Saturday, February 21, 2009

Mall Rats

Winter weather is for the pot. In the summer there is never nothing to do, especially with the rug rat being as mobile as she is. Playground, check. Walk in the park, check. Just a walk, check. We can do anything because we don't see our breath outside and little girl's fingers don't freeze off. She doesn't like her hands under her sleeping bag that attaches to her stroller, so she keeps them out and risks hypothermia and looses a digit.

Last weekend being a long weekend meant more time with the family, more time to have fun, more time to fill with fun things to do so my child keeps her 10 fingers and 10 toes. Friday we filled time by going to the Children's Museum. Luckily it was pretty uneventful, unlike last time. Saturday we spent the day maxin and relaxin after a long week, but come Sunday cabin fever was at an all time high. With another day ahead of us it was t&g with no clearing in our sights.

The options are slim to none and I heard through the mommy grapevine that there is a mall outside of Boston has a children's play area. We packed up with no other option (that was affordable) out there so we went to the mall. Our afternoon activity was the mall. Like an elderly couple we were becoming mall walkers. When we got there we walked circles trying to find the promise land of the play area. We walked and walked and walked.... nothing. And then there she was, the glorious promised land. A slide, two rocking horses and approximately 50 children packed in. We kept on walking. We filled our time with other activities, like the Rainforest Cafe. Not to eat but to walk through - we spent time at a fake rain forest feigning fake excitement for fake animals. Then off to a Lego Store (note to self - she's too small to go there) and just doing laps in the hallway. One of vendors was a bank who handed out balloons on a stick. Note to self balloons on a stick: not child nor mom friendly also very difficult to pry from a little one's hands. The la piece de resistance? Pottery Barn Kids. Yup. Spent a good 40 minutes in there while we pretended to consider a $700 kitchen set for a toddler. All the toys, books and room set ups proved too tempting. We continued to do laps until it was time for a nap, for all of us.

Spring, please get here soon - if you don't next thing you know we'll have to partake in Bingo night at the local VFW.

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