Monday, May 11, 2009

Dirty 30

Last week I turned the dirty thirty. The whole thing was overwhelming. C had a mini melt down when it was his turn to enter decade three, however for me it could have come and gone and I wouldn't have noticed. If not for my wonderful baby's daddy and friends. Pretty incredible.

So many stories to tell... we'll start at the very beginning, a very good place to start.

Saturday Jez came out to play, ex-pat and currently living in Switzerland she was here for the weekend. We spent the afternoon with the babe, getting in some QT. We took a walk, dressed the kid in an outfit she gave her (which is basically something that she probably owns herself), it was grand. L loves her some Aunt Jezebelle. They played with her make up, dress up she was in girly girl heaven (L & Jez). We had to scoot to Cambridge. Jez invited me to a friend of hers engagement party - C & I were tagging along but we never get to see her so I figured what about tagging along to another celebration? We walked into the bar and as we approached we saw WC who wasn't scheduled to make an appearance but since he and his woman are friends with the groom & groom to be I didn't think anything of it. That was until the masses screamed, "SURPRISE!!"

I screamed right back in their faces. Hard! I screamed and then cried to see all the faces there to celebrate little with me. Oh and when I saw my homegirl LG, I nearly lost my mind. Her and her dapper hus all matchy matchy probably afraid that after a trip to the big bad city they would loose each other with out some kind of way to find each other. Ah my darling friends. I cried my little eyes out and had the very best night a girl could have.

And then Monday happened. I came into work. Really overwhelming - my team made a calendar that covered an outside of an office - of May... 31 days in May and 31 reasons they love me. SO nice. Most of the reasons they love me include embarrassing facts, but whatever. It was glorious. They also blew up an embarrassing picture of me and put all kinds of random old lady stuff... Depends, pill boxes, magnifying glasses, all over my desk. Crazy. Weird. But love them.

I was so amazed I couldn't help but what? Cry.

And then this happens...

Sent: Monday, May 04, 2009 8:53 AM
Subject: PLEASE READ: Important feedback required

Hey Jenn,
First of all, Happy Birthday!
Second - I’m working on this video project for Susan and I need to get the first draft to her today. I would really like your opinion if you could just take a few minutes to watch it, I would really really appreciate it. Sound is required. Special Project

I laughed and then I cried and then I laughed and I cried. I mean, sure the video was kind of like a memorial and I may have died, but who gets to see what people think of you (a crying bud light drinking manager who sings inappropriate songs and tells b's to fly)? It was the most amazing birthday. Ever. I anticipated a cupcake or two and a card - but I couldn't have ever imagine this kind of birthday. I was weepy for most of the week, truth be told. It was all overwhelming and all so amazing.

I have kick ass friends and family. A kick ass baby's daddy. A kick ass life. Dirty 30 feels pretty damn good.

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  1. I am bummed I missed your birthday!!!!! Sounds like it was a great one - and you are great so no wonder! Happy birthday - Grattis pa fodelsedagen!!!!


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