Saturday, August 29, 2009

Country Living

Life in the country comes with many benefits - but with all good things come challenges.

The good news:
  • More space - while our last place was two floors and this place is one - it feels bigger, yet more manageable to clean. 3 bedrooms (all smaller), 1 bathroom (way smaller), kitchen (smaller), dining room and living room (guess what, smaller). All together, feels larger. Go figure, sometimes math isn't easy.
  • No stairs. (Boston apartment had 68 steps from street to bedroom) No damn stairs. Hallelujah, no stairs!
  • First floor. One floor. Heaven.
  • Outdoor space, including a cement area which has been come (our) L's canvas
  • Ability to work from home loving that... let me count the ways:
  1. You can power through with little distractions to get the job done.
  2. You can control the temperature quickly.
  3. You get your own garbage can.
  4. The commute rocks.
  5. You can have more than 1 personal item on your desk and can decorate your office any which way you want.
  • There is always parking, in our driveway & garage. Glorious perk. Nothing is easy though - as we share the driveway with our wordless anti-social and hating neighbors. Oh well. Silver lining is that there is always a spot, even if our neighbors hate us and our cars.
  • Country living means country walks and sights to see like crazy signs and robot trucks. I expect to see a Unicorn and leprechaun at some point soon. What I won't see? Are crackhos or crazies, like back in our ol'digs.

(The elusive "Change" our not so friendly neighborhood (tongueless) crack head.)

The bad news:
  • Sundays look like this:

Sunday, August 23, 2009

What the Twit?

Mother chucker. Just when I thought I had caught up with everything there is more to catch up with. Twitter is the new facebook, which was the new myspace which is the new Friendster - which is the new Reunion, which is the new....

I don't know. I'm probably missing a mode here or there. Either way - twitter is it. And I've actually been "on" for awhile - before Ashton was doing it on Regis or Obama announcing his Vice President candidate. Before all that there was I was - and there I am.

Here's my issue, while I consider myself a pretty cool cat, I mean I'm nice? People like me (mostly)- sometimes I can be pretty funny? You'd think I'm spouting el diablos rhetoric - I can't get someone to follow me if I paid them. Well that's not true - I can get a whole host of weirdos to follow me/most of which have topless avitars. What the F. If I didn't have a full time job, I'd make it my full time job to get more dang (clothed) followers.

I guess I need to be more into it - but I try. Really I do. I participate! I tweet and twit - RT and reply but nadda nothing. I'll try harder, I guess - right now I'm feeling like the kid that gets picked last in kickball.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Cami & Poppa Visit

Poppa & Cami Visit: Aug 09

Two weeks ago, or so - we had visitors- mostly to help with all the unpacking. We didn't get much done, and it took approximately 6 hours to put up one curtain rod (not kidding). Why?

  1. my luck.
  2. Ikea doesn't give screws to their curtain rod
  3. Apparently there are screws that are sold that isn't Philips or the other regular screw. Box screws exist
  4. Said screws take an act of god and a different drill bit to install
  5. my walls are made of 1/2 concrete 1/2 dust
  6. dinner break
  7. measure the rod before hanging on wall - turns out the largest curtain rod doesn't mean it will fit your window
  8. my luck

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Visiting, Crying & Freaking

Last month we had a very special visit from our home state friends & foreign nationals - the Geer & Kelusky bambini came to visit - and while moms were more than thrilled to be reunited once again, L has a distance for sharing and all things Canadian. I think it's more of a sharing thing then a nationality thing - but why not make her ridiculous funny?

It was a bit more than painful for me to deal with her whining, bad manners and freak outs- but it was worth it to see everyone! At this point, the apartment was not even CLOSE to being somewhat done and our backyard was a bit of a construction zone- but we made due.

Funny quote of the day - in retelling a story of ColeBG & his cousin's potty training (GOD I need to get on that) the following was said....

Noah & Cole (cousins & besties) go into the bathroom together, as they leave Noah runs to his Mom to tell her big news.

"Mommy, MY penis is much larger than ColeBG's penis." - Cousin (2 y/0)
"Liza, is that TRUE?!" - Liza's baby daddy. (28 y/o)

Monday, August 10, 2009

The Move Status

Thanks be to facebook I don’t have to remember every detail of my moving day – my status updates do that for me.

The morning of June 28 started at 6 am with a trip to D&D. I should have saw it as a sign that my favorite, Lillian wasn’t there. There was no tear goodbye for me & Lillian, my favorite. There were folks who wished me luck and those that were in denial I was leaving – but the truth remained, it was D day – moving day. And at 6:30 am I thought it would all go swimmingly – what a fool I was.

There were only a few things to do before the movers came – make sure the parking spots we reserved were empty and take part the crib.

By 9:15 am (movers ETA 9am, originally) were going to be late & I had already had to call 911.

I was told I may have overreacted... but it wasn't about the late movers; some joker didn't pay attention to the no parking sign. And while I didn't want to have them towed I have to. Karma is a bitch and I'm going to get it for calling this in. I made sure to ask 911 to see if we can notify the idiot first before we tow. And then the joker came out and THANKED THE COP like it was solely his idea to not tow him/ and gave ME the stank eye. Mother chucker.

While it seems like more of a 311 thing than a 911 thing, when I called the police dept they yelled at me for NOT calling 911. Then I called 911 and they yelled because to the question what make & model of car my only answer was mini coop. Apparently this is not the correct answer.

By 9:44 am first mirror of the day broken. 7yrs. By 9:46 am the tally was up to 14 years.

At 12: 05 I realized hiring movers was the best money I have ever spent. EVER. That was until 12:35pm when I asked if they wanted lunch and next thing I knew I was on a wild goose chase for pastrami and steak and cheeses.

Once I opened up that can of worms, I had comments pouring in and texts coming in wondering why I would even consider feeding the poor bastards that were making their way up and down my stairs – 4 flights and a literal truck load of sht.

By 3pm the movers were done and on their way to CT while I finished cleaning up and patching holes. I sat on a bare floor waiting for spackle to dry, waving white flag never to be nice and feed hard workers again.

At approximately 4:30 pm I stopped updating FB because of all the horror things I had to deal with, I broke my vacuum before I could finalize clean up – last thing to do was the staircase. It’s at this point I pretty much lost my mind. I had to go to 3 stores to buy another dang vacuum.

Who else would moving day end 16 hours of moving, cleaning and commuting to our new place? Broken vacuums, goose chases for pastrami and watching paint dry.

Never moving again. This place is where we will breathe our last breath. It’s going to be glorious.

Until C called me to let me know our upstairs neighbor is Mrs. Jenkins from in living color. "I don't gossip, so you didn't hear that from me."

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Full Circle (cont.)

Three months ago, we decided we'd move West and since then nothing has been the same. Including my ability to update my life, by phone, email, blog or status updates - the smallest things have become the largest undertaking.

I'm going to get better, or I'm going to do what I can to make it happen. The problem is there are too many things to catch up on. Where to begin? I'll have to take the 2 month pause and see if anything comes back!

West Hartford is certainly not the place I remember it, though I'm not the person it remembers - I'm hoping. Coming to a site near you - pictures of our palace. HA. Not quite the place we left, though we're doing what we can to make it our own.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Where to begin

It's been a month and no updates but lots going on. How do you solve a problem like a Maria? I think I'm going to give it a think and figure out where to start...
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