Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Land of the Sick

Everyone is sick. Baby is sick, Cat is sick, C was sick for a minute & I am sick for a week. It blows. My nose, my throat, my everything. It was bad on Friday, it was worse on Saturday. I've been on a slow and steady road to recovery since then.

One of my pose called me Saturday night. And at the point she called I was cracked out - I wasn't going to answer the phone - yes I was screening. I'm embracing it. Anyway- I did because it was that b's birthday so I didn't want her to think if she was calling to go out I was being a dink. SO I answered the phone, HACKING and barely breathing.

I said, "What’s up- what are you kids doing for the big day?"
She said, "OH NOTHING, just getting engaged."

To which I jumped up (consequently getting dizzy after the phone call ended) and squealed (like a little girl), yelling (now again hacking) for C to tell him. She put me on speaker phone - because apparently I am a riot at death's door. We said “Mozel Tov” and “lei hi-em!”

I didn’t get the details… due to the mess I became after the congrats commenced.

I don't have a lot to report lately - just hacking, fevers and sickness. Babygirl had her first sick baby visit where they told us there was nothing we could do but ride it out and keep on taking her temperature. Clearly the doctor isn't aware we literally have to wrestle her down to the ground to get a read. When we called the nurse and she asked what L's temperature was - we told her the highest has been 102.6*. She asked if this was a rectal temp.

Rectal temp? We can barely get her to put a stick under her arm - you want me to stick something up her arse? Damn fools.

*her temp has not broken 99 since Friday - so everyone take a pill and chillax. Babygirl is cured it's me who remains sick as a D O G. Take a breath.

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