Wednesday, January 11, 2012

It may be late, but it is for always.

Dear JJ,

I owe you a letter.  When I started writing this letter you were 3 months old, propped up on my shoulder. Snoozing - as you do. I would hold you all day, if I could. You are always quick to get comfy with me and you're still at the itty bitty size I can hold you on one side while typing.  I need to tell you a few things. As we rounded out month 4, there were things you need to know. 2 months later it turns out all these things hold true.
  1. You are stinkin cute. 
  2. Your smile? It makes ovaries weep. Adorable doesn't explain it.
  3. When you aren't a doll? Seriously - dang girl. You may or may not have anger management issues. You get SO MAD. In a split second you are happy and the next you are screeching and crying. Did someone say mood swings? I don't know where you get it. 
  4. Oh how you are loved by your big sister. Your big sister loves talking with you, holding you, kissing you, dancing with you - and when you master a new trick I am fairly sure she is more excited than anyone. Her love is (almost) unmatched. 
  5. You love her more than any of us. She lights up your face and with her you can be calmed. 
  6. Despite my inability to write about you enough or keep up with your month pictures you are loved like no ones business.  
We love you kid.

Love you much. Love you always, 
Mama & Daddy

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