Saturday, September 20, 2008

The Perfect Fit

As a year comes to a close I am constantly and consistently thinking of the beginnings. While it's been a minute since my last real entry, there is no better reason to post than to help celebrate the arrival of two new little ones on the way. Two bloggers who are wild & uncensored that I am constantly and consistently lurking on are getting ready to welcome two little ones to add to their fabulous families. Ah to go through that journey again -

No, not yet for this girl. Not yet.

To celebrate the new arrivals I'm encouraged to talk happiness on the beginnings - and there are too many to choose from. While the road left a bit to be desired there are too many things to think about when it comes to bringing home baby. It wasn't always easy but even when it was the hardest, it was the easiest and uncomplicated my life has ever been. The "wonders" of bfeeding, the sleepless nights, the inability to get out of the house in under 1 hour or not speaking baby cry - I loved it all. Sick. I know.

In pregnancy, there are 2 kinds of women. Those that are crazy think their body is a vessel and those that are normal of the thought that it's not about the journey but the destination. While I was the journey girl for the gestation period everything after the sound of her first cry is all about being a vessel.

Simply, it was in the silence of the night when I laid her down in her bassinet as she brought her hand up to her face as if to signal that she had have enough. I knew in those moments she was made for me. When I would take her in my arms and bring her to the rocker and I could feel her looking at me in the darkness. In her wildness there would come a calm that stopped time, even if I was seeing 4am and not in the traditional 'good ol'times' way. The humphs and sighs as she snugged in the crook of my arm - the same nook that she grabs onto when she sits on my hip- 25 lbs heavier. Her tiny finger and bitty hand holding onto my finger - and it just fits. She fits me and I fit with her. I remember the first time I know she saw me. Beyond the books when the eyes compute what they are looking at - I remember when she opened those blue eyes and looked to me like she had been waiting to put a face to the name as long as I have waited to meet her. It's the tiniest moments that make the biggest moments of your life.


Rebecca & Kristen,
As moms you know - all the cliches are true - it goes so fast. Enjoy the tiniest of moments as you enjoy the next little nug added to your family. Make sure you (and in turn, we
) laugh. These crazy kids take long enough to cook up - and in an instant* it all begins. Congratulations!
Love, the (now) vessel
p.s. All this reminiscing is making my uterus hurt for another one. I'm going to have to read up on the preg woes & crazy ass incubation period. Right quick.

*instant is relative, thinking only the best for you and everyone I know!

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