Tuesday, June 23, 2009

The KMart of Movers

Randomly I was talking with a friend about moving and needing to find movers. Low and behold she had a 'great' recommendation. I didn't price check. I didn't compare, I had a trusted recommendation from a friend. Boom. Book me Danno, or David as it were.

David & I emailed last week and scheduled an estimate and walk through, as he suggested when I booked with them. 2pm today. At 2:05 I called the office to let them know about the funky doorbell we have, it doesn't always work. That and I was on a time crunch so I needed to find out where the heck they were, with out being pushy (stop laughing, I was actually BEING breezy). He didn't know who I was, but tried to play it off. I appreciate that. I would have appreciated it more if he actually did remember me. He asked quickly if I was moving today.

Seriously. Today? TODAY? (Inner monologue: Seriously, f@%ing seriously?!)

He let me know he would call the estimator, he was sure he was running just a little bit late, he was on his way.

I hang up the phone and scream FFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF and before I can finish the thought or word I end it with a passion filled F. Homeslice is going to be cussing like a sailor. Lord knows she doesn't pick up the fact that my name is MAMA not DADDY but god forbid she could refrain from cursing out the dog.

10 minutes later, Estimator calls. He is on his way and will be here in 15-30 minutes. He closes the conversation with, "You're moving tomorrow, right?"

I try to remain calm and breezy, but it's getting harder and harder with each idiot I come in contact with.

The guy came, was very nice, very helpful and informed me it would be best to get a parking permit for the truck. Great, just one more thing to pile onto the week for god sake it is already almost Wednesday. Lord knows I don't have good luck with the fools of City Hall. I'm doomed.

It turns out this company is cheaper than most and apparently you get what you pay for. Other people have said they leave their mark. They are nice. They are quick. And they break up your walls. Super.

I'm doomed.

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