Sunday, January 18, 2009

The Holidays

I'm a day late and a dollar short - but I never did give the play by play of the holidays. With out a camera I have to say it is even more difficult to sum up how the week went. We didn't even take pictures of the stupid unscented tree. Luckily at my mom's we took a picture of A tree. We may have taken other pictures but I can't find the film. We could barely find film to use, and for the last few weeks I've been trying to find a place to develop it. While they would be able to send it out - no one could give me prices, so I waited. Now that I found a place that is reasonable I can't find the trail of proof.

The holidays this year were filled with the usual commute. We traveled from Boston to the 'Burgh then to the 'Chester and back to Boston. There were no attacks and much running around. Good times had by all and for the most part we were home before we knew any better. It was a nice holiday but next year, as I'm sure it was said last year Santa is coming to our house next year.

It's a bit too much for every year. We are the only ones who can't have Santa come to our house and with the excitement of Santa it becomes a bit too much on all ends. Next year the big man is coming to Beantown.

After the quick trip coming back we chilaxed for a day or so and my dad & Cami came over. It was defiantly a nice change of pace to have company and be at the home base. I know it's hard for everyone, as it is for us to make the trip.

We talk about it much - we both had the childhood experience of hoping from family to family as a kid. It was great and nice in many ways - but truly while we will miss out on valuable family time at the end of the day the good weighs out when thinking about staying home. I hope when L looks back she doesn't feel that she missed out. Living as far as we live she is, if we are all being honest, at a disadvantage when it comes to her cousins & second cousins. They don't know her like they would if she lived close. She doesn't know them like we wish she should. She'll always be the outsider in one way or another - Christmas isn't going to make the difference.

New Year's we made the trek back to the 'Burgh. 2009 was the year where children out numbered the adults - another eye opening experience. L had a blast and a half, with all the kids she was in heaven. She has a 'thing' as it is for the older children - boys specifically. It was so amazing to see her be one of the kids. All of the kids were so great and L had the best time. The next day we had lunch at Grammy & Poppa's house. It was a really nice was to kick off 2009.

Once I find all the film and get them developed I'll be sure to post December & holiday pictures. New Year's Resolution: to be timely. I'm keeping it easy. This year we dropped the ball and no Happy Holiday cards to speak of. While we were going to do Happy Martin Luther King Day cards, tomorrow is the big day and no cards are made. I haven't written about anything in weeks... I guess we aren't so much doing well with the resolution. In the coming year we need to be better about being timely in general. We'll do what we can!

To make up for it another video - that we have. Pictures not so much.

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  1. I have no idea how this is the first time i saw this video, but it's hysterical!


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