. June 23, 2012, JJ walked. Here's how the events went down:
  1. It looked like she was going to take a step. I took out my phone to get video. I didn't want to shout for an audience, because it would have startled her. I thought I got it on video, she walked back (or maybe fell) a few steps. Then I called for the crew. Unfortunately, I didn't get it on tape, but I did get a GREAT example of why it was a good idea to not scream across the house. I sound like a crazy man.

  2. JJ took 2 or 3 steps, depending on how you count them - but the amazing-ness of capturing such a moment was ruined because I am whispering in the background to get the ball & chain's attention. And it's weird. Apparently he saw the whole thing but didn't want to "say anything." So he just let me repeat my creepy whispering the whole time, great. Good news? Youtube let's me put music over the whole damn thing so at least you can see the moment.

  3. Directly after those video fails, I kept my finger on the trigger. And just as they say, third time's a charm. L talks through this whole walking situation with her baby sister. Best.Lesson.(and reaction)Ever. 

My favorite moment, 100%, is how excited L gets when it's happening. The belly laugh. The amazement. The every thing. I also love how she 'models' walking. I tear up at her giggles every.time.  In other news, it has been reported that she is working on a British accent. Do you hear it? It's all I can hear, now.

In related news, even more startling than having a daughter with Madonna syndrome? OMFG. JJ IS WALKING. 

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Proud Mama

I know my girl is the bee's knees. When others know and tell me so, it warms my heart in a way I can't put into words. It's a pride that fills more than my heart; my whole body. In a crazy ass, mushy mush, tears well up (literally), sort of way. 

The other day L's camp counselor, who she was with last year and has been for a few weeks this summer, commented on her. She "had to mention" how great it is to have her back in camp.

"It's amazing how much she has changed. She's such a leader, this year. She's grown up, a lot, this past year."

People see and remark on her growth. It's not just me that sees it. 

Recently our neighbor stopped me, with the sole purpose to tell me what a good kid she is. That if JJ grows up to be anything like her big sister, she's off to a great start. She wanted me to know, L is "not only beautiful on the outside but on the inside. She is thoughtful, smart, confident and delightful. For her age? It is a wonder. She's mature and a joy."

She doesn't have a lot of interaction with L, but they say their 'hellos' - and she mentioned watching her play with her little sister and hearing her talk the way she does. I was taken aback. Tears started to well up and if not for my sunglasses on, I would have rushed into my house (even faster).  Who cries over kind words about their baby girl. This girl, right here. 

She ended with saying something about how we were doing a great job. I thanked her, for her kind words. Adding that we were "trying." 

"You're doing something right." 

We are. We are trying. And it's working. Maybe she isn't as doomed as sometimes I worry she is with us (me) at the wheel.

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Here's my little secret

Either she is a sociopath or has a future in comedy.

She pulls her daddy aside, very quiet. Serious like, "I have a little secret."
He responds, serious like, "What?"
Her, "I killed Mufasa."

Don't know what I'm talking about? Click here. Lion King, she lives it.

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

10 Months. WHAT?

Dearest JBird,

Girly, the fact that you are 10 months old BLOWS.MY.MIND (EXPLODE). Your big sister loves to have the countdown - where she is always reminding us on how old you are. It's the most adorable thing and the most anxious-ridden thing - at the same time - in the world. In just 2 weeks you be 11 months old. WHAT THE WHAT?

About 2 weeks ago, you stopped nursing. Cold turkey. You just stopped. There were a couple days I tried to keep on, keeping on - and it just felt weird. I wasn't tied to the whole thing with your sister. Strangely, I'm sad about it with you. You're my baby. It seemed to work well. I'm a "if it's not broken, don't fix it" type of gal - but obviously something was broken for you. So fine, away went nursing. Now this past weekend, you've decided you don't like baby mush food either. Here's the thing, kid - you two teeth. Two teeth, a baby who can chew things, does not make. As your big sister says, pretty much as frequently as your age? You. Are. Trouble. 

So now, I scour the kitchen for things to bake or steam to soften in - because again, like I said - you have two teeth, girl.  As if dinner time wasn't a pain in the ass, let's add to it - find things you want and can to eat.

And to add insult to injury, as I scour the kitchen I can't blink my eyes. If I blink my eyes, you have foreign objects in your mouth, you are scaling the walls or one leg scooting across the floor toward the stairs. Seriously, girl. What.THE.Hell.

With all of the gasps, heart stopping moments, and aggravation? We love you completely. Fully. And it's like you are every bit of the piece of the puzzle we need.  Girly, you are our everything. "You're a sweet little cherry. I just want to eat you up." Guess who that is? Your sister, she is good for the lines. And just when I think no one loves you more than me or your dad? There she is.

Love you much. Love you always, 
Mama & Daddy (and L, too!)

Friday, June 8, 2012

7 minutes in heaven or 15 on a shuttle bus

8 years ago, a week or so ago (the 30th) I was hours deep into a crush and realization that a guy who always been one of my favorite people could perhaps be my most favorite person, ever. Wink. I've told the long story, but the good part, the really good part, is always the first part. 

8 years ago our mutual friends were getting hitched. Side note on those birds? They were friends in high school and found each other in a new light years later. Secretly crushing, for what possibly could be years. Just like us. Secretly crushing, until the right moment.  

Our right moment was at the wedding.
Standard wedding table photo, with a side of love blooming.
Lee and her betrothed got married over Memorial Day weekend in 2004. The wedding weekend was amazing. Fun. It was the group of friends you know you will slip right into the best time ever, either way. It was was a time in our life when we weren't inundated by weddings, when they were the most fun.  A reunion. Word on the street was Christoph was coming to the wedding. He was a mutual friend of the group that guaranteed the best time, ever. We always had the best time together.  When I heard he was coming, I knew it would be a good time. 

We spent the weekend together, as we were part of a few not needed for the day to day wedding party responsibilities.  As anticipated, it was a good time. We laughed, all weekend. Best. Time. Ever. When we hung out? We had the kinds of laughs where your face hurt. Serious injury of fun.

And I'm not entirely sure when it happened, but at some point through out the weekend - I knew. I knew there was something there. Like a magical something. We were at a wedding, so there was fun. There was dancing, there was drinking, there was an open bar and I don't want to blame it on the a a a a a alcohol, but I can't say it didn't help.

There was this moment, on the way home. This special, open bar induced moment, that no one is sure who initiated, but we kissed. Really kissed.  And then the next thing we knew, we were thrown out of the moment to hear an audience. "Guarro & Coleman (our nicknames) are making out!" Dare I say, this was bigger news than the wedding itself.

Who needs your eyes open to see love?
We made out a bit more, once we got back to the hotel. Totally classy. First base and nothing else, though we tried to hide in a bush or something thinking that would help the paparazzi.There is more to our love story, but not worth telling - because not much out does making out in the back of a shuttle bus.

And that, my friends, is how we found each other.

Best damn wedding ever. Best damn love story ever. Best damn guy.
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