Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Walking Lessons

Mark the date. June 23, 2012, JJ walked. Here's how the events went down:
  1. It looked like she was going to take a step. I took out my phone to get video. I didn't want to shout for an audience, because it would have startled her. I thought I got it on video, she walked back (or maybe fell) a few steps. Then I called for the crew. Unfortunately, I didn't get it on tape, but I did get a GREAT example of why it was a good idea to not scream across the house. I sound like a crazy man.

  2. JJ took 2 or 3 steps, depending on how you count them - but the amazing-ness of capturing such a moment was ruined because I am whispering in the background to get the ball & chain's attention. And it's weird. Apparently he saw the whole thing but didn't want to "say anything." So he just let me repeat my creepy whispering the whole time, great. Good news? Youtube let's me put music over the whole damn thing so at least you can see the moment.

  3. Directly after those video fails, I kept my finger on the trigger. And just as they say, third time's a charm. L talks through this whole walking situation with her baby sister. Best.Lesson.(and reaction)Ever. 

My favorite moment, 100%, is how excited L gets when it's happening. The belly laugh. The amazement. The every thing. I also love how she 'models' walking. I tear up at her giggles every.time.  In other news, it has been reported that she is working on a British accent. Do you hear it? It's all I can hear, now.

In related news, even more startling than having a daughter with Madonna syndrome? OMFG. JJ IS WALKING. 


  1. That's just awesome. Good for you, JJ! My little one started walking on Monday, I understand your excitement!


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