Friday, April 13, 2012

Are you smarter than a 4 year old?

We recently instituted a new rule. Here's what was happening: L would rush through dinner to get to her dessert.  She would likely not eat "enough" and be hungry, after her dessert. The new rule was instituted: After you eat your dinner, you may have dessert. Eating all of your protein, fruits and/or vegetables are a must for dessert qualification. If you ask for dessert - that means you are done with dinner. You can not say later you are "still hungry" after you eat your dessert. After you eat your dessert, the kitchen is closed! If you are really still hungry, you can have a healthy snack but that means you rushed to dessert too quickly and the next night dessert is not an option. When the kitchen's closed, the kitchen is closed.

Last night, it was a really nice night out so we ate dinner outside. We had chilli and some left overs from the night before including some guacamole & chips. Yum. We have a back porch set and L LOVES to eat outside, we all do. It was fun, dinner was good - and L took her dessert outside so she could enjoy it out back. About 10 minutes after she ate dinner and her dessert I notice she is snacking on chips (they were on the table). Clearly breaking the no snacks after dinner & dessert rule. Her response?

"Yeah, but we aren't IN the kitchen so the kitchen can't be closed. We're outside. Doesn't count."

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