Thursday, September 4, 2008

Beaten Baby

Last week I came home from work and asked immediately, "what's wrong with the baby?" C looked at me like I was crazy.

Baby woke up the next morning and what do you know? A sty has started to form. What's a sty? A nasty bump in the eye that looks like a pimple - and if you are really lucky it will get purple and look like you got popped in the eye. What to do? C had some suggestions.

C: "I think when I was little, my mom put a dime on my eye."
me: "You want me to put a dirty dime on our daughter's eye to sooth the infection??"
C: "NOT a dime, a diamond!!!!"
me: " OH, a sharp object that can cut through glass - we should rub that on our daughter's eye ball... really? You think that is the best idea?"
C: "I mean don't scratch her - but just rub it on her eye lid."
me: "NO."

Nana Lu: "Steal an ear of corn."

Instead of sticking dirty coins or sharp objects in her eye or resorting to theft - I had no idea what to do. My many of books had no ideas - so I googled. Warm compress. L hates to sit still and hate things on her face so this was pretty much disastrous. By Friday she woke up with her right eye mostly closed - my cute little girl had a snarled eye. I called the doctor to see if they had any ideas - other than madness that I was getting elsewhere. I was met with panic from the nurse stating I needed to bring her in immediately! I panic, get C on the phone and he is already on his way home. It turns out she's fine and the only help they can provide is a warm compress. Awesome.

When I got home to see my adorable little one eyed girl I was shocked to see, as she turned her head that one eye was half closed and the other one was scratched and bumped. It looks like she got into a street fight with many of our many colorful neighbors.

C: "She bonked her head."

Apparently at the doctor's she fell on her other eye. The weekend consisted of constant stares. Not the usual comments:

"She looks like a doll!"
"What an adorable little girl!!"
"OH my god - she is beautiful!!!!!"

Instead hands were on phones and I'm fairly certain their inner monologue included a debate to call DSS because it seemed obvious to them that there was abuse going on. Maybe if I put dirty coins, sharp objects or stole things they wouldn't have been so worried about her.


  1. my grandmother used to say that you would get a sty because you watched a dog pee. That's probably what happened with Lilli.

  2. freaking abelle - it's always her fault.


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