Thursday, July 21, 2011

My First and Only

Dear Baby Girl, 

I know, I know - you aren't a baby anymore, but I keep telling you - you'll always be MY baby - no matter how many babies we have - you get special spot of number 1. Sooner than you know you won't be the only kid on this block. I just need you to know that you a kick ass kid. Sure, lately you've been testing some limits and you may or may not get so excited sometimes you lose your mind and make a decision I wish you wouldn't (see: slamming into me like a pro wrestler or bonking your dad in the nose) - overall we are lucky. 

We are lucky that you are our first. You make everything easier. You make me laugh daily and most days tear up because of your sweetness. You are caring, loving, and damn do you know how to give a hug. Sometimes though, if we're being honest here, when you kiss on me - it gets a little sloppy and no one likes a sloppy kisser, FYI. 

When things don't go the way we think they will or want them to - I think about you. Your story was not what I anticipated and it's the best story I have. You show me that when things don't go the way we want, there is a reason - there is a plan - and the very best can come from it. You are the very best, girl. 

I know you don't really know what is about to hit you - but I hope, when you look back you remember the adventure and excitement of meeting your new baby sister or brother - but most of all how adding another member of this family just shows you how much we love YOU and how much love this family has to give. That's our goal. You're the best, kid - and our favorite L.

Love you most. Love you always.
Mama (& Daddy, too)

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