Friday, November 7, 2008


While Saturday Night Live will not be as nearly as funny as it has been, the world hopes that life won't be as nearly as depressing. There have been several aspects of the race that have been argued out through out the election. I'm pretty sure that none of them matter anymore.

If not for the hope that you can't help but feel knowing that for once we stood up and believed in hope. I know being a mom has changed me - even my thoughts on this election. It's the hope that he brings with every statement he makes. The chills I get watching him speak whether it be about policy or what kind of dog he'll get for his kids. It's this kind of hope that I want for L, everyday. It's who he is and what he stands for and the kind of man he is. More inspiring than that and what continues to bring me hope is that this country even filled with all of its ignorant, selfish and delusional people those that wanted change did something and pressed forward for it. I can't imagine how long people waited to see this. It is a gift for my daughter to grow up in a time where if you think you can - yes, you can.

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