Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Confessions of a Stage Mother

I entered L into the "Casting Call" for the Gap. She might just be their next fresh face - the prizes include:
  • A trip to San Francisco for a Gap photo shoot (HELLO VACATION!)
  • A Gap GiftCard redeemable for a babyGap or GapKids wardrobe!
  • A Snapfish prize package (no additional details, it's probably 10 wallet size pictures or something silly if not highlighted)
  • Become a babyGap or GapKids model. Photos to be displayed in Gap store windows across the country! (Hello Fame & Fortune!)
I entered 3 of the cutest pictures I could find that have been taken in the last 3 months - part of the rules. I checked back for the next few days - and yesterday she finally popped up. Buried beneath what I can only estimate as hundreds of ugly children and a few cuteys - not a real competitor to note. And another few disturbing pictures of fully done up children - but ultimately I think the kid has a chance. A panel of judges will narrow all entries received down to 20 finalists (5 boys, 5 girls, 5 baby boys, and 5 baby girls). Let's be honest - if this isn't rigged - she's a shoe in. Those finalists will be voted on by the public from December 8 through December 21th. Can you stand it?

And yet I share this information with no one.

My mom & husband, but that's it. Certainly no one with a child. I have an issue. I didn't necessarily consciously withhold the information, but I held it.

I've since 'come out' and letting people know of this whole thing - and there is still time to join - so if you want to feel defeat from the hands of a 1 year old - go for it. I had to take a moment and verbalize the ridiculousness of me - becoming a stage mother. The worst part? It's probably and likely just a way to get my email address so they can begin to flood my inbox with more spam than it already gets.

I sent C the info - if you go to : http://gap.eprize.net/castingcall/index.tbapp?page=gallery and type in my email address... boom our baby's face in lights. Since Elle or Ellie is catching on nowhere fast - with the exception of myself and a few lovely and loyal friends, I've made a decision as L's manager - Ellie will be her stage name. For the record, she totally identifies with Ellie & Elle - since you brought it up. But whatever, next pregnancy I'll confirm the nickname before following through with the birth.

But I digress, apparently his work has blocked Gap website. His response was as follows...

"I've been blocked. I get emails all day on how to improve my lover's sex life or enhance my penis size - yet I can't see my damn daughter's picture on the Gap site. Does that make sense?"

It makes just about as much sense as thinking that with holding information about a picture contest would give your kid a better shot at the win.

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  1. I entered Luke and had forgotten about it. He is up there too. :) Don't worry though b/c they are in different categories. Too cute and good luck!!!


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