Thursday, April 15, 2010

Mama I'm Coming Home

Here's the update. Abelle, Aditty, Annie, GrandDog, Kujo, whatever you fondly call her... is coming home (don't celebrate yet). 

We talked a LOT to the doctor.  It's a new doctor, not the first doctor who I miss and wish would come back.  I have no idea how to ask this girl - can we trade you in? Oh and boy is she a girl, pretty sure she isn't legal to drink, so I'm not quite sure where she got her vet license from... we'll call her Junior).  ANYWAY - Junior continued to push the surgery like she was going to make a commission on it - no matter how many times we said surgery was not an option for us.   
C asked, out of curiosity - what was the estimate for the surgery? The answer was $2000. We were now confused because we thought it was $10,000. Her response? "Oh well it's 2 thousand for the surgery, but between the hospital stay, complications with the surgery that could happen, recovery time, medication..."

How in the hell could she give the cost the surgery with out all that has to come with it? Idiot. 

Let's not forget her pitch for a "health card credit card" - which if we paid off the 10K in 3 months, no interest... then after that interest goes up to 20%.  I asked how the interest would be paid back - because as I said - we can not spend 10 or MORE on a freaking surgery.  Was there a scholarship? 

Earlier in the morning, when she called to give us the update, something she said was that Abelle could go home NOW as they aren't doing anything that we can't do here. She has can do her buisness on her own, though obviously she'll need help getting in and out - walking as she can still NOT use her back legs. Basically - as the doctor told us, she is paraplegic right now. Only front legs work - but when we are there she gets around by dragging her ass around.  Sounds funny - it is if not for how sad it makes us all at the same time. 

We don't want her to live in pain, or to have a quality of life that isn't 100%. That said/ Junior said that the surgeon, who wasn't there for us to talk to (again pushing surgery) - usually suggests 2 weeks on steroids (anti-inflammatory meds) IF the dog isn't in a ton of pain that can't be managed by pain meds. Which is what Abelle is - I'm sure she must be in pain but is getting some medicinal help with that. Also, Junior said when we talked to her that Abelle hasn't gotten better... but from when I saw her Tuesday to today, I think she has - so I'd rather her be home so we can see what really is best for her verses making blind decisions. 

We called the doctor and told her to get the girl ready she is coming home! She said that she didn't want to give us hope (of course) but since we left she has been trying to stand more on her own and doesn't want to alone, crying when people leave the room - so I'm thinking / hoping (sorry doc) that love is just what this mutt needs. 

She's home. More on that later. 


  1. Yeah Abelle! Good luck with her this weekend!

  2. Abelle is amazing! I feel like I'm watching Marley and Me all over again....tears and laughter and all. Hang in there!

  3. Hang in there Jenn! Hoping Abelle is doing ok. Sending good wishes!

  4. All is going better/thanks! Lazy (wom)man's mass email - all updates via the blog. But appreciate all the delurkers out there who are reading and haven't commented before. Come on back when the subject changes, huh!? :)


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