Monday, November 30, 2009

Everyone Loves a Rodent

And some love it so much... you can't even find one to grab. Unless of course you know the right people and you can get one from free!!!

I count my blessings that this year we are free again to re-gift whatever we can wrap around the house because while L is a genius.... she may or may not notice. As long as she can rip apart the gift wrap. BOOM - we've got our self a winner. For all those that this isn't the case try your luck at winning a robot rodent.

Apparently they are all the rage - if I knew that this would be a hott little toy this year I'd be sure to grab one while I still could - apparently they are flying off the shelf! Like only rodents can scatter off a surface.

I hate rodents - but I guess this little bugger isn't quite the mice of the South End - but a cute hamster with no muss or fuss! Plus they each have unique personality and make whimsical sounds!

Check out Mom on the Run for more!

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