Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Obsession is Contagious

It's no secret. I have a sick and uncontrollable obsession love.

While I was gone two of my friends got turned. Liza, you've heard about that crazy B before and another newly obsessed fan, Sabina.

Side note: Yes I know we need more than day 1 of my journey - but people. I'm a full time working mom*. Sht happens and mommy needs a minute, it'll all be reported (eventually). 

*Side side note I hate that label "full time working mom" what mom ISN'T full time when she's a mom. I'm just saying I work full time AND I'm a mom (wait I forgot about wife... son of a...) 

Let's come back to the summit. I'm happy, excited, jealous and reminded of how frightening I am. One of my friends wrote a bit about her mass hysteria over at her blog.

What I try NOT to do is get sucked down the rabbit hole of social media and Twilight both of which can be all consuming.  I mean there is so much out there that just has to be read.  From the best damn explanation as to why we fall so hard by way of the The Huffington Post and Devra Maza (read and swoon more here) to hilarious breakdowns (to laugh and wonder maybe you too could write them off as a tax expense here or here).  There are the usual suspects of blogs and websites like (yeah I am) or  (no anonymity here folks) but how could I not get sucked in if I looked at those? 

Just like I did today, when Sabina wrote about her new found obsession. I had to comment and so should you - but for fun and because I need you to know. She asked what team I'm on and you should know my response.

I'm concerned here. I'm a concerned citizen with worries that I need to address. Some of it we've talked about - but I'm going to put it out there.

It's one thing to lust over a 17 year old who is "really" 109 (happy birthday Edward, June 20th - information NOT known off the top of my head... thank you Google). It is an entirely different ball of judicial, ethical and personal wax to be lusting over a 17 year old. He's 17. Get your unmarked van and register yourself - because it's not right. He's a teenager, Mary Kay Letourneau. No matter how hot (temperature not appearance... sorry Charlie) you think he is.

Speaking of Charlie - word on the street is there are some Team Charlie out there. Why not?

Team Edward. End of story. Insert all the bumper sticker and t shirt tag lines here...
I run with Vampires.
Because dogs are meant for pets not soul mates.

A friend of mine, who recently 'turned' (into a wild and crazy obsessed fan like yourself) said it best in our recent debrief on the situation. 

"I just don't trust team Jacob people. I don't want them in my life. It's like people who don't drink coffee or won't drink wine. I don't trust them. It's unnatural."


  1. I have read all the books - hungrily. (The movies I avoid - RP is not how I pictured Edward. I want to keep my version untainted.) And, I share a birthday with Bram Stoker and, though kind of iffy, possibly Vlad the Impaler, the inspiration for Dracula. I have loved vampires from day one of life, before Twilight, before True Blood, before there were any teams. And I gotta tell you, for Bella I am all over Team Edward. But my gut instinct drives me toward Jacob. I think vampires are sexy as all get out. But there's something about Jacob... Anyway, it's been a while since I read the series. I am going to revisit and rethink my stance. I don't want people to not trust me. I already don't drink coffee.

  2. Remember WHEN you didn't want to read them? That's right. YOU, MyMy are a trend setter. Always have been always will be.

    You can be my exception. I trust you... especially if you take the 'players' out of the game. For many the RP or what's his name that never wears a shirt - that increases or fires the infatuation which is where I think I my Mary Kay Letourneau instincts kick in.

  3. You run with vampires : )
    How cute is that?
    I think I might be the only person in America that has not read any of the books yet. I must. It is on my list of things to do for sure this summer!

  4. Can't take the credit for coming up with running with Vampires - it's all about a google search! I don't know - I think it's just you AND my husband (who refuses) to read the books. Maybe the only woman not read them. You MUST. Though here's the thing - say good bye to the fam & friends - once you start - you might not be able to stop!

  5. YOU GO for putting it out there. I'm with you all the way on Team Not-Jail-Bait.


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