Monday, September 28, 2009

Dear L,

Baby girl, in just 30 minutes it will be two years. TWO YEARS. You are a toddler, and I am a mother to a terrible twoer. And boy oh boy can you be terrible. Truth be told, no matter how bad you are (and boy oh boy can you be bad) you still make me weak with gushy love. I frequently hope that you'll wake up after you go to sleep, as long as you'll fall back to sleep with me. I love the nights we snug.

The other night you went to sleep early and woke back up wanting OUT OUT OUT of your crib.
I was up watching Grey's Anatomy a favorite and it was the season premiere. You weren't watching you were snugged in and I was crying because that's what Momma does when I watch that show you. You wiped my tears and pet my head. I usually brush your hair back and wipe your tears and here you were comforting me.

The night (before) you were born I watched the season premiere of Grey's with one eye open as I had finally been given some drugs as we anticipated your arrival. In 2 minutes it will be 2 years. And I digress...

It's starting to click for you not only how much we love you but how much you love. You love your puppy, "Ababelle", your friends, your Poppas, Grammys and Lous, your Uncles and Aunts and cousins - giving everyone hugs and kisses even calling people by name. You finally have Momma down and I can't tell you how much I love to hear it. My favorite is how you give nosey kisses on command. You run to us when we pick you up from school quickly chattering about your day. We can't wait to hear what you are talking about!

I try to tell you every day that you are the very best thing in our life and I hope you know that. Momma & Daddy have had to be away a lot more than we would like lately, and it breaks our heart when you walk around the house asking where we are. We love you, L, whenever we are not with you. Always.

10 minutes ago, 2 years ago we met you and life has never been the same.

Love you much. Love you always,

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