Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Going Cowboy & Anti Stupidity Protection

I have this post pending, and keep forgetting to flip the switch ...last weekend was a doozy and I can't not comment on the madness. We spent time with family, met some new family, celebrated KW's upcoming nuptials and kicked off the end of her single hood. Then a 5 year old birthday party.

Note to self: going to a 5 year old's birthday party hungover is not as much fun as it sounds & driving home and staying awake for 6hrs (traffic at 11pm is for suckers) I will be writing the CT transportation board to ask why in the hell they would shut a 3 lane highway down to 1 lane on a Sunday night which is apparently is prime time for every double wide & mac truck in the tristate area) is a slice of hell. All worth it of course - for the fun & debauchery that I was apart of in NYC.

When I arrived into work on Monday, I came into an email alert from Bank of America. APPARENTLY they shut down your card when you walk down the streets of Manhattan trying to use your card and take out 'unacceptable' amounts of cash & push in the wrong pin code, several times. I had to call in to get the card active again - and had to explain myself to the judgey customer service agent (JCSA)...

JCSA: "Ma'am - the problem is your card was used too many times, for too much money then your limit allows. Also, it was concerning when the wrong pin code was attempted several times. Can you explain this?"

me: "Umm... I couldn't get the card to work - so I tried a few machines." (slight fib- I should have answered - because I'm an idiot who can't figure out the stupid pictures they put and was using my card in the wrong direction because I'm a moron - thanks for reminding me.)

JCSA: "Yes we can see that and that alerted us. Also, why did you try to take out more money then your limit allowed."

me: "I didn't know there was a limit on fun." (I thought witty - she thought shady).

JCSA: silence because she doesn't get me. Then, "Ma'am can you explain why the pin code was entered wrong, several times."

me: "The buttons were too small?" (another lie - I forgot my pin for the millionth time.)

JCSA: "Ma'am to protect yourself due to the answers you have supplied us with we will have to go through some additional security questions." Enter another 20 min of Q&A to confirm that I was in fact who I said I was.

Apparently answering questions sarcastically and being unable to make those tricky identify theft machines through out NYC before/during/after a few too many beers in a bag can red flag ya. You can take that to the bank.

Georgie's 5th Birthday

click the link / album to get more cuteness from G-Money's big birthday bash!

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