Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Full Circle

Picture it... May 2001, I walked across the UofH graduation stage and thought to myself, "Self... get the F out of dodge and get to Boston, stat."

I loved my time in Hartford, loved the people I met, yadda yadda but CT life wasn't for me. Oh HELLZ no. City life, that's where it's at and Hartford, my dear friends, is not a city. Unable to buy beer after 8pm, grocery stores with curtains over the beer on certain days/times, what is a package store - too much to keep track of. No cabs, no trains, it's driving around or bust.

Wouldn't you know it... life circles and the next thing you know you and your family are moving to Connecticut. West Hartford, no less. Turns out, while I didn't realize it then... W.Hartford is kick ass for kids. Hott library, parks, stroller friendly, f'ing a ch
ildren's museum right near W.Harford Center. AND it turns out W.Hartford Center is pretty hott for adults too and not just if you are under 21 and want to go to a 'club'. Now I thought Hartford only had to offer insurance buildings, RIP the Moose & SpringFling - but West Hartford Center is pretty amazing. We walked through the other day and I must have said 300 times... I don't think this was here when I was here. The Guarros are moving to the 'burbs, that's the scoop.


(*That's what I'll be calling myself now that I will be officially be becoming a stepford wife. Garden dresses and pearls for me. Stay at home mom & housewife extraordinaire.)

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