Thursday, July 29, 2010

Mommy Needs a Time Out

We are blessed. I am blessed. I know I'm lucky. I have a kick ass life, by in large. 

That said...

Sht is hitting the ceiling (schizophrenia anyone??). 

The other day I was pretty sure the day had beat me.  There is too much to do.  Too. Much. To. Do. Our lights blew out (for the bazillionith time).  This time the lights came on dim and I learned we have a fire alarm that works.  Fortunately no fire - but total  inconvenience.  I think as a trigger to the fuse blowing or dimming - my hard drive needed a timeout.  I thought it was dead for a good hour or two and would soon be going up in smoke.  I lost files and had almost no Internet at the later part of the day.  I work from home, this was not affecting blogging (which I'm not doing enough), photo uploading (I haven't done), telling my tale of the amazing trip we just got back from (I only have day 2 drafted, there were 8 flipping days) or even checking my personal email to reply to any of my messages which currently (and for awhile at this point) heavily out weigh my work in box balance. Not right.  You know what else I haven't had time to do? Rewrite that last sentence so it isn't so conversational you tune me out. 

Too. Much. To. Do.

C has been traveling on the constant.  When he isn't, I am.  The "good news" is - we usually don't overlap travel dates and I usually travel on the weekends. The bad news? When he comes home, I leave.  I am or will be gone for many weekends to come.  It isn't all work, but it isn't all play either. 

Too. Much. To. Do.

How do people manage? I know I am not always the best organized or even go at things at the (close to) right way but I can't help but feel like how can I get it so wrong?

PS. I should go to bed right now. Maybe that would help.

Too. Much. To. Do.


  1. I am so glad you have the day off to get sane. Please get sane. Crazy is cute for only so long. But then again, a little bit of lunacy certainly keeps things interesting.

  2. I feel your pain. I always feel so frazzled with all the things I need to do in a day, and I don't even work anymore! Deep breaths Mama!

  3. I am the queen of to-do-lists! But I do have a trick that makes me feel better, even though some may say its cheating..... Whenever I do something that is not on the list - I add it and cross it off :) It makes me feel like I've done more than I set out to do. Cheating - I think ....NOT!

  4. Thanks all for the support. Breathing, making lists, and getting sane. Check.


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