Sunday, December 13, 2009

City Folk

Last weekend we went to go cut down our tree. For years our tradition landed us at the local iHop Parking Lot. Making the move to da'country we needed to shift our traditions. Our newest thought was to do as the country folk do and make it happen. Go cut down our own tree. Our BFFs have a tree farm - family owned and run and a fan-freaking-tastic in every way. Well... with the exception of poor planning. L was all suited up but we may or may not have forgotten our own gloves & hats and we may or may not be into manual labor that comes with cutting down your own tree. Overall it was a good experience that we'll do again and may very well be our very own new tradition. Next time we'll make sure to bring gloves and a change of clothes for L. She is not a big fan of getting dirty - so falling down mudslides made for a very cranky child. We'll also probably go with a tree that smells a bit stronger - even though the needles may take our first born, Ababelle.... but if she were to be taken by way of tree needles I'd argue to say it was for a good cause.

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