Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Smoking in Aruba

In my pursuit to blog not only to write but be read, I've been looking into my Google Analytics. I'm fairly sure I should know the ins and out of it - but from what I can tell it's more of a curiosity thing? It certainly brings with it interesting information. For example, this site has been hit more than a few times when someone searches. "Smoking in Aruba" - HA. Runners up?
looking for smoking momma phone numbers and growing up in aruba.

I guess while it was one of the reasons I hated that place, it's one of the reasons I have you. Stranger danger who has googled smoking in Aruba. Listen Stranger Danger, do me and mine a favor. Listen, I'm all about smokin' em if you got 'em - but in the pool? While people are eating? All over everywhere? Is that really necessary? Come on, Stranger Danger - get some prospective. Gah. I'm back to hating Aruba all over again - and I was just thinking of it in fondness.

OH well. Next time.

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