Sunday, January 31, 2010

sunday snaps

1. Having a clean home is a happy one. Snaps to having time to clean this piece. There was so much gravel, sand and dirt around this house, I was starting to be afraid that should a cat arrive into our front door - he would think he just entered the world's largest litter box.

2. Having family that would prefer to hang out with my kid then me. I mean I know we are welcome to join the fun/ but it's pretty fantastic to have a visitor and still be able to get sht done. Pretty amazing.

3. L stayed with Nana Lu & Uncle Ricky this weekend. Friday night we came by, swam in the hotel pool, ate some dinner and came back to go to bed. C dropped the offspring off/ while I was still sleeping. We had the day to get things done. I was able to put some hours into work with out severe guilt ridden mama psychosis setting in- oh and to catch dinner & a movie. Glorious.

4. My little girl getting to know and loving spending time with her elders is pretty amazing. I can't say that I had the same kind of bond she has already with her grandparents; or maybe I did and I don't remember - all I know or honestly really care about is how she lights up. She's a good little girl always and sleeps like no other. It's happiness all the way around.

5. Speaking of sleeping/ I don't understand it. When L spends time with Nana Lu she sleeps longer and harder than she has since the last time she spends time at or with Nana Lu. I think she slips her something. I'm just saying.

And that's a wrap.

Friday, January 29, 2010


In a little old house, in a little old neighborhood, lived 5-15 girls and guys depending on the season. The background is this little old house in this little old neighborhood is where I found life long friends and by association the ball & chain.

Follow me if you can... plus I'm going with 1/2 real nicknames and 1/2 made up ones to protect the identity of the innocent.

One of my BFs from college, KW has a BF from high school... we'll call her Darby. Darby went to college and had the luck of finding herself with some of the best roommates ever. They had their share of crazies - some of which have stories attached to them that at this time I won't get into but the full brothel attendees had regulars. Darby, LeeLee, MyMy, Ginny & Belle. This motley crew of amazing women went to university in Beantown and after moving out of the dorms got their hands on an apartment in good ol'Allston. All the while having a rotating crew of family add ons, including myself.

Allston being well known for spot where Aerosmith wrote their first song - had other redeeming qualities. Like the endless supply of places to go and people to see; porch watching at it's best. Speaking of porches, Allston is a magical place - you can throw cans off the porch and by morning BOOM they are gone. All collected and recycled for the 5cent reward. It sounds demeaning - but listen we just give the people what they want.

The summers after my junior and senior year of college I joined the crazy crew. One summer I took odd weeks out on a blow up mattress until my roommate made a run for it and split in the middle of the night after running (and getting stuck in) a fly trap. The following summer I shared a bed & driveway with Darby. And god bless that B for letting me spoon with her ... cause I'd be on the dang street collecting empty beer cans to make ends meet.

I never did go to sleep away summer camp. I hear that's the bees knees when it comes to finding life long friends and memories that will last a lifetime. I say 67 was my summer camp - though my summer camp was better than yours. It had endless beer, super cheap enrollment (splitting rent and sharing beds does a wallet good), and endless possibilities when it comes to stories to tell.

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Quirk That : 2

Alone time is my BFF. I love it. I need it. I crave it.

After long days I have to have it.

It can be hard to explain, and hard to live through with me - and of my most closest friends and family they sometimes do not understand it. So here I go trying to explain it.

It's not you. It's me.

Sometimes a girl needs to just be alone with her thoughts. Nothing against you- all the questions. All the talking it. It begins to sounds like static in the background. True story - after long days or even short days of the constant noise I like to sit in silence. Even driving while I do so love a good song to belt out or dance to, some days I drive in silence and can go an hour before I realize the radio isn't on and I am sitting in silence.

In traveling last week - or at this point almost 2 weeks ago? Whatever. There were points at the end of the day where the inevitable "what now" question would be asked. God bless my friends for understanding that they wouldn't get an answer from me anytime soon. God bless them for realizing they needed to make a decision - keep me in the know and then when I could and when or if I wanted to - I would join them or not. No pressure. No weird looks (to my face at least) - and truly understanding - it's not them. It's me.

My name starts with a J and I like alone time.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Monday, January 25, 2010

Real Love

Sunday, January 24, 2010

sunday snaps

1. I'm back (with a vengeance), for now. And it feels good. I just can't flip into old bad habits, i.e. I said I would start doing this in June 09... this is my second 'entry.'
2. My girl is growing up. This past week when I got home after being gone for only a few days - she went from asking for specific things for breakfast- just by saying the thing she wanted to a full sentence. When did she become a freaking human? Example, before this week it was all "BAR BAR BAR BAR" when it came time for breakfast. Now, she looks up to me... "Mama, can I have a bar for breakfast... pllleease?"
3. Jersey Shore makes me smile, laugh and love life. Train wreck? Perhaps. Joyful? Absolutely.
4. I got to see the bulk of my girls this weekend. God damn it. I love those Bs. (Oh my god. I don't have anything about Chester Street on my blog. This will be rectified this week. For shizzie.)
5. Working from home has serious benefits, including being about to 'commute' to the dinner table and back to 'the office' when needed. I'm grateful to have that luxury.

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Flashback Friday

I'm committed to trying to make this whole blogging situation work. I love writing, even if no one is reading. It's cathartic. Sometimes I'm not the worst, either - so that is fun. We'll see where this road goes. Lord knows I've promised this sort of thing before.

Here is my plan - I'm posting more regularly come hell or high water - or as I like to call it neglected family or undone work. I'm going to start scheduling posts out - so I can at least update several times a week and maybe not spend too much time through out the week. What's a week out of 4 through out the month to completely ignore my child, husband and employment responsibilities.

The thing is, with out being knocked up (I'm not knocked up), there seems to be less that is funny enough to write about. I'm told though stories I tell or things that have happened to me are laughable - so I'm going with a throw back theme. So here I thought I made it up/but apparently others do that too. Whatever, let's just pretend. Fridays are for Flashbacks. Stories from the past, perhaps some photos - lord knows there are enough to go around. I'll try out the whole "Wordless Wednesdays" - but in addition to slacking on writing, even with over 2K photos from 2009 and the off spring... I'm slacking on photos too. Good grief... I have a lot to do.

- busy being busy

Monday, January 11, 2010

Quirk That : 1

Some people name the things they love - computers, phones, privates, dolls, cars - the list in endless. Though I'm almost certain no one names things the way we name them. C, in particular, loves to name things - coats, cars, hats, luggage & blankets.

We have three blankets in the living room. Bluey - she's blue. She's the newest of the bunch. Meant to jive with the curtains, she has been a pleasant surprise addition to the family. Pinky Lee Jones - a patchwork blanket from my days in NY is a bit damaged but we love him anyway. Abelle was just a wee one when she tore her sht up - but we love him anyway. Last but not least - Kermie. Kermie is a blast from the past. C has had it (upon asking him or her - he claims asexual. I wasn't aware.) for quite sometime. It's green, once once fuzzy and comfy for about 15 minutes after it comes out of the dryer. We're talking childhood. It's time to retire Kermie - but C won't think of it. Guess who he is snugging up to right now, as I type?

Not Kermie. PLJ ... and I'm stuck with Kerm. Boo.

Monday, January 4, 2010

2009 Year of The Ox

Last year I broke it down, and I'll do it again.

  • I have downloaded over 2500 pictures of home girl, in 09 alone. With last year counts we're talking 5K.
  • I lost my baby even if for a split second, I lost my mind.
  • I made the decision to try my hand at the being a stay at home mom, for a minute.
  • We moved, oh boy did we move.
  • C & I both work from home and share an office. Holla.
  • My baby isn't a baby. We have a two year old. A terrible (terrific) two year old. Watch out.
  • She talks, she sings, she dances - I am in love.
  • We rang the New Year in with 3 children, under the age of 3 for 3 days and 2 dogs. And survived - good things coming in 2010!
  • Life isn't always easy, but I'm grateful for it all.
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