Monday, December 7, 2009

Mommy Needs a New Crib

While we are on the Adult Highway we have yet to hit the Homeowner Exit. The life of a renter has treated us pretty fair. For the most part. We've had our share of great companies that had it all - responsive reaction time, excellent English skills, fantastic rent costs, cozy feel and great address.

We've also had our share of 3 flight walk ups, critters, Cinderella's mice, non-English speaking owners & slanted floors. Most recently we've had an interesting turn of events in what we thought would be super easy, super painless, super b.s.

Our latest adventure is a dilapidated 3 family home with approximately 7-8 people living above us. Anywhere between 3-4 tweens, 4-5 adults - 1 adult the size of 2.5. In addition to the mere size of these folks they also have gross & inconvenient habits. We're not sure which is the worst or who does what but it all kind of sucks. I'm not sure how or why but we drove past this place several times, all different times and never saw anything. No cars, no bicycles, no screaming loud music, no nothing. No mention of a menacing landlord, nothing.

Our landlord lives down the street and you'd think he was living with us. Most recently he came in (with out knocking) after ringing the bell and it not working. He was ringing the bell to let me know the outside light was on. He loves to let us know when we leave lights on/even though he doesn't pay the electric or we aren't leaving the house. I once walked out to my car to get something and in my return trip (less than a minute lapsed) he stopped me to tell me I left the office light on.

He kills me.

Anyway, he comes in fixes the doorbell and leaves. A few hours later I came home from picking up L at school and couldn't get in. He gave us one key to the front door - we made 2 copies. That's all we have - but the key wasn't working. There I am trying to get in - and L is saying "I try. I TRY!" I backed up and let her rip - nothing. Out of options I call him and ask if he did anything to the lock when he came in to 'help.'

He asked me if I unlocked the door before I left, confused I explained my every step - that I didn't do anything differently - I left and locked the door. Apparently there is another lock -he called the safety lock that he locked on his way out that you have to UNlock before you leave. Of course, since I didn't know about this added safety feature (of which I would never use anyway because I would never remember to unlock it before I left) - I didn't unlock it before I left.

Long story long - he came over and asked if the bottom of the back door was locked. I said no. He went ahead and tried to unlock the backdoor. It wouldn't unlock. He tried all his keys. He took a walk and came back with a 2 x 4. With out warning, with out explanation he took it to the window and let us in.

Apparently the key didn't work because there was another safety lock locked (not the bottom aforementioned lock... another freaking safety lock) .... watch out thieves - we have many a safety lock. He gave us the extra key - actually the only key he had to the back door.

Days later L was sitting on her highchair. C saw the key in the background, but didn't think anything of it.

And that's when she said, "Where'd the key go?"

P.S. she doesn't really / regularly go in full sentence mode. Crystal clear this time/ of course.

Right down a rabbit hole in the kitchen. Whoops.

Mommy needs a new crib.

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