Monday, November 23, 2009


I have a problem. Isn't admitting it half the battle? I can't help it. I'm a prisoner. If I wasn't horrible enough at my own personal life balance, now I have reignited an addiction. I went to see New Moon, twice. It's only been out four days. I could probably go tomorrow. Instead I've decided to re-read the series. It's the cheaper option, but it will continue to suck time away from life. I can't help it.

Almost a year ago, I lost my life to this situation. And now it's everywhere. It's a frenzy. It was one thing to read through all hours of the night, talk about it, think about it, wake up for the day - and read again. But there was an end, there was chapter by chapter and book by book. There was an ending.

And then the movie.
And now the second movie.
And then there will be third and so help someone if there won't be a fourth - and if that fourth isn't done well and potentially made into two more... seriously.

There are countdowns and anticipation. There are fraking conventions and clips and interviews and trailers. Speculations, leaks and ohh all the dang blogs... so many blogs.

I have a problem and I hold this tween head held high wondering when the madness will end hoping it never will.

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